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Shugo Chara!! Doki Episode 90

July 6, 2009


I found this to be a “meh” episode. I mean I liked it, but I don’t really find it all that great. It still felt filler-ish to me in a certain way. But I think the main-plot has been butchered. Ah well…I really don’t have much to say on the episode. :/

Also, a new OP and ED. I actually like them…surprisingly. So more thoughts about them soon. Now if only I had better quality video streaming…-_-

OP: Guardian 4–School Days

(Some screencaps had to be cropped smaller than others, so I apologize about that)


Lol @ the song title first of all…but I guess it fits. I have to admit that I’m beginning to approve of the Doki intros more and more each time, at least compared with what we first started out with. I guess Guardian 4 just has better songs. But “Omakase Guardian!” had something catchy like the first season opening, while this doesn’t. But it’s alright, I still like it. The title sequence had a happy feel to it (but where’s my cherry blossoms?!). It was kind of appealing though, seeing the rainbows and such. I’m glad that Amu seemed so much IC compared to the older OPs (I think I’ll exclude Omakase Guardian!). It fits much better with the show’s original plot. Amu doing her “Cool & Spicy” poses are always good to me. I like the introduction sequence of the charas, it just fits for an opening, and the charas look incredibly cute there as well. However…I can’t read what it says, and the subs aren’t there. x_x Amu’s wink was obviously doki-fied but I guess you have to deal with that. The bubbles were kind of random in my opinion though. I like that Amu was less OOC as well. She was still walking a little awkward-ish in the end, but it’s not as bad as the marching. It was nice to see every character introduced. Hm…Kukai in the introduction seemed new to me, and he appeared before the main Guardians, I wonder why. The whole cast shot was okay, but it doesn’t make sense why Easter people are in the Royal Garden. But it’s an opening I guess. It doesn’t have to make sense. The only complaints I had was that again, there wasn’t as much Ikuto, considering that this is his arc. But I guess that can count for a plus too, to move away from the seriousness of his arc. Nevertheless, it just doesn’t fit.

Now onto the song. I thought it was a nice song. It wasn’t as cheesy as the first two OPs. However, I didn’t feel like it had that catchy feel of “Omakase Guardian!” I don’t know if it really “fits” now that we are officially entering the Ikuto arc (whether Satelight slaughters it or not). It was happy, upbeat, cutesy, a still Doki, but not bad. I liked it. ^^

ED: Buono!–Take it Easy!


Title…-.- Don’t take it easy, it’s Ikuto’s arc! D:< Gar. *Ahem* I’ll miss “MY BOY”…but I guess it’s time to change it. TT^TT Anyways, after ignoring a certain “something”…I actually really like the ending. But so far the ending has always been good, since we’ve still had our Buono!. The animation was a good step up for Satelight. People…move! XD Anyways, I love the summer feel this ending gives. I absolutely love Amu’s outfit and hair too. All of the characters look really great in this ending sequence. I just love the how the beach is anyways. There’s Tadamu in this, and an ending hug, which gave me mixed emotions at first. I was angry, sad, emo, but now I’ve gotten over it. We’ve gotten lots of Amuto, and “MY BOY” was an Amuto ending song anyways, so Satelight just has to try to make it fair by giving the audience a Tadamu ending song. As for the hug, we all know that in chapter 38 we’re getting an Amuto  hug (unless Satelight screws up that chapter! D:<) so that’s why they have put one in the ending . However, this one we’ll have to see over and over and over again. -__- Yaya…I lost a little respect for you TT^TT. There isn’t Ikuto (or anyone else besides the Guardians) at all, but I guess it wouldn’t have fit. :/ But wait…this is Ikuto’s arc. It would fit, the ending sequence just doesn’t, no matter how much I think it’s fine.

The song was nice, as expected of Buono!. It’s a nice contrast to “MY BOY”, and I think if used it in the Ikuto arc (the song anyways) it wouldn’t ruin the mood too much. Maybe it’s a bit happy. But it’s alright, it makes us happier if we get all emo. Pretty much, the song is really good. For some odd reason I think the song has the same feel, vibe, and resemblance to “Fruits Candy“, one of the ending songs to CCS.


