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Blossom Blabber: Week 4 & 5

June 19, 2009

Totally unrelated picture, but it seemed to fit the mood~

I didn’t get to do my SC! post for reasons I’ll explain later, but here is the latest BB. I actually have some stuff to talk about, and have a decent amount of things. This Blossom Blabber will include anime, manga, drama, music, blog info, and other. (I’m abusing the kya tag too much -_-)



Manga picture?!

The Wallflower

Recently, I’ve began to watch The Wallflower and so far I’m at episode 20. I don’t really know how I feel about the series. I guess it’s okay. The animation was really hard to get over, but then whenever I think I’m watching bad animation, I just have to remind myself of Gokujou Mecha Mote Iinchou. Then I guess that just helps me remember that at least the animation isn’t as bad as that 3-D stuff. But still, the characters are drawn…oddly, mainly the guys. It’s a really funny show to watch though. The characters are really funny, but I didn’t get as much fluff and romance as I’d hope. I love the main character, but I get annoyed that she’s always a chibi. Sometimes I’d like to see her real form instead. It’s kinda funny how they use it though. There were times when I’d like the series, go down to boredom, then the interest would be revived. Like a rollercoaster. Ah…but then the last time I watched it I got so bored I fell asleep. -_-|||

Hetalia Axis Powers

Sealand-kun!! Omg, he’s so cute. >.< But anyways, I started watching more Hetalia Axis Powers, and gosh I love it all over again. The Cleaning Out the Storage scene is finally over, but I have to say, Studio DEEN did it justice. The seiyuus did so well with their roles and…god I love it.

And as I’ve said before, Sealand-kun!! Anyways, since I didn’t know much about Sealand, I decided to look it up. :O There’s that immensely small population, and yet they have everything a country has. So Sealand should definitely be considered a country! >:D And rofl at Russia being yandere and Lithuania telling Sealand there’s lots more cons than pros on being a nation. xD

Shugo Chara!! Doki Episode 87

Well as I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t get to do my SC! post this week. I feel shameful. u_u At least it’s still a filler episode. But I’ll put my thoughts here, since I don’t have much to say anyways. I actually had a meh feeling towards the episodes, but more of a good “meh”. I was glad that we finally got some filler plot development. Lulu was finally exposed, and yet we also got to see better sides of Lulu. I have to say though, she looks better with her hair down right after she woke up. xD Nana was so overly dramatic when she was sick, and I felt so bad for the charas running around so much for her.

Eden of the East

Quick blurb: I still haven’t watched the last episode. x_x Shame on me. But apparently there are two movies coming out. King of Eden and Paradise Lost are the second halves of the title…if I remember correctly. Anyways, excited~ One is coming out I heard in Q4 of this year, and Q1 of next. Excited already~



Finally a related picture.

I actually ended up reading a decent amount of manga too, and that kinda lead to my demise…But see? I actually have time to do stuff after practice. ^_^

Charming Junkie

Kya~ I finally finished off the latest chapter scanlated. Omg~ I love the chemistry between Umi and Naka. I love how Ikue love anything strawberry flavored. I lol’ed so much every time he brought those things up. I kept on fangirling on every bit of thing that I saw. I already mentioned this before in BB, so yes. Read~! Now onto a short fangirling moment for chapter 35:

[spoiler] Omg! Kyaa!~ The kiss, finally!! And under fireworks! But seriously TT^TT I want MOAR!! Anyways, I loved this chapter because they finally had that kiss! [/spoiler]

If I could color I would so make that my banner. 8D

Papillon: Hana to Chou

I read some of the scanlated chapters, and it’s actually a pretty good series that kinda goes unnoticed. My friend actually found it in the book store, read a couple chapters, and suggested it to me (oh yeah, I never mentioned it before, I turned my friends into otakus! xD). *Ahem* Anyways, I started laughing like crazy at the horse mask thing, and ended up calling that one guy…”Horse Guy”. But when I found out that he was the student councilor, the first thimg that came to mine was pedo!! He has crazy planning skills (psh..I still find it hard to believe that he planned everything out). I really do not like the sister (forgot everyone’s names)…-_- But yes, I actually am enjoying the series, I hope to finish up the scanlated chapters. Surprisingly enjoyable. ^^

Fly High

Yeah, only 3 chapters scanlaated, but again, I’m enjoying it so far. I get easily pleased~A different friend suggested this manga and gosh…shipping dilemma. Dx Oh well, it’s only 3 chapters out so far so it’s okay. I got disappointed about the cover guy though. When I saw the splash page I’m like, “Ooh he looks awesome~” only to find out he has a ponytail (not that I have anything against it, it just looks so odd on him) -_-. And even more disappoinments. But besides that, pretty enjoyable too. The plot is pretty funny, about a girl being confused as a guy with her father; thus, being raised as a boy. But now after being trained in every type of martial arts, she has to try to become a feminine girly-girl. I admire how she is really loyal and courageous though, and she pwns.

