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Blossom Blabber: So Limited…

July 2, 2009


Week 6 and 7! Already?! Wow…anyways, titled “So Limited” because I was so limited these 2 weeks. -_-;; Not much happened this week or the last, which is why I’m currently trying to catch up. Most of my time was spent on anime anyways and so I decided to just make a whole new Random Anime post (which was posted last week). So I have an small  anime section, small manga section, drama, music, blog info, and other.



Sugar Sugar Rune:

Haha…wow. Well I was planning on watching Sugar Sugar Rune. Honestly, it doesn’t appeal to me, but I still kind of want to watch it. I ended up watching some episodes in the late 20s already because my friend was watching the series. So I want to start from the beginning. But still, there are still some things that make me not want to watch it. Mainly, the character designs. I mean…those two twin guys that like her look better than the main guy (whose name is Pierre with a freakishly long face and creepy…design altogether). And Vanilla looks…a little unproportional, but I’ve gotten used to that already. I’ve already decided the reason I want to watch it…to look at the twins. xD But anyways, when I watch it, I’ll probably blog my thoughts in Blossom Blabber, because Random Anime is for current anime if I have enough to say.




After Kanzeon’s recommendation, I decided to read Otomen. And truth be told, I love it~ It was a little odd at first (the summary made me rofl), but all of it was just so win. I’m still reading it, since I’ve been distracted by other things. But so far from what I’ve read…I love it. Asuka is so awesome. I don’t care if he does girly things because…hey, lots of guys do that. And…some girls don’t (like Ryo and me). He’s cool anyways…in an interesting way. Ah the shouta boy and his imagination made me laugh. Um, Ryo reminds me so much of Hikari from Special A from how dense she is. -_- And I thought Ryo was a boy’s name…>_> But she’s also like Hikari because she can’t cook at all and loves fighting movies. But anyways, an enjoyable series. I love the comedy from it, and hope more can be said about it when I finish reading all of the current chapters.



Nobuta wo Produce

I’ve been watching Nobuta wo Produce for a couple days already, and I have to say, it’s a pretty good series so far. But I can’t help but feel a little biased as well since I love who the cast is. xD Anyways, it’s such a fun to watch series. I’m still watching it, but I’m almost done. I think for pairs, I really don’t have one for this series. Akira is hilarious….and now I wanna say, “Kon Kon!” to my friends. xD And Horikita Maki is awesome as Nobuta. Anyways, so far I really like it. It’s a fun drama, and is pretty realistic I think. The piggies are cute. Hmmm…oh I’d like to say: [spoiler]Aoi gets me so mad…I wanna slap her in teh face!! D:< She’s too happy and casual for her being so evil. GAR![/spoiler] Anyways, I’m enjoying it so far, but I don’t want to say too much about it.

But I’m planning on finishing up the other two dramas I listed before (Soulmate and Nodame Cantibile) soon. It’s just that Soulmate is extremely long and I’ve gotten distracted, and I just haven’t gotten to Nodame Cantibile yet.



Well, after being so tempted for over a month, I finally downloaded the Nana Mizuki “ULTIMATE DIAMOND” CD from METANORN. I’m so late~ lol…but I downloaded it in the beginning of last week. It was probably because just recently it came to mind that I might have enough room. Anyways, I have to say, that I love it~ Nana’s CD is like the only CD I own that I love every single song without worrying about skipping a boring song (but maybe that’s because I don’t own very many CDs >_>). Let’s see…my favorite songs are on there are Perfect Smile, Shounen, and Brand New Tops. Gah, what am I saying? I love all of them really, but on my current tastes those two seem to be listened to the most (surprisingly).

Let’s see…I’ve also been listening to more of KAT-TUN and NewS songs. I just started listening to Real Face from KAT-TUN and the music video…has lots of…hips. O_o But anyways, I love the song anyways. But -_- it was a song from awhile back, I never get the latest stuff. xD I guess I’ve been listening to a ton of Johnny bands. Yeah…and I wanted to hear a Tegomass song, and I was curious about Miso Soup and decided to find it. So I listened to the English version, and I ran across an interesting video. Supposedly with English subtitles. I’ve posted this on my twitter, but still, I can’t help but laugh from this video’s subs:

And I’ve also been listening to some Noriaki Sugimiya songs because, well, I want my England single!! I’ve heard it’s been pushed back…even though I still found on video of a full Pub & Go. The quality is terrible, but I’m still surprised why it’s there. Anyways, here’s the video if anyone wants it: click! (Lol @ ending) But anyways, Noriaki Sugimiya’s voice is…awesome. Period. xD I never knew he had such an awesome voice (forgot he was England’s seiyuu when I found it), which I found by looking for Noria. xD

On a random music-related note: my parents made me watch some clips from America’s Got Talent, and I have to say, whoa. Thia Megia is good. Next Charice, anyone?

