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Blossom Blabber: Boredom Rules~

July 16, 2009
Ah it's coming...A seemingly unrelated picture that is secretly related. ^_^

Ah it's coming...A seemingly unrelated picture that is secretly related. ^_^

Well, the title will make sense later. ^_^ Anyways, yes~ Week 8 & 9. Okay, now it seems like the schedule is more like a two-week thing since I’ve done that every time except for the first week. -_- Well anyways, I guess it’s a somewhat decent normal issue of Blossom Blabber. Not a whole lot to write about again. Anyways, this week’s issue will include anime, manga, music, blog info, and other. :] Again, sort of pathetic since I’m kind of rushing. >_<



Well, I’m going back to try to watch some older anime that I can marathon. Well, the top two I’m planning are Tsubasa Chronicles and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. I’m probably going to watch Tsubasa Chronicles first, even though I’ve heard awesome things about Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (just going to call it TTGL) and probably should watch it first. xD Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, I still haven’t gotten to watch SSR. I just totally forgot about it until writing this. XP But anyways, if I have time, I will definitely plan on watching them~ ^_^ But I’m also trying to finish up some shows that I had put on-hold for like…a year? Lol, anyways, trying to catch up on anime right now~ Not much to say, but decided to add that. ^_^

Anyways, I’ve tried catching up on Nabari no Ou and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. But I put Nabari no Ou on hold again because the episode I was watching was so boring I almost fell asleep. x_x All they did was talk, and it wasn’t interesting either. I guess Nabari no Ou has kind of lost my interest. It’s a pity though, since I liked it so much before. Maybe it was just that episode, but I didn’t like how suddenly it seemed like the plot took a whole  u-turn in the first place.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei…was as funny as ever. I need to finish up the series so I can watch the next two season. xD I have to say, Mikoto is funneh. x] If only he appeared more. The eye contact engagement…scary. Hot springs, lol. The girls have no shame whatsoever. But I…need to go further. Dx I guess it’s just a nice fun change. Although it feels uncomfortable to watch it when others are near me…>_> Anyways, like the series. ^_^



Orange Planet

Well, I recently finished reading Orange Planet, which is by the same mangaka of Cherry Juice (I really should remember her name since I enjoy her mangas). Anyways, I thought it was a pretty good manga. There were some points where I thought things were a little rushed or awkward, but other than that, I enjoyed it.  Well, the rest is filled with some spoilers that I’ll be talking about freely, so the rest of the white space will have to be highlighted.  xD

I think the biggest surprise was finding out Kaoru liked Tarou. =O I just thought he was joking the whole time. Until, well, he never said or hinted he was after that point. But anyways, awkward~ It’s weird, I didn’t exactly have a strong side on the shipping part of this manga. I guess, I flip-flopped back and forth? I usually don’t do that, but I guess…it happened here. Originally I liked Tarou and thought he’d be good with Rui, but then I accepted the teacher (who at first I couldn’t tell the difference between him and Kaoru), but then I was okay with both. x) I guess it was because midway through, Tarou irritated me a little, but then something made me like him again. Originally, I liked him since he seemed to have a smidge tsundere in the beginning. xD The teacher’s cool though. But in the end, I didn’t really like the ending. I mean, I knew it “concluded” the series quite well, but it somehow didn’t feel like it. I mean, I remembered the teacher saying he would be by her side, but never the direct words that he loved her, but I guess the kiss counts as the indirect words. Agh, I’m getting confused. Dx It just didn’t appear like the feelings were mutual, even though I knew it was. But I was still happy with the series. ^_^ A good read that kept me giggling the whole time. But this mangaka always keeps my attention, which leads to the next manga.


Well, I decided to read the manga since I was on a roll on reading Haruka Fukishima’s mangas. X3 So anyways, I have to say that I enjoy the manga so far. But the scanlators haven’t scanlated all of the chapters, so I’ve only read the scanlated ones. But I like it ^_^ I just need more chapters to be released! D:<

Like Orange Planet though, I feel like there are bumpy in how the romance is developed, but I guess it can’t be really helped. Like, I guess that…sure there were doki-doki moments for Aoi to like Hayato, but we never really knew the reasons why Hayato looks like he likes Aoi? I don’t know~ But anyways, I love reading it nonetheless. It’s something I can look over fine. I just hope that Aoi doesn’t end up being totally distracted from her school work (because that would lead to those parenting stereotypes that boys and love makes your grade lower XP), because it looks like she’s going downhill. Well, at least it’s realistic. I really like Hayato’s “rogue” friend’s hair, I mean, it has highlights on the bottom! xD Kind of a random thought I’ve been thinking the whole time. His hair is awesome. ^_^

Fly High!

I finally read the updated chapter. ._. Wow…that was…late. Anyways, Ichiya looks better without a ponytail. xD Anyways…I’m still a bleh shipper on this manga. I seriously have problems with both guys…even if they’re shallow issues. But Meru is just so…happily dense-ish to believe that they wouldn’t do anything. I like her intentions, even though she reminds me more and more of a typical shoujo heroine. >_> But it seems like Ruka is the only one whose saying what I’m thinking. xD



I'd like to give credit, since it seems fan-made, but it was on photobucket. Soo...