Koko ni Iru Yo!

Yes!~ More chapters were scanlated, yay! I thought that KnIY was forgotten or something. These last two chapters have made me really like Teru. I guess figuring out why he was called Black Rabbit really made me like him. I guess it’s because I can somewhat relate to him. Sometimes it seems like even though I hang out with a bunch of people, I’m barely close to any of them…only a few. And how Teru also has problems with his parents, I used to have similar experiences as that. Whenever I was a little kid, my parents would argue, and no matter what I did, they would always say that I was just a kid. I really love my parents, I do, so that’s why  it would always hurt. And sometimes they would consider divorce, but would never do it because of their kids. Thankfully now it’s better settled and everyone gets along better. But ah well! Small boring personal rambling!

But that aside, I’m still a somewhat neutral shipper in this manga. ^^;; I mean, I somewhat support Teru, but I still like/be satisfied with Hinata. But omg, little Teru and Hinata are so adorable and cute~ I wanna cuddle everyone! >.< But I’m so glad new chapters came out~ Love them, awesome cliffhanger. xD

Cherry Juice

Ah, Cherry Juice. I just finished this manga yesterday. It’s a really cute manga, but touches on sibling love. But hey, they’re step siblings, so I think it’s okay. ^^;; I mean, I think it was a really cute manga and everything, even the ending. I enjoyed it. Hmmm….not saying much about it, but I’m happy that it’s one of those mangas where everyone gets paired up. And I’m even happy with all of the pairings (even though one of them is sort of random, the manga points out its randomness). And I love the character’s chemistry~

Kimi wa Girlfriend

I finished this manga last week, from the same mangaka as Special A. Ah, I love it, it’s so cute for a 4 chapter manga. ^^ It’s hilarious, and so sweet too. Especially the ending. All of the character’s quirks are funny, despite it feeling illogical. But hey, it’s a manga. xD I love their quirks though, like Hatsune insulting everyone, and Kirie trying to always fix Hatsune. It’s a shame it’s only 4 chapters, but I think that the mangaka was able to make those 4 chapters WORK and feel like it’s a whole lot more. Not much to say on this either, except love~

And yet I still have more mangas I need to check out. Busy with manga~


Soulmate I need to get to that episode >:3


Omg~ When I was only allowed to go to crunchyroll, YouTube, and wikipedia, I decided to watch some dramas and I ran into Soulmate! And I love it so far, so I might even include it in Monthly Mania. So far I’ve been skipping around episodes xD…shame on me. Anyways…onto some character thoughts. I always lol at Yu-jin…I don’t know why, I guess the way she reacts to everything, and always throwing up on that one guy. xD Ryohei…I don’t get the point of him besides being there to be paired up with someone. He’s just there for all those playgirls to flock around? Philip annoys me like crazy, being one of those weak guys. D:< Any new girl comes into his life and he caves. Now onto my two favorite characters, also making my favorite pair! :D Dong-wook and Su-Kyeong (or however her name is spelled), the two people pictured. I skipped around episodes trying to find the moment they meet, and kya~ I love that part. It’s a sweet sort of funny (despite Dong-wook having an odd expression on his face). Dong-wook is just….awesome, I really don’t know how to describe it, and Su-Kyeong is hilarious. Anyways, love the drama so far~

Nodame Cantabile

I couldn’t bring myself to watch the anime, so I decided to check out an episode of the drama, since it was rated 5 stars. I only watched the first episode, so not a lot to say, but it is a funny drama. Nodame has so many funny quirks, that I love her already. She’s just so lovable, in a weird way. Her room was scary, and I loved how Chiaki was able to react just the same way as me. Finally cleaning up the room, ah. He’s also hilarious, just the way he reacts in anger with everything makes me laugh somehow.


MikanMusicI honestly don’t have much for the music section, which is a surprise to me since that’s usually my biggest section. Oh well, here goes.

