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Shugo Chara!! Doki Episode 92

July 21, 2009


Kyaaa~ I have to say that Rhythm is awesome, *fangirls over him*. Gah, I knew I’d like him from the start. One good thing that the anime does: emphasize on characters that aren’t so emphasized on in the manga. I have to admit Satelight did this well. Anyways, an enjoyable filler/main plot episode. ^_^

On blog note…TT^TT. I’m currently really busy working on both my piano and other stuff, so gah, Umi Monogatari won’t be posted again. It makes me so sad because I have stuff to say!! D:< And then watch, when I finally can, there won’t be anything left to say. At least all of the stuff I’m working on will be worth it in the end. :D

Anyways, let’s get onto Shugo Chara, why don’t we?


921Lol, I soo get reminded of Amu and Rima’s experiences with their charas in this. But with Nagi it’s just so funny hearing him got “Yay!” so confidently and…un-Nagi-ish. xD

922Lol Rhythm! That’s one way to get acquainted. Rhythm’s “yay” catchphrase is funny yet love at the same time. Haha, Miki’s totally digging the hug. No one can resist Rhythm’s hugs!~

923Rima pinned it spot on. That’s exactly what I thought. Not much to really say. Just had to give Rima some love~

924Omg, I loved this scene! Come to think of it, they really are similar. The background music was also very fitting btw. ^_^ Yoru no kakkoii!!~ I don’t know why, but hearing Yoru introduce himself just seemed so cool (the way he said Yoru maybe?). They could be like, best buddy charas or something. xDD And making a handshake on the spot? Total win!

925Lol, shock!~ For some reason though, I don’t feel as sorry as I should for Kiseki (I mean I do feel sorry for him, but not as much as I expected). Haha, but that’s what he gets for being so stubborn. X3

926Himmm!!!! What? They’re already giving us hints from the manga with him holding the rock?But I didn’t expect Hikaru to have blonde hair with blue eyes. :/ I always imagined him with light brown hair and light brown eyes. I wonder if it was a manga coloring I saw or something, but I’ll have to get used to it I guess. He looks so cute in the anime! I want to huggle him if only he wasn’t the ebil little kid (although later he gets better, I’m totally ignoring that).

927Kyaa~ Rhythm is so cool, again! Did I ever mention I love the headphones for the chara-nari? Anyways, omg that scene with him carrying Amu is total love right there. Immediately got reminded of a couple Amuto scenes, lol. Rhythm, oh you player you. But you gotta love him for that huh? Now that I think about it, I think if I had to choose someone else besides Ikuto for Amu, Nagi would probably be second to Ikuto. x) Then again, Kairi wasn’t that bad, I guess the Jacks are win, ne?

929Lol, so cute!! I have no idea what they are doing though. xD But lol, running into a tree. ^^;; Daichi, Yoru, and Rhythm would definitely make great buddies, they’re all so similar in personalities.

9212Haha…smart. >_>;; -___- Banging on the door when there’s another exit.

9213In this episode, Nagihiko shows his intelligence the most. He sounds so strategic. X) But I guess that’s the point of the episode, not to overthink things.

9214D’aww, how cute. Kiseki’s a tsundere chara I guess. But Rhythm’s such an awesome chara, no one can resist his charms! Anyways, found this oh-so cute because even Kiseki finally caved.

9215O_O So detailed! But it so fits him. But isn’t it sad to see a little kid care about that stuff? Like Amu said, shouldn’t it just matter that it tastes good when your that young? But anyways, it’s sorta sad seeing this.

(And on a taiyaki boy note, I lost the screencap and it’s too late to get it, so I’ll just say this. He was so cute when he bumped into Amu, when he stepped around a couple times and finally fell. >.< That was cute somehow. xD)


92pExcuse me for a moment while I go fangirl…


*ahem* Well it wasn’t that much fangirling but oh well. The shock thing seems like it’s implying something!!! XDDD I hope I don’t get disappointed. But OMGGG!!!~~ Kyaaa~~~ And Kukai is taller than Utau. They already look like a couple~ XDD Kyaa!!!~ Definitely looking forward to the next episode because of this.

92p2And Eru and Iru appear! Kawaii~ And it seems like Eru will also fall for Rhythm’s charms. X3 I wonder how that will turn out~

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  1. animeforever713 permalink
    July 21, 2009 1:31 pm

    Kya~!!!! Love them all!!! But you didn’t know Hikaru had blond hair and blue eyes? I thought it was kinda obvious even though there are no colored scans of Hikaru… Yeah… But, KUTAU~~!!!! I didn’t realize till now that Kukai was taller than Utau. Now they’ll make a even cuter couple~! Yay! I love how Nagi and Rhythm talks in English~! Like ya know, “Yay~!”, “Hey Guys!”, and “Cool.” And Beat Jumper is soooo KAKOII!!!!!!!!! :D -Sigh- I wanna hear Utau’s new song. Her seiyu (Sp?) has a great voice when it comes to singing~! I also wonder what’s gonna happen in the next chapter…. Ch. 43…. 2nd to the last chapter…. (That’s what I heard…) Ikuto leaving… (Hopefully not!) Amuto… I hate cliffhangers! -Sigh- Hope they go back to the Ikuto arc soon! I really wanna see Amulet Fortune and Seven Seas Treasure in action! And Ikuto’s memories…. Hehehe…

  2. pingually12 permalink
    July 23, 2009 8:39 pm

    MAN these shows get better and better and funnier each episode Oh man can’t ti’ll the next one and after these shows finish I need to look for the next anime show :(

  3. July 24, 2009 6:34 pm

    animeforever713: So do I~ No, unfortunately I didn’t. u_u They were the same height before, if I remember correctly.

    Yess! That’s what I love too, Nagi’s Engrish. ^^ I had meant to mention that, but I forgot after taking screencaps. But it’s so cool!~

    Yes, I want to hear a new song too! Utau’s seiyuu is Nana Mizuki, and her singing voice is good (but then again, she is a professional singer).

    And I can’t wait for the latest chapter too, but I have never heard about it being the last chapter.

    pingually12: Yes, the show has been getting better since the beginning of Doki (but still not comparable as the first season), but I do agree it’s getting much funnier. I can’t wait for the next episode later. Haha, me too, though I do watch other shows, it’ll be hard to find a show as enjoyable as SC!

  4. rimahiko_lover permalink
    July 30, 2009 4:31 pm

    You know the scene where Nagi carries Amu? When I was watching the episode, I just thought: “You know, if it was Rima Nagi was jumping out the window with, it would be so awesome!!!!!!!

    Yeah, I agree. The headphones rock!

  5. August 2, 2009 9:35 pm

    -sigh- If only Ikuto wasn’t controlled by his evil stepfather, then he’d beat the snot out of Nagi…Then carry Amu on her feet again XD

  6. kit-kat permalink
    July 4, 2012 8:38 pm

    yay another amuhiko shipper(i like amuto too but not as much as amuhiko since she’s 12, and ikuto’s like 17)

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