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Sora no Manimani: Episode 2

July 16, 2009
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This week, the episode was another good episode. I don’t get to fangirl as much though because Mihoshi didn’t get as much screentime, but that’s because we’re introducing the last addition to the club…Hime. Well, all thoughts later. ^_^


2-1Yay!~ Hug number 1! Anyways, lol at this scene just because of Mihoshi and in the background you can here her go, “Omomomom” or some sort of gibberish munching sound. XD

2-2Lol @ Edogawa. xD But I’m wondering, does Mihoshi do that stance whenever Sayo’s around? Well it’s awesome and cute anyways, so I don’t mind~


Screencap taken just because I enjoyed Mihoshi on Saku. ^_^

2-4Lol, I like Edogawa already. xD He overreacts so much. He’s like the guy version of Mihoshi. XDD Except, you know, he doesn’t exactly glomp onto people. But he’s a fun addition to the group.

2-5And now we have Hime. Mihoshi’s “love rival” for Saku, even though we all know she doesn’t stand a chance. xD Anyways, I’m sort of “meh” on her. She’s a pretty fun character to watch, but then she also interferes with the OTP of Saku x Mihoshi. I dislike her more than I like her, oh well.

But more Mihoshi love~ Resistance is futile!

2-6More winning expressions! If I’m not mistakened, Mihoshi will grab at any opportunity for more members, haha. I loved both of their expressions, but as expected, Mihoshi’s won. xD And no it wasn’t biased I don’t think.

2-7I lol’ed at this scene in both the anime and ang, but Tomatsu Haruka makes it a lot funnier in the anime. xDD

But I guess this is the right time to say this…I guess another reason I didn’t like the Saku x Hime relationship is because Hime just instantly fell for him because he said her hair was beautiful. I mean it is a little more convincing that she had a complex about her hair, but I guess it doesn’t seem enough to me. They only had one moment together, and Saku and Mihoshi spent their childhood together. So they had more time for their relationship to grow.

2-8Aww…poor club! Lol again, @ Mihoshi’s expression!~ But the student council president is so ebilll! She’s making student council presidents look bad. >:(

2-108] Oh yeah.

Oh how I love this screenshot~ You know why? Because I paused at the almost perfect spot. XDD If you look far away…heheh…*Ahem* Anyways, the shipper inside got the better of me. But lol, yay! Mihoshi came at the perfect time! =D Like I said before, she always does what we’re hoping for~ ^_^

2-11Haha, Mihoshi is just so innocent, and just views Hime as a friend, while Hime views her as a rival. xDD And Saku’s just in the middle.

2-12Ow, that has got to hurt. >_<

2-13Again, poor Saku. That looks incredibly scary…like poison!

2-14Haha, I love the choochoo train to Saku’s house~ Everyone’s in it except for Saku, lol.

2-15Hime and her imagination~ Hime’s imagination-Saku has an incredibly deep voice and corny-ness to him. I’m so glad it’s only in her imagination. :D

2-16Yay for Mihoshi!~ Kind of feel sorry for Hime though xDD. But yes, Mihoshi! When Saku’s blushing about another girl, glomp her and…make her change her clothes! Once again, Mihoshi does exactly what I want her to! 8) I love the censor part, it’s pure win and incredibly funny. :3

2-17Lol, I haven’t given Buchou enough attention, have I? He’s as funny as ever, my second favorite comedic character (not overall in the series). He’s trying to be so cool, but apparently, Hime’s not into it. But why do I want to pair them up already? xDD

2-18Hm…so I guess the ending song doesn’t have an official ending sequence. I guess it’s just inserted into the anime. Well, it looked nice. The pictures in the sky was pretty~


2-pDo I sense a possible Saku x Mihoshi moment *ignores Edogawa*? :DD Anyways, the next episode looks very interesting~ Pretty much all of the chapters I’ve read have already been covered by the anime (4 chapters -_-), so now I can’t tell what’s next. But that’s okay! It makes my more excited. So I can’t wait for the next episode, looks like another good one~

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  1. July 18, 2009 9:15 pm

    Hehe I like Edogawa for his comic relief, too. I mean, yea, everyone is pretty amusing to watch but it’s nice to see everyone have their own particular humor.

    Ah, Hime is pretty hard to like more than dislike, eh? Hmm, I don’t really see her as an interference on SakuMi since Saku seems oblivious to her affections and even if he becomes aware of it later, his relationship with Mihoshi would have gone much further by then, right? I dunno. Didn’t read the manga yet but just guessing. :/

    And yea, the moment that flashback was shown, I already knew she stood no chance. These head-over-heels scenarios over a simple statement rarely (and seriously, in a good romance, rarely) become anything more than an inflated crush. Not to mention, Hime fangirls over him like lol. If Saku were really corny and bishie-like, no one would really watch this show. xD;

    I loved the censor part. That was the non-Mihoshi highlight of the episode for me. Then again, it’s really hard to choose cuz the whole episode was pretty great.

    I can’t wait for the next episode, too~ This is such a cute, fun watch. <3

  2. July 21, 2009 7:40 am

    Hime is <3. I think I prefer her hyperactive moments than Mihoshi's.

  3. July 22, 2009 10:31 am

    Xiao Jie: I agree, and I love everyone’s unique style for their humor.

    Well I’m not really sure since I don’t know about everyone else. But for me, yeah, lol. That’s true though, it seemed like that would probably happen. I haven’t read anything past this episode so I don’t really know either. ^^;;

    Yup, it’s sort of just like a celebrity crush, when you just barely know them and fall totally in love with them for mostly all the wrong reasons. And usually it’s a different sort of love…if that makes sense. >_>

    Haha, same here. It was probably my favorite part of the episode outside of Mihoshi’s antics (even though she comes in later).

    7: That’s alright. ^^ She has some pretty funny moments, and everyone has their own opinions, right?

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