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Shugo Chara!! Doki Episode 89

June 29, 2009


Yes!~ We’re finally going into the main plot again. But onto the actual episode. It was a nice conclusion  to the Lulu arc. It was a sweet conclusion to her arc as well. I’m pretty satisfied and I think I officially like Lulu now. ^_^ She’s still not as great as any of the real Shugo Chara character, but I don’t dislike her as much anymore. So yeah, I pretty much think of this as a decent episode. Pretty good…

Quick Summary

Lulu turns Nana into a ?-egg, and does a chara-nari into “Dream Dream” (=.=). A battle ensues while Amu tries talking to Lulu. It finally goes through as Amu does her open heart and Lulu is back to normal. Lulu begins to cry out to Nana, who still hasn’t come out of her egg, and apologizes. After Nana and Lulu reunite and they apologize to the rest of the guardians, she promises to Amu not to extract anymore eggs. Lulu and her mother have a long mother-to-daughter talk. Lulu explains the reasoning on her actions. She said that the jewelry that she made for her mom during a movie event was called “perfect”, which made Lulu happy since she always thrive for perfection.  Suddenly Lulu’s father breaks the mood by entering claiming to have a new recipe (only to find out he just cooked miso katsu). Lulu and Nana arrive at the Royal Garden, where she talks about her and Easter, and announces that she will be leaving for France. The scene changes to Amu with her charas in her room, where she says that she’ll be friends forever with Lulu. She also plays with Yoru who is sleeping, although he bites her soon after. It’s the next day when Lulu and Amu depart, and bid their farewells.


891Lol, Packy~! Now I want Pocky…:P Just bought some Pocky today. xD The ducky is so cute eating the Packy. Lol @ Yaya, running away as usual. Don’t worry Nagi, you aren’t the only one right now who can’t do much to help (trying to phrase it nicely…can be hard, but I don’t mean to make it sound mean). But it’s so fun to see her. Love you Yaya!

892=_= Dream Dream….wow. That is so…original. >_>

But besides that, I think that the chara-nari looks pretteh! Ah, it suits Lulu, I don’t really get it, but it looks pretty. ^_^

893So Lulu has her Nagoya accent when she chara-naris? xD Well I thought it was pretty mean, but since she’s in her ? chara-nari I guess it’s not totally her fault, since everything is distorted in her head right now. -_-

894On a side note. filler episode references!! Remember? The “flower” part references the Nikaidou episode, and the “eating” part references the episode where Nana eats too much. xD So random, but I just felt like pointing it out.

895One thing: RIMAHIKOOOOO!!!!~ Whew, got my fangirling done. ^^;;

896Also, I wanted to bring this up about Rima. I got reminded about this after she said her line.

Did anyone else see just how much Rima has developed when she says this compared to when we first met her? I mean, we all knew she grew and matured well over the course of the series, but I think we really see something after she says this. In the beginning she didn’t care at all about if she destroyed the person’s dream, as long as she destroyed the x-egg. But now, she wants to save everyone’s dream. Yay for Rima!!~ Showing so much progress~ *clapplauds*

897I really liked Amu’s speech this time, mainly because, well yeah it’s more than just a regular filler character, but also, she’s been saying what we all wanted her to point out. Last episode she did this as well, so also kudos to Amu, for her speech. We all have been thinking about that, and so yay~

898Um…were there ever that many eggs? I don’t remember Lulu giving out that many necklaces. -.-;;

899Aww…it’s always cute to see the pinky promise. I wish English had a song like that. If it did, no one told me before! D:<

8910Ah…Lulu is so lucky~ She has such a great mother. She’s such a great mother. I’m glad that even a celebrity like her cares about her family that much. Often celebs and parents, let alone celebrity parents, seem so consumed with work that it’s refreshing to know that she’s a family woman.

8911Lol. Kiseki got pwned. By the awesome Rima. Who pwns everyone. xD Kinda sad, he just figured that out?

8912Ah, I always enjoy episode 4 references. Aww, it was so cute seeing the charas drink the milk. And seeing cows, that’s win too. Aww…random shot of the kawaii milk bottles, so cute…where do they get those?

