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Shugo Chara!! Doki Episode 91

July 13, 2009


Ah, I don’t care if it’s part filler and whatnot, I enjoyed it. :P I mean, of course it’s not great since  I wanted the manga version, but I’m still satisfied with it. But maybe it’s just because it’s on Nagihiko that I’m open minded on it so much. xD But we also get to see Rhythm and Nagi’s chara-nari, “Beat Jumper”. Lol but even though it’s a Nagi focused episode, I seem to fangirl over other characters more. xD


Not much to say about it, just random notes throughout the episode. ^^;;

911Wow, didn’t expect Kirishima to be the popular type. That was a nice surprise. ^_^ He was a cool looking filler anyways (remember how we all love his hair?). But naw, Rima won’t regret turning him down, ’cause she’s got Nagi~ >:D

912XDD Kukai is getting pwned by everyone. Nagi saying it with a smile and sparkles made me lol. But don’t Kukai! You aren’t a loser Jack (although the least efficient)~

913^^ Rima pwn! xD Lol, I thought it was a close one. But I figured Kukai would win. He’s older and his strength is in athletics anyways, even if Nagihiko is good too.

Lol, after taking the screencap I realized that Yaya looks like someone from Sailor Moon.

914Unintentional pwn #1! I would’ve thought they were a comedy trio too by the way they pose too, if only they weren’t playing basketball. xD But Amu’s clueless-ness is funny. ^_^

915Example of the scientist’s idiocy #1!

What an…original name. >_> Well it’s something…

916Rofl! The funniest scene in this episode to me. xD Pepe is just so funny in here. ^_^ Falling asleep herself, being pointless, well, it’s not like it was unexpected, but still fun to see~

917More Rima pwnage! >:] But, Yaya did have a good point~ Just…don’t mess with Rima.

On another note, Yaya has really stretchy cheeks.

917.5So the Seiyo Academy colors are black and pink? xD I guess that isn’t bad, even though I do wonder how the guys put up with it. :D

918Example of scientists’ idiocy #2: forgetting an on switch. -___-

919Hmmm…having his egg as a ?-egg and an x-egg, so having his egg extracted twice. Is that a record?

9110Unintentional pwnage #2. Chara version! XDD Lol, Suu always stands out though~ But anyways, I found this scene funny, I guess that’s all that’s left to say.


I have to say, it was nice seeing Nagihiko as a boy when he was little. He just looked cool. xD And wow, he can jump high. x) But anyways, it’s pretty sad that he only got to have one day to enjoy being a boy when he was little, but he looks so happy. I don’t know, but it’s one of those things when it makes me feel all happy for him too or something. >_< Okay, that was…a pointless random ramble. I forgot the point I had when I took this screencap.

9113RHYTHM!!~ Kya~ Anyways, Beat Jumper looks so cool. I’ve always liked Nagi’s chara-nari with Rhythm. But lol, like everyone else, his body looks…girly during transformation. xD

9114Seeing him shoot off with wings on his feel reminds me off episode 1. ^_^

9115I don’t know why, but I thought it was sort of different having the charas talk to the x-charas. It just seemed different, yet sort of cute/funny? It’s like the charas did the talking this time instead of Amu?

9116Oh Rhythm, you player~ (favorite scene in the episode)

9117And again, Miki’s heart was easily won. X) Lol…



Taiyaki boy!!! Anyways, I’m looking forward to the next episode. It looks like things are lightening up, so I’m looking forward to it~ Plus, we get to see some Beat Jumper action again as well. ^_^

Lol but I agree with Miki, Rhythm is really cool. xD

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  1. July 13, 2009 3:04 pm

    You would never guess that the little boy in the preview is the reason why everything has going on since chapter 1.

    I swear, this was an awesome episode. Poor X Characters… been forgotten. Not by us rabid fans, though. (Fanism knows no boundaries. xD)
    Rima pwnage ftw! Ha, I saw a really piped Rimahiko fan go extreme over Yaya’s comments. It was good, man. lol.
    I wouldn’t have been able to guess that Kirishima was the popular type either… to me he just looked like the plain type. :P *sarcastic* Oh, look at my oh-so-original idea! I bet no one else thought that!
    I bet you that next they’re going to come up with some other stupid egg idea, like *-Eggs and then Kirishima’s egg will be a victim again. Ha, if that happens, I’d just laugh.

    I bet Miki was thinking, “Maybe I do have a hope this time!” (Well, with Yoru ignoring her and spending his time searching for Ikuto, and Kiseki too busy to notice her) But I bet Rhythm’s gonna start hitting on other female charas. (It’d be weirdly hilarious if he’d hit on the guy charas… ^^’)

  2. July 13, 2009 9:58 pm

    lulzy I like how you put “least efficient” because it’s so true. xDDD;;

    And I think those colors for the basketball uniform are just temporary…or it can be referenced to Temari’s egg color if you’d like to interpret that way as well. Makes no sense but who says that had to matter? *doesn’t have a clue what she’s rambling about* 8DDD;;;

    Hmmm…having his egg as a ?-egg and an x-egg, so having his egg extracted twice. Is that a record?

    Poor Kirishima-kun. I’m surprised he hasn’t gone to tamago-counseling by now. Fight on, Kirishima-kun! Fight on! *nodnod*
    Lol xD;

    Beat Jumper is sooooo cool. Nuff said. *sunglasses emoticon here* 83

    I thought so, too, about his winged sneakers…only this is the boy version (lol, whut? Now we’re going into clothes merchandise soon? xD; )

    Gawd, if Rhythm was actually a human, anybody would be easily won by his playah lines. He’s so cute and cool. <3

  3. July 21, 2009 11:33 am

    animehalf: Inorite?!

    Yeah, it was a good episode. ^_^ Lol, I wouldn’t be surprised, but it would’ve been amusing to see it. :D

    Yeah, he seemed sort of plain to me (but his hair is awesome XDD) too. It’s funny because I read a forum thread where everyone was assuming there’d be like and egg for every symbol. xD But it would be totally funny if he became a victim.

    Haha, so true. Miki jumps around. But yes, Rhythm would definitely hit on the other female charas…

    Xiao Jie: I wonder if they are temporary. I forgot the colors for Kukai’s sport uniform when he still went to Seiyo Academy (wait, did he even wear them? I forgot, it’s been so longg). But it would make sense if it did refer to Temari’s egg.

    Lol xDD~ Ganbatte Kirishima-kun!

    Agreed, Beat Jumper is awesome. ^^

    I know, huh? Any girl would fall for him. X3

  4. sandy permalink
    August 26, 2009 7:57 am

    beat jumper kyyaaaaa!! cool!!!

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