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Shugo Chara!! Doki Episode 85

May 31, 2009


I loved this filler! It was so awesome!! Yeah, I could probably spend the whole day fangirling over it. Anyways, one of the best fillers yet. I’m really glad that we’re finally seeing a good string of fillers from Doki. Rie Kugimiya was awesome in this as well, her voice kept on distracting me from the episode. xD  I really don’t have much to say about this episode though, because all of it is just…love for this episode. DX

But on another note, I’m really looking forward to Secret Princess. Rie-sama’s voice is really cute, and I don’t often hear her sing solo with her adorable voice, so I’m really looking forward to it. There might be more songs with her singing solo, but I haven’t heard them.

Quick Summary

The famous model Sakurai Yua comes to Seiyo Academy, thanks to Yaya. Later, she realizes that Amu was her senpai from Kindergarten, although Amu forgot. Amu was Yua’s senpai who gave her encouraging words that she still remembers. She takes the girls to go modeling, and it turns out she has a shugo chara, who loves to sing, revealing her dream. She gets a chance to sing, but a flashback from the past makes her freeze up. Because of this, she has to lip-sync, but someone deleted the vocals making Yua actually have to sing during the Girl Fest. However, she freezes up on stage.


851That’s our Yaya! She’s getting better and better every week (we just have to ignore her Tadamu shipping)! I really like Yaya in this episode, jumping to things without the Guardian’s approval is fine with me.

852Chiiiiiisu! It’s so darn catchy. See? Everyone is doing it…even some dudes. xD Let’s all do it together! Chiiiiiisu!

853Yua is quick, and very smart! Not much to say here….but exposed!

854 Ahhhh…..the bucket. Ah I miss the bucket. Especially since I’ve just been told I used to put a bucket on my head when I was a baby. But lol at Tadase looking so innocent with a bucket on his head. X)

855Booo. You. Go. Now. I missed seeing her gone. Go already. Stop ruining the cute moments. Dx

856Rima pwned Seichiro. xD Traitor, lol. Rima, you are so awesome. Pwning all of the traitors because you are Amu’s #1 fan!

857Poor Amu. I loled at Yua saying no so cheerfully. =DD Poor Amu can’t remember the right person…it’s okay, we’ll love you anyways.

858OMG. CHIBI AMU=KAWAIIMOECUTEWIN!!! *huggletackleglomples* O_o Yeah, I’m now officially on crack seeing chibi Amu. I wanna squish her cheeks. Omg…so….cute. Anyways, Amu’s greatness started even when she was in Kindergarten, eh? That’s our heroine!

859I lawled at all of their expressions. But Rima’s is always fun to watch. I took this screenie first because of the expression on their faces until I noticed…Rimahiko! Rima is so close to Nagi…X] Small pleasures, small pleasures…


It’s pretty interesting to see a new ownerxchara relationship. But Amu also had a similar relationship in the beginning until she learned to accept them. So really, it isn’t that new, I guess. But I guess it’s because Yua won’t accept her would-be self, like a couple others. She just…insults her chara a little more. O_o? That really didn’t make sense, now did it?

Cecil! I love her as a chara already. She is so cute, and for some reason I like how she says, “And now, I’ll sing ‘______'” For everything she says. It’s cute to me. L] Plus, she’s a great chara for Yua.


There you are Cecil! We notice you! ^_^ Going to Amu, the chara doctor. ^.^

8512Gosh, this was a cute lil’ scene. Cecil singing was so adorable. “Pika! Pika!” xD Poor Amu and Yoru though, they seem like they’re suffering.

8513Amu’s modeling debut! This just shows that Amu would make an awesome model. Awesome poses, everything. And also, her hair is very cute when it is curled. Do I sense a DVD cover?

8514See? Even Rima agrees that Amu would make an awesome model. And she just has to get her picture being Amu’s #1 fan. Yaya and Amu both made that chicken face in one episode, huh?

On a random note…erm….why must there be a guy with an afro in the front? O_o ‘Fros are so out. Yes, even the Jo Bro’s fros.

8515That’s our awesome Nagi, being fashionable as both a guy and a girl. Yes, he is the winner! Step aside girls, for Nagi is the fashion queen king for the day.

On another note, Amu’s outfit is really cute, a little frilly, but still cute. ^_^ And I loved seeing two incredibly adorable and moe girls together, Rima and Yaya together was great. ^_^

8516UTAU!!! I miss you already! And Iru and Eru!! Omg, I miss you guys so much. And Utau looks as awesome as always with her curled twintails. ^.^

8517I just realized that I’ve been ignoring Yua, the main filler girl for this episode. I really like her as a filler girl. She’s one of my favorite filler characters too. Because she has background and is they elaborated on her well. Then again, she has two episodes so that also makes a difference, but she is still better than the other two episode filler characters. She also has a nice personality. She is one of those purely kind celebrities. And she truly looks up and respects her senpai. I really think that’s great about her. Yua doesn’t annoy me, at all. So it’s an approval for me. Plus you gotta love her voice, Rie-sama makes her voice so kawaii, with very few tsuntsun usualness.