8913Aww, so cute! If only Ikuto got to watch this~ But so cute, Yoru holding her finger…until, you know…he bit it. ^^;;

8914Lol, poor Kiseki again, having Nana blow in his hankie so much. Losing his color twice in one episode! =O

8915It’s oh-so-random, but somehow I felt like I could see a major Ikuto resemblance in Yoru in that scene. I mean, Yoru’s always been like Ikuto because he’s his shugo chara, but for some reason something else made me remind me of Ikuto. I guess it’s the way Yoru said bye, or how he looks in that picture, like his eyes or something. ^^;;

8916O.O And I thought I had a lot of things I wanted to be…Oh wow…Well, that’s expected of Lulu. Well, I respect how much she tries her best and tries to be good at as much as she can (even though it’s impossible to be a perfect person).

8918Awww….well, I have to say that Lulu looked really cute in that scene. Look at her blushing, it’s cuter than usual Lulu (although chibi kid Lulu is cuter than that). And I love the handshaking scene. Even if the background was too much, I think it went well to emphasize it. So it’s okay.


On a side note, Nagihiko is as fashionable as ever. And…I love Amu’s outfit, even though she’s worn it before. I…just forgot which episode. Dx But then again, it’s not like you can only wear an outfit once, like you have some sort of unlimited closet.

And that’s the end of the Lulu arc! (Rimahiko!!~) At least now we know Lulu won’t interfere with the main plot. That’as good. But overall, a satisfying way to end it. A little cliche, but satisfying.


89pBack onto plot!~ Looks like a good episode, Nikaidou and Yukari, Suu, Ikuto…yup. Looking at Ikuto made me TT^T. Is it just me or does Ami look a lot different? Well besides that, looks like a good episode, and since we’ll be back on plot, I’ll be looking forward to it. ^_^

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  1. Rin permalink
    June 29, 2009 7:53 pm

    I actually thought that Lulu’s ? chara nari looked pretty cool. I mean her hair was teal! Teal is an awesome color. It just looked downright cool to me. Dream Dream is a lame name, but other than that, I liked the chara nari(of course I wouldn’t like how it was evil and stuff, but I’ll live).

    I didn’t famgirl as much as I thought I would with the small Rimahiko scene. Yaya running away is always cute and funny. I hardly noticed the Packy, Pocky thing. Looks like Satelight didn’t want to copyright anything. Like the なかよし, なかよろし thing from episode 80 I think(that’s Nakayoshi, Nakayoroshi). The ろ makes all the difference.

    The milk drinking thing. That literally screamed Amuto to me(And where do they get the Chara-sized milk bottles? The world will never know). It reminded me of one of the earlier Amuto scenes in the series where Amu was drinking milk and Ikuto came up to her balcony. When Yoru bit her finer, it reminded me of when Ikuto bit her ear(those were the good old days).

  2. June 29, 2009 9:10 pm

    Kudos to you for mentioning the major change in Rima’s character. It’s so dead-on. Rima, who use to break X-eggs without a second thought, is now fighting so hard so that they wouldn’t get corrupted in the first place. Bravo. *claps*

    And I agree. Yoru looked very much like Ikuto when they were saying their goodbyes to Nana. It’s only natural since Yoru is a Chara born from Ikuto’s heart but it’s still a nice little detail to see. hehe ^^

  3. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    July 1, 2009 1:23 pm

    Rin: It does look cool. ^^ The teal hair was sort of different, but I have to say it does look nice. But yeah, the only thing I don’t like is that it’s evil.

    Haha, it is cute seeing Yaya. It something that barely goes noticed. One little letter can make all the difference, eh? I still like looking at what names they come up.

    That was exactly what I was thinking! Where do they get those milk bottles? Ooh, I didn’t think of the Yoru/Ikuto biting thing. But so true. ^_^

    Xiao Jie: Oh, thank you. ^_^

    Yay~ I’m not hallucinating or something, lol. But yes, I agree. Yoru is Ikuto’s chara after all.

  4. Kyo-kun16 permalink
    July 1, 2009 3:40 pm

    lol~ nope amu didn’t wear THAT outfit i doki ep 72….
    but i would like an avi version….since i cannnot watch until it is in avi…. so i can transfer to my ipod touch….lol

  5. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    July 1, 2009 3:45 pm

    Lol, thanks for correcting me. xD She wore that outfit in a different filler…I just forgot which one. Already changed it. ;]

    Sorry, I don’t download the episodes so I don’t know where you can get the avi version.

  6. July 5, 2009 4:26 am

    What about mkv version? I looked almost everywhere and I only can find version over 400 MB. It’s to big to my internet….

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