The episode starts out with Amu thinking in her bedroom about Lulu. But they remember that they still have to take care of Yoru. Then it shows Yoru pigging out on onigiri. He mentions that he doesn’t want to stay either, but he has to because he’s looking for Ikuto everyday. This makes Amu wonder about Ikuto’s well-being, until suddenly she hears her father shout out that he loves Ami; however, she turns him down (causing him to cry). Amu comes down to ask what’s going on, and her mother tells her of a contest on Sunday where couples confess their love. Ami mentions that she’ll enter with boys in her kindergarten class, making her father depressed and runs away from home in a comical way. Amu’s charas tell her to enter with Tadase, but Amu goes tsun-tsun and says not in their life.

It’s the next day, and Yaya asks the Guardians if they’ve heard of the love confession contest. Kiseki asks who would do something so embarrassing, and Miki goes into lovey-dovey mode after Ran asks if he has anyone he would like to confess to. Suu also brings up an Eru reference. Yaya talks about entering Tadase and Amu. Both of them become blushy, and try to move onto a different topic. Yaya gets angry and yells at them, and does so again after Rima says it would be too easy if you just had to declare your love to stay together forever. Yaya tells them of the rumor that if they announce it, then they are bound together forever. Naghiko approves of the idea as well, also considering it a chance for them to catch Easter.

Meanwhile, it shows a small scene of Ikuto locked away. Amu and Tadase walk together, and Tadase says that they don’t have to do the love confession. But Amu says that she didn’t say that she didn’t want to, making Tadase happy. Ami shows off her outfit to the contest, making her father sad. Ran reports it to Amu, and the charas try to make her look even better. But she yells at them. The charas tell Amu that this is a perfect chance to tell Tadase how she truly feels, since she never did so before. Suddenly Yoru calls out for Ikuto outside, and asks where he is. The girls think that Yoru has it mistaken, but Yoru rebuts and says that he does love Ikuto, while continuously calling out for him.

It’s the day of the competition. Many people, including Ami (who just wanted the prize, relieving her father) and the boys in her class, begin shouting out their love. Nikaidou and Yukari also participate, even though Nikaidou is embarrassed to do so. Yukari says that she just wants the prize, because she had a vision of Utau using the hula-hoop for a song. While arguing, the host pushes away the sign covering them, which exposes them to the crowd. Nikaidou apologizes for criticizing Yukari’s idea, and the host exclaims it as an original way to confess his love. More people confess their love, and Amu and Tadase are next. Tadase takes awhile to get to his point however, and is interrupted by Ikuto under Easter control.

The x-eggs wrap around everyone, squeezing them, making them unable to move. Amu and Tadase chara-nari as well as Ikuto. A battle ensues. While Amu and Ikuto face off, Yoru calls out to Ikuto. He begins trying to get through to him and talks more. For a moment it snaps Ikuto out of Easter’s control. However, the scientists turn up the tuning fork’s strength thanks to the Director’s instructions. He begins to be in pain and is back under the control of the tuning fork and retreats. Amu and Tadase use Platinum Heart to purify all of the x-eggs. The embryo appears again, but Ikuto is too weak to retrieve it and it flies away again. Amu recalls that Ikuto looked sad, and for a moment he was himself.

Tadase tries to continue from where he left off with Amu, and holds her hand. Both of them blush and the rest of the Guardians watch in the background.


Not much to say on the actual episode though…


Aww…I love you Yoru!!~ You’re such a great chara! This post will probably be filled with Yoru love! Poor Yoru, eating away his sadness. TT^TT

902Lol, I love Amu’s family. Papa is the same as always, lol.


Lol, Miki. Pepe nailed it, Miki’s heart is easily won. She’s just like Amu in that aspect. xD

904Suu!!~ Eru!!~ Ah, Suu did the Eru reference perfectly! I guess it makes me happy because they are both of some of my favorite charas. ^_^

905Eh. I have to say my Yaya love went down in this episode, because of the episode itself and the ending theme. But anyways, lol @ her anger. I’m on Rima’s side on this though. And Rima love on this part! She’s totally straight faced like it’s nothing and just goes, “Huh…” unlike the incredibly scared Amu and Tadase.