But I really feel sorry for Yua when she has her flashbacks. I wonder what happened that was so traumatizing. I think I have a clue, but I’m not sure on any theories. But I understand why she wouldn’t be able to sing, and it’s okay. I mean, if something traumatizing happened when you were a toddler, I bet I’d be scared too. I even have a small stage fright for singing because I’ve had a pretty embarrassing moment in front of an audience. Hopefully we’ll find out about what happened that day in the next episode.
8518What I said before could also be put here. I feel sorry for her that she froze up in front of a large audience. I’m wondering why Cecil couldn’t do chara-change though. I guess that builds up the suspense and would ruin the story? So we end at a major cliffhanger…


85pIt looks like next week will be the usual filler-like half of the episode. The chara-nari and chara looks by far one of the best ones for a ?-egg. But anyways, looking forward to see more of Yua’s past, Secret Princess, and seeing how Cecil will be like. It’s going to be pretty interesting…:D

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  1. June 1, 2009 7:59 pm

    “Especially since I’ve just been told I used to put a bucket on my head when I was a baby.”

    …D’awwww. <DDDD

    lol Rima wins this episode for having the best "…?" expression. She's like "Wut?" XDDDD

    And girl, we need more than just DVD covers. We need…ARTBOOKS! Amirite? I'm right, right~? 8DDDD

    lol I didn't even notice the fro until you pointed it out to me…and now I'm reminded of that dance instructor Utau used to have when she still worked for Easter. He had a fro, too. *remembers weird things* xD;

    And I agree. Rie-san's voice for Yua was so cute and sweet that I just want to glomp onto Yua and swing her around. Even more so when she suddenly froze on stage at the end. Ohh~, poor Yua-chan. *huggles her* ;_;

    Hmm, but yesh, can't wait for the next. For the Chara-nari (even if Lulu has to be in it, ugh) and "Secret Princess". ^^

  2. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    June 3, 2009 3:28 pm

    I just fixed the first comment. It seemed a little repetitious for both comments to be there. ^_^

    Haha, I still gotta look for the pictures my aunt apparently has.

    I love all of the expressions that Rima makes, but that is definitely true. I think she wins in any expression she makes.

    You are so right~ It would look so cute in an artbook! >.< Ah, if only…and if they were in artbooks, I wish I could buy them.

    Oh yeah! I remember that fro guy. I guess…Satelight like fros still?

    It really is cute when she doesn't have to be tsuntsun all the time and just be cute. Aww….seeing poor Yua there freeze up, I wanted to just run up on that stage and huggle her.

    We'll just try to ignore Lulu~ Just think about the positive points and just forget Lulu is even there. xD

  3. June 5, 2009 8:57 am

    Yaya as been getting some well-deserved love recently. And that makes me happy, because I love Yaya. C:
    Anyway, Yua was fun. Probably my favorite filler chracter so far. My second favorite would be the filler prince that everyone hates for stealing two episodes. 8D
    HOMG, I missed the bucket too~! <33 And thats so cute that you used to put buckets on your head. C:
    Haha, I wish I was that awesome of a baby.
    Seeing Nagi put a bucket on Tadase's head made my day. And that screencap of Tadase and Yua was so cute! Tadase has that "Huh? wha? I'm and adorable shota prince~" expression, and Yua just looks cute.
    I love Nagi so much right now. His outfit was sex. That's just like him to out-do the girls at Girl's fest. He's been beating girls at their own game since episode 1!

  4. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    June 5, 2009 5:55 pm

    I loved Yaya too when I first saw her, but now my love has increased because of how much she’s grown. So I’m glad that we’re all giving her the love she deserves too. ^^ There are more opportunities to show my love for her now. :DD

    Yua’s probably tied with Shion as my favorite filler character. But I agree, she brought lots of energy when she came (making the whole school go “Chiiiisu~”). Haha, I don’t hate the prince, he was actually pretty funny (doing his king laugh with Tadase).

    The bucket is awesome huh? Hehe, thanks~

    It’s nice to see it again. I loved Tadase’s expression coming out of the bucket! Yua looked kawaii laughing at him. That was the one of reasons I chose that pic for a screencap.

    Hsha, that is our awesome trap-kun~ His outfit was awesome. He knows how to be feminine even more than most of our girls! That’s our Nagi for you~

  5. June 7, 2009 6:06 am

    WoW you should hav more of this type of pics and put some songs and videos related??? its for the best right?? right?0.T

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