Short little section. Anyways, I’m currently into…Vocaloid. xD I blame CLAMP’s PV that made me curious about the whole Vocaloid thing. Oh and Kanzeon’s post also helped. xD But my favorite Vocaloid character is Kagamine Rin. I’ve loved all of the songs that I have heard from her so far. Especially “I Like You, I Love You”, and “KOKORO” (it’s so sad! TT^TT). Her voice is just so cute and the songs are so catchy. But I’m still listening around, because I haven’t heard everyone’s songs yet from Vocaloid. But so far, Rin ftw! I like all of them, but Rin is my fav~ And a lot of the nicovideo pvs, are uh-mazing. They could totally be official.

Let’s see…Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ singles. Well, I have to say, it’s surprisingly awesome!~ I loved both Ein and Zwei’s singles. Hm, favorites, Crazy Darkness and Haitoku no Gaijou. Zwei’s voice is so hawtt~

Oh, and I was lurking around again and I found a song from Honey. I don’t talk about it much, but Honey is one of my favorite characters. So yay for Honey love! His voice is so cute in this song. ^.^

And also, Bokura no Love Style. I wonder why the voices seem a little different, since Hikaru is supposed to be low and Kaoru high. Oh well, don’t mind me and my detail picky self. xD But a fun song all in all. Love OHSHC songs~ Oh the nostalgia of OHSHC…

Blog Info


Well, I’ve finally figured out which shows I’m hoping to blog. ^_^ Right now I’m sort of behind, but I’m currently working on my Sora no Manimani post. So I’m blogging Shugo Chara!! Doki, Sora no Manimani, and…Umi Monogatari. xD Well, I’m blogging Umi Monogatari just because I always have a lot of thoughts for it. But I’ve skipped episode 2 and 3 just because of the lack of time. I’m hoping to get episode 4, but I really want to just wait for subs. Unforunately, they’re pretty slow. xD As for Sora no Manimani, it’s surprisingly hard to write stuff besides “I love Mihoshi!!!!11oneone” but that won’t stop me! Anyways, I updated my Schedule page. ^_^

And if you haven’t already noticed, I’ve added a poll. But gah, my sidebar is so cluttered, I might just remove it afterwards. This is sort of an experiment…so I’m not sure if I’ll keep polls. I mean, I like them, but they clutter the sidebar. I had them on K-2, but I didn’t like it there because, well, I had less widgets. Ah it’s all so confusing. Maybe advice on the polls or sidebar would help. :]

I’m not sure when my big first impressions post is coming, but I’ll be working on it after the Sora no Manimani post if Umi Monogatari isn’t subbed yet. ^_^ I have to work on lots of stuff this week because I just don’t have time next week. ^^;;



Feeling Bored

Okay, this has got to be the oddest thing I’ve written about, but I definitely feel like sharing it. Ever since summer, I’ve still been busy with responsiblities for the blog and busy making graphics or something else. But at school it was even worse, since if it wasn’t school work, it was a magazine article, if it wasn’t that, it was student council work. So I guess you can say, without having to worry about the pressure, when I’ve gotten my posts done, in summer where I don’t have to worry about school, and can’t play practice my piano because I’m not at home, it feels refreshing. Not knowing what to do with the time, finally having some time to yourself and just relax, it feels peculiarly nice. I guess I discovered this right after I finished my Monthly Mania post, even though I knew I had an SC! post to do, I wanted to give myself a break from working on my Monthly Mania post for over 3 days. I had caught up on the animes I wanted to watch. So I didn’t know what to do, and I guess, it just made me happy that I finally had enough time to just “lalala” and lay on the floor staring at the ceiling. Most people don’t like being bored, but for me, it’s totally refreshing. ^_^ I actually still had lots of stuff I could’ve done, but I went blank and totally forgot or ignored them. But the boredom lasted for a nice…5-10 minutes? Then I finally did something that, I did not expect: I was making a forum skin. xD But anyways, totally random, but a small ramble I felt like including. ^^;;

Shoujo Bubbles

Yay~ I finally figured out how to “draw” shoujo bubbles…or rather “shapes” with a pencil. Usually I’d try to draw the shapes and it would look fake and…blegh. So anyways, I’m sure someone has already found out how, but I’ll put it up anyways. Maybe I’m a little slow on catching onto things? Well here goes, even though I’m terrible at explaining things.

1. Find a seperate sheet of paper. Cut out the shapes you want, like a pentagon, square, or a circle.

2. On the same sheet of scrap paper, write as hard as you can continuously on one spot so there’s pretty much a big black mark on the paper. ^^;;

3. Well, now your hands might get a little dirty. I haven’t tries using a paper towel or something yet. Anyways, rub your finger against the dark spot. Your likely going to have your finger dirty with the pencil’s lead color on your finger. If not, rub harder until it does. xD

4. Now place the cut out shape onto your drawing. Rub your finger all around the shape until you get all around the edge.

5. Now when you lift it up, the shape should appear there. If you want, you can overlap the shapes, or you can put a small smudge in the center. ^_^ Anyways, that’s it~ Now to put it all around the drawing!! >:D

Does that even make sense? Well, it’s the best I can do to explain it. But I got the idea based on how people usually do that with pastels. But instead, you use a pencil. xD You can use a pastel too though. But anyways, it can turn out something like this (image taken from SC! chapter 42…I couldn’t find a better image at the moment). Hope you guys like it~ ^_^

Anyways, that’s it for this issue! Hope you enjoyed it! ^_^

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  1. animeforever713 permalink
    July 19, 2009 8:17 pm

    Wow… Ing-Chan…. You’re that bored… Or something… I donno… Cuz I didn’t read most of it… Lol. Well I’m one to speak cuz I didn’t even post a single blog. I only got this account to post comments… Hehehe… :P

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