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Shugo Chara!! Doki Episode 84

May 25, 2009


This was an enjoyable filler, I’m happy right now. ^_^ We’ve been having some pretty good fillers, so I hope they keep this up, especially for the plot-relevant episodes. It’s a cute filler, with focused on a character we’ve seen before. ^_^

I was also checking out the writers, and so the reason it’s not bad is because it was the same writer who did all the Doki episodes I actually liked….Hiroshi Onogi, so let’s hope that he ends up writing the plot relevant episodes.  He did the episode 53 (Ikuto catches Amu from the tree), 67 (UFO girl), 74 (White Day), and a couple others… (Such a random note, but I was checking out the writers and decided to share it)

A personal quick rambling…I’m…almost free! This week has been busier than most weeks that I’ve said I’m busy. ^^;; I was gone from the blogosphere since Monday and so I’m kinda sad that I didn’t get to comment on some posts that I wanted to. And it took me awhile to reply to comments, heh. ^^;; And sorry the post took longer coming out, I just finished Kitchen Princess. So now I have a decent manga section for BB…

Quick Summary:

(Since I am oh-so lazy and tired from this week, it’s a super quick summary)

Nikaidou tells the students to write about their dreams. Wakana talks about how she wants to be a teacher, like Nikaidou, but starts doubting her dream after watching a special, “Monster Parents”. Lulu notices that she is lost, and so she does the usual ?-egg thing. She turns into Teacher Dream, but Amu stops her and Wakana turns back to normal. Nikaidou starts talking about how flowers blooming into many different things.



WoOt! Haha, I was pretty happy when this happened, since I have a feeling this will cause the plot to move forward. Perhaps slowly, but it’s a start. Bye bye Lulu! I mean, she’s failed far more times than any other Easter employee…>_>


Figures…she was acting wayy strange. But it’s still pretty weird how she’s


Amu thinking is so fun to watch! xD =.=….>_<….D:


That’s our Nagihiko! So awesomely mature…even to the point of….people stealing it. *glares at the screencap after the next*


Aww…that’s our Amu, making an awesome essay, it must come from the speeches she does. Like Nikaidou said, that’s so Amu-like. But that’s a good answer, so why did she…


Plagiarize? But anywho, lol at Amu stealing Nagi’s quote. Even with the sparkle effect. xD Lol….


Nikaidou love!! Even though it is a little funny how she watches him…>_> But yay for Nikaidou, he really is a great teacher. Despite his lack of fashion sense, organization, and coordination…


Rofl xD “Stop being so picky-nya…” Haha, that’s Yoru. It was pretty funny how he was going to the wrong egg…


It’s a good thing that Lulu is getting character development again…I’m glad that everyone around her is making her think about what her dream is, because it shouldn’t be about her mom, since her mom already seems happy. Yay for Lulu development in this episode…


Ugh, I know how these “Monster Parents” are…but you have to deal with these sorts of people in almost whatever you do. People make unreasonable complaints all the time. But she really shouldn’t have her confidence shaken by them.

On another note, I’m laughing at this because: A) the kid’s hair is funny, B) I think the subs are wrong because it’s saying “her” when it’s a snobbish boy in a boy uniform, and C) the mother and the whole event is sooo unreasonable.


Pouty Rima is sooo cute. >.< KusuKusu was cute yelling too. Not much to say, but I love Rima in this picture. xD


I feel like we downgraded…just when I was having respect for Satelight finally making the ?-egg chara-naris actually look okay, it goes back down to, “Wth…” level. I mean…seriously, she could poke an eye out with those pencils sticking out. That would not be good for a teacher. O_o


I like the ending for this episode. ^^ It was a cute end. But lol at Amu not thinking of Nikaidou as a teacher before, haha…

And Nikaidou being so awesome with his flower examples…who knew he could be so deep?


84pThe next episode looks pretty fun. ^_^ Utau!!! With Iru and Eru! The next character looks cute, and with Amu in curly hair, I’m excited. The character design looks cute, and she actually has a chara. So yes….interesting. ^^;;

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  1. May 26, 2009 2:14 pm

    I’m glad you decided to check the script director out for this ep. It’s been ages since I’ve heard someone actually look who’s on the staff list for whatever episodes. I think I should do this more often, too. Just to see who the hell has been screwing with 84 and 85 and put them on my voodoo doll list. >:(
    lol J/k. *hides pins*

    Nagi’s quote is so stealable since it’s just his way of keeping everyone from his secret. Lawl~ xD

    I applaud you for noticing that typo. Goes to show why the translators for CR absolutely suck. :P

    RIMA-TAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!1one <333333333333

    Nikaidou is better at flower speeches than Tadase is. o.O;

    I can’t wait till the next ep. It’s going to be ultra cute with all the girls there. Yes, girls only this time (except for Ikuto cuz we need to check on him just in case those Easter bastards hurt him again, RAWR!).

    Thanks for the review! Good luck with school! ^^

  2. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    May 27, 2009 3:24 pm

    Haha, I guess I just felt like it. ^^;; I wiki too much anyways. xD

    I wouldn’t blame anyone who would want to steal his quotes. He’s so mature and great. More ways to keep his secrets.

    Thank you. ^_^ Honestly, I noticed that after I got the screencap. xD

    Rima-tan love ftw!! I will join in the love: RIMAAAAAA!!!!!…<_=D

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