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Umi Monogatari: First Impressions

June 26, 2009


Umi Monogatari ended up being a pretty decent, cute, and fun anime for the first episode. Um, a little…dare I say it fanservice? Erm, I’m still going to say it, they need more clothes! Anyways, it isn’t a terrible beginning, and so I’ll watch a couple more episodes to give it a chance. I think it’s a pretty good start for the season. A nice, calm(-ish) show to start out with. ^^

I’m still trying to figure out how to format my first impression posts though, so it might be a bit messy. :/

Story & Plot


Episode 1 summary:

The episode starts off with a ring that fell into the ocean. Sister Marin and Urin find the ring, and decide to go to the “sky”, which is the land, to go find the owner. While looking around, they garner some attention. They also listen to a girl sing, in which someone tells them that listening to ancient island songs could tell them of the island’s history. Then we see Kanon, whose mother does readings for people. She asks Kanon to take her place. She hears Marin and Urin calling out for a lost ring. After hearing a description, Kanon gets up and dashes to the sisters. It turns out the ring was hers, but she tossed it after her ex-boyfriend broke up with her. She throws it to the ground again. After seeing her ex with another girl, she begins to exude an evil aura and throws it far away once again, shocking the sisters. The two sisters begin looking around for the ring, when they split up by accident. The fireworks show begins to start and both of them are scared. Urin is so scared that she begins running into a forest. Marin remembers that her sister would be scared, and begins to look for her with Kanon. However, they are unable to find her. Urin finds herself at a place where she is able to find the ring, but unable to reach it. She begins pushing the tomb that it is between, and finally grabs it while using a stick. Urin notices the tomb, and tries to open it. After moving it a bit, dark, mysterious smoke begins coming out and circling the island, and also touches the ring. A storm brews up, and Urin sits down afraid, while Marin and Kanon are still searching for her. And thunder strikes a dinosaur-looking rock, causing it to glow.

Well, not much is revealed yet, but so far it seems like a typical mahou shoujo series. So far nothing stands out, but it isn’t bad. I like it, but I’ll need to watch a couple more episodes to really tell. But whatever is coming up seems pretty interesting. It’s not unique, but a cute light and fluffy show. I enjoy the chibi-ness, which makes it more fun to watch. The comedy is pretty funny and cute too. Not much to say on it though. :/



Marin: She seems like the usual, dense heroine for the series. There really isn’t that appealing about her yet, nor is there anything that special about her. I mean…the only thing that stands out about her is the many shots of her looking for the ring bending over and not wearing much. -___- I’m serious, if she’s going to be walking around on land, I demand more clothes on her. But anyways, besides from what I’ve said, she seems again, like the usual heroine, and is kind to everyone and adventurous. It’s pretty cute though how she can be clueless about some obvious things though, it’s just simply innocence that I just find pretty adorable. I’ll have to admit that. Plus, she loves everyone…that’s not bad at all either. ^_^

Urin: Aww, I just want to cuddle her. She’s so cute, and such a nice sister. Seeing her scared of the fireworks makes me really want to hug her. She’s so cute!~ Heh…I like her more than Marin. xD She’s just so cute in every way, being younger, cute voice and everything, being dragged along by her sister. :3

Kanon: Kanon is win~ Seriously! Ah, I love her already. She’s just so awesome being such an animated character (by animated I mean overreactive). I love how she can change so quickly to so many different moods. It’s so fun to watch her and her evil aura. I have a feeling I’ll be liking her a lot. It’s just so fun to watch her. ^_^

Others: Sam…ok. I only have one thing to say about him. Why the heck is he wearing such a short top for a guy? I mean, I understand a girl, but for a guy wearing that it makes it seem a bit girly? If you catch my drift there…>_> The glasses ex-boyfriend reminds me so much of Kitamura from ToraDora. -_- But I wonder why the two broke up and what’ll happen then. :/ Oh and Kanon’s mom does not look like her mom, not even close. Adopted maybe? I don’t know, but she looks the same age as Kanon and looks totally different.