But anyways, again, not to write again because I haven’t listened to many new things. :/

Blog Info

Super large image shrinked becomes pixelated. >_>

Super large image shrinked becomes pixelated. >_>

Let’s see…I’ll try to fit Monthly Mania this week, which means that I’ll probably have to push a lot of posts back since I have lots ready. I think I’ll just end up doing another one big first impression posts on the shows that I don’t feel like doing a full first impression on. Umi Monogatari was easier to get a first impression in though because it premiered way before the other shows. Now that many are premiering at once, the first impression posts will be a bit late, or might just be put all together (even though I am forcing myself to give Sora no Manimani a separate post…it must get one!). I’ll be doing something tomorrow (more on that later) which is why I won’t be able to get all of the posts down. And since shows are starting to premiere, I’ve yet to figure out a blogging schedule and which shows I’ll drop and which shows I’ll follow. :/ So things might get a little messy right now.



Both mad yet happy...

Hm…no particular order in this, but here goes…random ramble that is pretty pointless and lead to absoulutely nothing. >_>

WordPress RAGE!

This will be short. But oh my god! This has been going on for a long time and you’d think it would stop by now. But anyways, I’m pretty upset because a lot of my comments have been marked as spam (or what we’d like call “eaten up”) and so have many others. Comments get cut off often, and grr…I’m mad. I get some comments that get marked as spam, and I can’t do anything to prevent any user whose comments have been marked as spam to be okay now. It’s so weird, but anyways, yes…RAGE!~ I just wonder what is going on, and why it hasn’t been fixed yet. :/


Ah~ For some reason I’ve honestly been in the mood to go back to forums. I don’t know why though, but I’m also somewhat reluctant to do so. I originally belonged to forums before I entered the blogosphere, and after I started blogging, I kind of ditched forums (well, not exactly ditch because most of the forums I was in closed down >_>). So oddly enough, I’m having a hard time adjusting, like whenever I join forums, it’s pretty hard to start out since you have 0 count. I used to actually make my own forums and stuff, but I guess after my forum got deleted from inactivity I haven’t exactly “wanted” to go back. And then some forum banned me for no reason…forever. D:< And when I asked why, no one responded. But anyways, just felt like talking about joining forums again. I’ll just have to readjust to them. Dx


I decided to download a brush pack, and I’ve been practicing and looking through the brush pack. I really love the brush pack. I’m glad I’m finally improving from when I first started. I guess I had to download some brushes first. xD Here are two I made:

(Even more Sumomo…)

I guess I started working harder since I wanted to enter forums with graphics that I wouldn’t feel too bad about. And I’m also glad I figured out how to use overlay and stuff like that. Just recently learned how to use it. ^_^ And also I learned how to make borders like the first graphic. Anyways, I’m still working hard and learning!~

Variety Shows

Lol, I’ve never mentioned this, but oddly enough, I enjoy watching variety shows. They are just fun to watch and laugh about. Why can’t the US have shows like that (or at least my TV doesn’t have shows like that). Anyways, I was just watching a couple clips from Hey! Say! JUMP appearances in variety shows, and it’s surprisingly fun for me to watch. I’m just weird like that or something. But anyways, some fun videos to watch when I have like a minute to spare, since most of them are just clips. I think one I lol’ed at a lot was this one. I felt sorry for Ryosuke, but in total shock of what Chinen said. =O And for some reason…I find this video funny. O.o And lemons ftw. I’m sure most people will find this pointless anyways. xD There’s tons more, but I don’t think anyone really cares anyways. Just felt like talking about how I enjoy variety show and all….it all seems surprisingly entertaining to me. xD

Anime Expo 2009

Okay, finally something that I won’t have too much writer’s block on. The Anime Expo has already started, and it seems like everyone’s in on it. But on such short notice, I decided to go tomorrow. xD Mainly because of Morning Musume, but I’m pretty sure I’m going. I still have to figure out when and everything. But I’m only going with my family who will be bored out of their minds there. It’s pretty short notice though, since I know people who plan conventions for months. So I feel like such a procrastinator. I’m not going to cosplay though, since I never was a fond of the thought of me cosplaying. I’m okay with others, but having myself cosplaying isn’t something I plan on doing. I’m planning on also blogging my short day there. Which is….another post I’ll have to squeeze in. Anyways, I’m excited to go~

Also worth mentioning…

This is old news, but anyways, short things worth mentioning. RIP Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and Billy Mays!! We’ll miss you all!

And I might be on vacation soon. My family’s planning this road trip, so I might be gone for a week. When this will happen, I don’t know. I’m just watching everyone else plan it. :/

Anyways, a pretty pathetic post. But anyways, hope you enjoyed it nonetheless!~ ^^;;

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  1. July 2, 2009 10:47 pm

    Sugar Sugar Rune…well, I can’t be too critical since this anime was made quite a while ago but how it can ever get the same praise as Cardcaptor Sakura, Shugo Chara!, and Sailor Moon (which I consider the mother of all mahou shoujos) is still beyond me. I read that somewhere on a review for SC! so it’s really just bias that I can ignore but…no! You don’t put SSR next to something as great CCS (or maybe I’m just very repelled by the character designs, I dunno *shrug*).