906Ikut0!!~ TT^TT Gar. Ikuto’s no one’s puppet. Gar. ’nuff said.

907YORU!!!~ >_< Awww….that’s so sweet! I love you!!!~ Yoru’s probably my favorite chara right now because of his dedication! And he’s stayed consistent and aware of the plot unlike everyone else around him. Aww…Yoru. Ganbatte!~

9075On a random note, I love Amu and Rima’s outfits! So cute and awesome! xD

908O_O Ami! She’s growing up already! She’s definitely following in her sister’s footstep. Look, she’s already got a harem of her own. X]

909ROFL! Utau! I lol’ed so hard at the Utau reference. She’s a chibi too! >.< It would be total win if Utau really did use a hula-hoop in a PV.

9010Dare I say…hint of our favorite crack pairing?! =O Suu x Nikaidou. xD Suu’s actually sad if both of them get back together…definitely crack pairing hint!! >:D

9011I don’t know why, but these two made me laugh so hard. I just…don’t know why. Maybe it’s that guy’s weird hair. Who knows. xD But…lol.

9012Again, I love Amu’s family. But that’s how all fathers are. It’s just so fun to see it amplified to a whole new level in an anime. And Ami’s so cute in this just waking up confused. xD

9013Tadase takes so long to get to his point as usual. -_- It’s no wonder they got interrupted. It’s like he was waiting for it to happen by leaving in that incredibly long pause.

9014Yoru!!! *hugglecuddles him* Lol at what he said before, “You were rude and a pain to take care of…” xD. But aww! Yoru! *puts him on number one podium for the day* He’s just such a great chara. >.<

9015Yay!~ Ikuto was back for a second! But I felt so sorry for him. He did seem really sad, and I’m glad Amu noticed that. But just…Satelight WHY?! Ikuto’s face was ruined terribly. Animation dropped down terribly. He looks like the dudes from The Wallflower! DL

9016GAR! You. Go. NAO! It’s your fault anyways. If you actually cared about his health for once and cared if his body would be injured, then you wouldn’t be in this case.



Satelight. WHY?! You…you…killed SC! The main plot…ruined already. I seriously wanna go kill Satelight right now. D:< The Utau arc was done well, so why can’t this arc be done just as well, or better? I don’t even know why Satelight butchered the main plot, but they did. Why is Rhythm coming out right now?! I really hope he goes back in by the end of the episode or something. I really wanted him to come when he was supposed to. It seems like all of the main plot episodes are not being faithfully adapted…making it seem filler-y.

But I really do love Rhythm. And his voice…so cool and awesome! xD

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  1. Kiseki permalink
    July 6, 2009 11:57 pm

    I think Rhythm’s birth has been pushed for an earlier release because they need to stretch out the plot a little or else it’ll simply be lololololfillerslolz.

    Gosh, I feel like the only one who didn’t pay attention to his voice. 8D;

  2. Rin permalink
    July 7, 2009 10:36 am

    Yes, I hate Satelight too. Who wouldn’t if they noticed the lack of quality of animation. But Ikuto doesn’t look like those guys in Wallflower. The guys in Wallflower have bigger eyes and abnormally long eyelashes for guys.

  3. addie permalink
    July 8, 2009 8:31 am

    There’s no chance of Rhythm coming back in his egg by the end the episode, since the episode after that has “Beat Jumper” in it (Nagi’s chara nari with Rhythm).
    Man, I hate that tadamu ending .__.

  4. July 8, 2009 4:41 pm

    I had mixed emotions about the opening and ending theme as well.

    Haha, I think almost everyone spazzed out after finding out the title of the opening. It’s an infamous title, so what can I say… xD
    The opening was very energetic and upbeat… it’s cutesy, as expected.=.= I already miss Omakase! Guardians. At least it had something catchy to it. However, it’s an ok melody so I guess I’ll shut up.