The characters aren’t bad so far. I’ll be hoping for them to elaborate on more characters in the future. ^_^




It’s called violet by marble. I already included this in my Blossom Blabber post. But anyways, seeing it with the anime, I think it fits well. ^_^ It’s just so relaxing and fits the “sea” theme to it. Yeah, not much to say since I already did on Blossom Blabber. But I think I like it more seeing it now with the rest of the show. Ah, I love how the title appears, it’s just so nice. I hope we get to see everyone from the introduction sequence soon though. Lol, there’s a turtle. xD Oh great, one of my screenies got ruined by moving text…please just ignore that. ^^;;



Called Tōmei na Inori by Masumi Itō. Aww…it’s a cute ending theme. Kya~ The chibis are so adorable, and I love how Urin keeps showing so many different expressions throughout the different parts of the story telling. It was a sweet ending theme, and I think it’s actually a good ending theme. I think it was sweet how Urin was crying and how Marin comforted her. I think that was the scene where I liked Marin the best (gosh, not even a scene in the episode >_>). xD I guess she seems like such a sweet onee-chan in there. Anyways, really cute. ^_^ And it’s even telling the story of Little Mermaid, so that’s also a bonus. ^^  The song is quite nice and relaxing too.

Overall, I like the music for the series. It’s pretty good and fitting. I also like the atmosphere it creates. It’s all so relaxing. Ah~ So yes~ the music is good.



Not much to say about the animation. But it is really fun to watch. I give the show credit for that. Kanon is so fun to watch change so much. And the background is so pretty. Like what everyone has said, the animation is so nice~ I really like it. It’s not overkill. Just simple, basic, clean, and immediately liked. Nothing that stands out to make me not like it. So yes, very pretty animation. ^_^



Bad preview picture...O_O

Hmm, things seem to be getting more interesting~ Ooh. I wonder who is that girl. For some reason I keep thinking it could be Urin infected from that black smoke and turned older and sinister. O_o I’m pretty sure I’m wrong though. xD

Ooh cool, they also have a did you know thing in the preview. Lol, that’s actually a pretty interesting fact, and when I looked it up, it was pretty much true. xD The did you know was, “Did you know that the Turritopsis Nutricula can’t die? It turns into a baby when it gets old.” Well, it’s pretty much true, just stated a little generically. Wikipedia has it here. Anyways, I like learning new things, so just thought that was pretty interesting. ^^;;

Overall, I like the series from where it’s starting at. I think it actually has a lot of potential to be a good series, since it can go in maybe different directions. Let’s hope it delivers and gets better. I actually have stuff to say about this series (even though this post doesn’t represent that statement very well) and so many I’ll do episodic blogging. We’ll see~ If not, Random Anime. ^_^ Because it has only 12 episodes, so I could probably blog it. But I know I’ll be following this series as much as I can. :D

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  1. Rin permalink
    June 27, 2009 2:34 pm

    I liked this anime too. The beginning is much better than Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha(but then again, I only bothered to watch it because Nana Mizuki sings the openings). The music is good. For some reason I got reminded of that Fruits Basket theme song.

    Yes. They do need more clothes, and Marin is really dense. She also overuses ‘aishiteru'(the deepest meaning of ‘I love you). The short tank top is actually normal(not really). So that didn’t bother me that much. Kanon is hilarious as well.

    • blossomgirl101 permalink*
      June 29, 2009 10:25 pm

      Hmm…I haven’t watched Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha yet, except for the beginning of episode 1. And I have to agree that Umi Monogatari does have a better introduction. Oh yeah! I can’t believe I forgot (I have failed as a Fruits Basket fan) how nice the introduction song was. It was so calm and relaxed. But it is a lot like the Fruits Basket theme song because they have similar elements.

      Yes~ I’m glad someone agrees with me (about both). Though Marin is quite innocent which makes her so dense. xD

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