    Kaaaahhh, I’m still debating if I should include Ultimate Diamond in my pre-order or not. I listened to on YT a while ago and loved every single track. Now I want the CD so I don’t have to go through someone else’s playlist and wait for buffering and all that crap. Nana-samaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!1 <3333333333333

    Good luck with all your impressions posts and trying out everything in general. Yea, it’s hard. Even the ones I was kinda planning on dropping after the first episode I’m still sticking with. Just in case it happens to get more interesting…which isn’t looking that way so I guess I’m just being stubborn. ^^;

    *sigh* WP…well, the comments on my blog don’t seem to have much of problem anymore. At least for the people who come to comment often anyways. After the first three or four attempts-turned-spam, it should be able to recognize who’s who and all. But seriously, they really should do a better job at fixing that. At least put comments the system doesn’t recognize in the pending box rather than spam, y’know? I don’t get notifications from that box. -_-;

    Hmm, forums…I never had any personal problems with any but after a while, it becomes a little more than I can stand. People being too silly and then people being too serious and lots of other stuff. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but it’s just hard dealing with the fandom all at once. For me, anyways. :/

    Ooo, I like your graphics~ They look so pretty! Especially the Yui one! <3
    I like the Sumomo one, too. My only problem is with the right side border. It looks like someone ripped off a piece of her head. o.O; But other than that, really good. ^^

    Waah, another convention. Now I can’t wait to go to NYAF (and see Yui Makino~ xDDD).
    Haha, it’s the same with me on cosplaying. I would do it since it sounds so much fun but I’ll probably be too lazy to put the costume together. And imo, if you’re not willing to put every effort into cosplaying, then don’t even bother. I can’t stand seeing bad cosplay. It makes me sick. Blergh. xP

    But hope you have fun and can’t wait for your post on it! ^^

  2. July 4, 2009 12:57 am

    Ooh~ Sugar Sugar Rune… I can’t say I loved it but I remember those days I’m watching it only to pass time and wait for my school bus to come. Haha.

    I’m glad you like Otomen ^^. There’s gonna be a live-action adaptation for it next year ^__^.

    And yesh^^, Nana-sama is awesome and every song in Ultimate Diamond is worth listening to~.

    I LOVE your graphics! Just keeps getting better and better ^^. Love the Yui one. Keep up the good work! The brushes are so cool. I always want those brushes with that tiny text effect in it and that diagonal lines as well ^__^. Again, keep up the good work ^^.

  3. Rin permalink
    July 4, 2009 12:18 pm

    Yeah, I watched Sugar Sugar Rune. You’re right about the twin guys who like her being better looking than the main guy. The art is much better than the manga though. The manga art is horrible. If the manga art is bad in the first place, than don’t expect good anime art from the producers.

    Forums are cool, but forums on manga scanalating sites are totally useless. I mean you have to make a specific number of posts before you can actually download anything. It’s a really gay policy.

    I love the graphics by the way. They’re really nice. And have a good road trip.

  4. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    July 5, 2009 2:01 pm

    Xiao Jie: I personally think that SSR can’t compare to the other mahou shoujo shows, just by watching a couple episodes. It’s alright if you’re repelled by the character designs, since I am too. xD

    Ah, it’s such an awesome CD. I would definitely recommend getting it if you can. ;]

    Thank you ^_^. I’m pretty much doing the same thing, following ones I originally planned on dropping just because I want to know if it gets any better.

    I’ve begun to notice that, thankfully. But I totally agree that putting it in the pending box would be much easier. You actually get notified from that box. But in the spam box, you just have to check it manually. :/

    I usually don’t run across many people being too silly or too serious, but I guess those were the old forums I went to. Now, it seems like there’s more. But I guess that’s how fandom forums are.

    Thanks!~ Lol, I realized that later on. I actually have two versions of the Sumomo graphic, in which the second one doesn’t make her head look ripped off. xD But now I can’t help but laugh whenever I look at the graphic. ^^

    Uah! You’re going to the NYAF? Ah, I wish I could go see Yui Makino (one of my favorite seiyuus) but alas, the NYAF is on the other side of the country. I hope you have fun there~
    I totally agree. I think the reason I didn’t like cosplay before was because all I saw was bad cosplaying. I never liked seeing bad cosplay.

    kanzeon: Haha, it doesn’t seem like a series that’ll stand out, but it does seem like a good buying time experience. xD

    Oh yes! I think I’ve heard the news about it before I started officially reading the series. But now after reading it, I’m excited~

    Thank you! ^^ I’m glad it’s finally getting better. :] Yeah, I really love the brushes. The tiny text effect is always cool. I was so happy when I found it in the brush pack.

    Rin: Oh yes, I saw the manga art. XP But that’s true. They really don’t have much to work with since they still have to be faithful the manga art, whether that be their downfall or not.

    Yes. I don’t really approve of sites that say, “You need __ posts to do ___.” It just provokes spam posting anyways.

    Thank you!~

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