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Random Anime: Issue #4

June 25, 2009


Ah, so I’ve been recently marathoning some anime for this season, catching up on some series, if you’ve been following my twitter. So I thought I gathered up enough anime to do a Random Anime issue! Ah it’s been so long! ^_^

So this Random Anime issue will include Eden of the East, 07 Ghost, Pandora Hearts, and Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~. But more of a series so far thoughts, rather than one episode.

(And on a blogging note, since I don’t have much for BB, I’ll be doing a double week post again)

Eden of the East


Before I made a small blurb about the movie, even though I never finished the series. Well, I did yesterday and I have to say, I like its awkwardness! But now I really want the movie because I have to agree with everyone that the end was not satisfying, which gives us an opening for the movies to finish it off. Let’s see…Saki x Akira ftw! xD For once I was thankful that the wound stopped Akira from almost…kissing (was it?) Selecao #11. Yeah, don’t interfere with Sakira! And who the heck is the girl with the umbrella? The show it obsessed with Johnnys…now I will not be able to take anyone named Johnny seriously ever again thanks to this anime. But even though it’s weird, I like it somehow. There’s that charm that makes me really like the show. Akira is really cool, and so I do think he is an awesome character. Ohsugi was annoying…And I couldn’t believe it when I found out Micchon’s voice actress is the same as Honey-senpai, even though after I heard it a little, it began to fit. The pun was…interesting. >_> And let’s see…nothing more to say. Dx But now I am looking forward to the movies…I just hope I remember by then.

07 Ghost


Mikhail is WIN. <3~

Ah! Mikage!!!!!!~ I almost TT^TT from Mikage dying, even though I knew it was coming. But still! The scene with the last words of Mikage is so sad. TT^TT Aww…Teito and Mikage’s relationship is so sweet too…Now for a change of mood. Mikhail is freakin’ awesome! Gosh I love Mikhail so much! He’s so brattishly awesome. I love what he says about Teito being the best looking. xD And Hakuren! Jun Fukuyama! Anyways, 07 Ghost got a lot more interesting now that we don’t have as many fillers. So yeah, I’ll be following 07 Ghost now. =3 I love it now, it’s just hilarious yet good and dramatic at the same time. Yes~ Now I feel bad that even though I love the series I have nothing much to say. TT^TT

Pandora Hearts


Paying attention to Alice, so cute while eating flowers~

I was seriously hesitant to try to watch the series, but after I heard practically everyone talk about how great it was, I had to check it out. Hmm, yes yes. I absolutely love the show now. So much, that I just might start reading the manga because of it. Yeah, I only do that for animes that I really like. Otherwise, I just stick to watching the anime. Or I just read the mangas that aren’t adapted into animes yet. But anyways, I really think the series got much more interesting, I guess because we’re finally getting into the story rather than starting off and explaining everything (that usually is pretty boring). I don’t mind the quality anymore, even though it isn’t the best. Alice is as awesome as they say. She is just…awesome. I really love her, she is definitely one of my favorite characters. She can be cute and tough at the same time. Let’s see…I liked Echo when she first appeared in the Phillip part (even though I did my research about her). For some reason I like those quiet characters. Oz…isn’t a bad hero. But I am a 100% Oz x Alice shipper fangirl already, kya~. I just need more Oz x Alice moments. D:< Give me MOAR~ Cheshire Cat kinda looks cool as a human, even though his voice annoys me and he looks a bit creepy at certain moments (maybe cover his eyes and take out those claws?). Oh oh! And JACK~ :3 Wait…he has a braid. >_> Oh well, whatever. Anyways, I seriously love this series now and will have to follow it. I’m really glad I forced myself to watch it! xD

Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~

Love their acting~

Love their acting~

I remember that I really liked the beginning of this series, and while I looked for one more anime to add, I decided to watch Phantom. So far, I like it, but I haven’t finished all of the episodes released so far. It was a pretty good beginning and all, but later Ein didn’t get as much screentime and gah, I don’t like it. I only finished up to episode…6. But I think episode 7 is supposed to be more focused on Ein again (yay~). As obviously stated, Ein is my favorite character. I just…like her I guess. She’s cute when she needs to be and is the toughest one…and most dangerous. I guess it’s scary, but I like it. And when she does show some emotion or interest in Zwei, it’s cute (Zwei x Ein~). I love her acting too. Zwei…lol. I don’t know why, but whenever Ein beats him I start laughing and pointing like some evil sadist. But he gets better later on, I guess. I still don’t know what’s the deal with his eyes though. That one lady (Ms. McCunnen was it?) needs to go away though. Gah, going in between Zwei and Ein and being the reason Ein leaves so much. Gar. ._. That old man is a pedo. >_> He’s like…obsessed with Ein or something. It’s creepy, ew. Another thing I don’t like though, is that there’s so much fanservice of Ein. She’s always around nekkid and Zwei barely seems flustered and ugh. Oh and whenever I think there’s a Zwei x Ein moment, there’s no blushing. D:< I need my blushing! But besides that, I like the show, the action isn’t that bad~

On another thought….it’s pretty funny. When I feel like something is missing and I want to see some certain something, I get it in the preview? When I decide to see it? And then when I finally get excited again, I can’t finish up my marathoning because I have to do something is. >_> Oh well, some weird coincidence or something. Like, I wanted more of their pasts in Phantom, and apparently it’s coming~ :3

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  1. Rin permalink
    June 26, 2009 9:43 am

    Oh my God Alice is eating flowers! There are quite a few Alice x Oz moments in the magna too. I haven’t watched many episodes ‘that’ far into hte anime, but I read all the chapters available in the manga.

    • blossomgirl101 permalink*
      June 26, 2009 6:28 pm

      I know! She looks so cute~ X3 Ooh, I definitely have to read the manga. So far I only read chapter 18 for the Alice x Oz moments, gosh I love it~ ^.^ But you should watch more episodes!

  2. December 9, 2010 10:30 am


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