    For the ending,Tadamu got on my nerves almost to no end the first time I saw it, but other then that I was fine with it. It had a nice, calm tune, in comparison to Buono!’s usually upbeat tunes.
    Though I do wish that other fans would stop bitching about it having too much Tadamu. I’ve gotten over the Tadamu long by now. Just enjoy the freaking song! It’s a nice song, right?! What’s wrong with that?!

    I can’t really blame people for complaining about Rhythm hatching in a filler, but oh please! The complaining is ENDLESS!! It’s either about ‘Temari hatching later now’ or just to plain ‘It’s a stinking filler!’
    Constant complaining has just forced me to get this out of my vocal system (remember that this is NOT aimed for anyone in particular): Be happy that he’s even hatching! I’m sure we’ll get real plot in the next episode anyway, because if I remember correctly, the actual CHARANARI is performed in the next episode, and the episode after that has the crack pairing little sister duo Utau and Yaya in it.
    Oh, but aside from that, I think I saw Kirishima-kun and Rima in the preview! Does this mean we’ll get a little Rimahiko love triangle? xD

  5. July 8, 2009 5:59 pm

    Kiseki: I guess that makes sense, haha. Then again, they could do what they did before and have faithfully plot-related episodes with a filler in between. As long as the filler is done right.

    It’s okay, his voice was at the end so it was sort of hard if you missed that last part anyways. ^^

    Rin:Yes, they’re animation is making me mad. Well, not exactly like The Wallflower guys, but weird looking like them. xD And he had pretty big eyes there. But they don’t always have long eyelashes, though it’s apparent most of the time. So I think Ikuto looks sort of like Ranmaru (with different hair and eye color) when he doesn’t have such girly eyelashes. xD

    addie: I can hope, can I? Jkjk…Anyways, ah, I didn’t see the episodes list. But you’re right. I just wanted to have impossible hopes there. X]

    animehalf:Haha, at first I didn’t think about it, until later when I caught the drift and spazzed out. I miss Omakase! Guardian too, just like you said, it had some catchy-ness to it.

    Same thing happened to me. At first I got pretty irritated, but now I really don’t care about it. I like the song, and it does have that nice tune to enjoy. ^_^ That’s all I’m thinking about now too. The song’s nice, so that’s good, right? Buono! always has those nice songs. So I just ignore the Tadamu.

    I think it’s supposed to be some sort of plot-related filler-feeled episode (does that even make sense?). If Satelight stuck with the manga, I’m sure there wouldn’t be as much complaining. Rhythm was bound to come out anyways, so I’m just wondering why they decided to change it so much. And I apologize about the complaining, didn’t mean to make it sound like a fanbrat. Dx Yeah, it seems like it’s going to be the real plot soon, with some anime changes to it, so I shouldn’t be complaining so much. In fact, I’m actually glad, because at least we’re moving somewhere rather than before when we were stuck with Lulu. :D But yes!~ Rimahiko development with love-triangle-with-obvious-outcome = want!

    • July 9, 2009 6:50 am

      Nah, you didn’t sound like a fan brat. ‘Tis okay. :)
      I was bothered by the fact Rhythm’s coming out in a filler too, but I guess I’m kinda used to fillers, so I wasn’t really bothered like I was with Lulu’s episodes. :O

  6. Rimahiko permalink
    July 11, 2009 6:50 am

    Come ON!!! Get over dissing tadamu! It’s a sweet, cute couple and I don’t see why it pisses you off so much! If you like amuto, like amuto! Don’t diss other couples!

    Sorry about that. Had to get it out of my system. Oh, when Ami went onstage w/ her fanboys, did you guys notice Maa-kun? (from earlier ep) And in the ending song, did you see the way Rima looked when Nagi ran up? Rythm looks so cool~;)

  7. shugo_chara_lover permalink
    July 11, 2009 6:56 am

    That kid from ep 69 is back… what’s his name again? I was reading wiki and it sounds like Amu and Yaya are going to made Rima feel guilty for dumping him.

    OMG I can’t wait for Rthym to hatch. Even though I like the way they did it back in the manga though…= _ = But still, at least he’s coming back! *goes crazy*

  8. pingually12 permalink
    July 15, 2009 8:16 pm

    Rhythm is neat And I ALWAYs look foward to the new episodes!!!!!!!!!

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