I heard that CLAMP produced a PV and I decided to check it out. It turns out that it was the Hatsune Miku song, Mugen no Yami -echoes of the past.. Hearing that CLAMP produced the PV finally gave me the motivation to listen to a VOCALOID song. I love the music, but I have to say I love the video just as much…possibly more. I mean, it’s CLAMP, but shallow reasons aside, their art was beautiful…as usual. xD It was simple, but somehow it flowed so well. I guess I just like it. And the music is just a fun easy-listening song. Here’s the video:

I also listened to the K-On! Character singles. Gah, I just love Mio’s voice (or more like, Yoko Hikasa’s voice)…so I really loved her character singles too. I love the beginning bass guitar solo for Heart Goes Boom!!, and Hello Little Girl is just so relaxing. Ahh…

I was in the mood to listen to some Big Bang songs, and I ended finding Lollipop and Haru Haru. Not much to say about Lollipop, I mean it’s catchy but sort of dirty. But Haru Haru is the one I’m focusing on. I’m not sure why I like it, I think it’s one of their rare deep songs. And the video just made it so much more touching. I almost got teary-eyed watching the video. It’s just so touching! Dx Sure maybe a bit overdramatic, but most videos like this are. And sure they have a lot of mascara >_>…but I’m ignoring that. So anyways, here’s Haru Haru:

And since Umi Monogatari’s OP came out, I decided to listen to it. It’s a pretty boring opening, but I find the song relaxing. LD. It’s a song I want to go to sleep listening to. It fits the sea theme well…so I guess it’s…alright. Anyways, calm, relaxing song. Ah, now I feel sleepy listening to it. Click here for the link to the video.

Blog Info


I originally had something else to write, but I forgot. x_x I have terrible short term memory. Anyways, there isn’t that much to add to blog info. It turns out the original theme I was going to change to after this theme will be put off til August. I’ll be changing themes, but to a different theme than what I originally had planned. That theme will come in July, and ah well, I’ll just make a new post. There isn’t much I’m going to release about that theme. Unless…you can somehow find my test blog. ;] But even then it’s on private. xD So anyways, yes. The themes are getting rearranged, basicly.

I’m also going to say it right now, blogging is going to be inconsistent this summer. I’ll explain that later too.

And starting next Blossom Blabber I’m probably going to change the way I title it, since doing the weeks is sort of boring and I’m tired of doing week 4 & 5. Maybe I’ll add the week in the post instead…But changing the title starting next week. It’s still going to Blossom Blabber, but I’ll replace the week half.


AngryTaigaChibiComputer Troubles

Before, on twitter, I mentioned that I had taken an unexpected leave. I also said previously that I was restricted to go on only 3 sites, and blogging will be inconsistent, and reading manga lead to my demise. Now I’ll explain. I ended up getting a virus from mangafox. Don’t worry, I’m using a different computer right now. How do I know I got it from mangafox? Awhile back I remember Kaspersky catching a trojan from mangafox, but I got tempted to read some Charming Junkie and went back to mangafox. I thought maybe I was wrong, maybe it wasn’t mangafox. There wasn’t anything wrong with it before. But when I went back on, my adobe reader opened up suddenly, and I immediately scanned my computer. A virus…no, a trojan. My dad takes viruses pretty seriously. We thought we fixed it, it popped up again. We might have to end up reformatting my computer. :/ Because it won’t leave. In the beginning of the week, I had to use my dad’s laptop, in which he only let me on three sites. The ones mentioned before. Oh, and I’m not allowed to go on blogs anymore on my computer. -_- That might pose a problem with blogging SC!, since I can’t use the computer I’m using right now on the weekends. I’ll figure something out…I hope (it’s my fault anyways). And that‘s why angry chibi Taiga fits.

Vector Brushes

On a happy note, I got some vector brushes and other neat brushes! Ah I love them and I’m going crazy making a bunch of graphics with them. xD These are the two brushes: Vector and Winter Breeze. Kya~ Unfortunately, I still can’t master the brushes, but I changed the background on my twitter profile, GaiaOnline profile, and YouTube profile (which is not blossomgirl101, btw). Here are two examples of what I made: background 1 and background 2. But as you can see, I <3 them. x]

Anyways, that’s all for now~ ^_^

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  1. June 20, 2009 5:23 am

    I love The Wallflower but it has so much eyelashes on the guys/”bishies” that it’s distracting lol. It never fails to make me laugh a number of times though XD.

    And I totally agree that Studio DEEN gave justice to the Storage Cleaning parts ^^. I’m contented with it~ And lol I really love the recent Sealand-centric episode and Hetalia is just really helpful on history lessons XD (they sure make learning history fun~ lol).

    And Eden… Total cliffhanger >.<!!! So yeah, I'll end up with that. I'm quite happy that there's not only one movie but two because there's a lot of stuff that can't be explained in only for one film. So yeah, now I can be a little more positive about them pulling off a satisfying conclusion on the remaining two flicks.

    OMG Charming Junkie! Umi and Naka has undeniably hawtt chemistry between them!!! I tried Fly High back ago and I love the lead girl!!! Everything else was "meh" for me though.

    And awww… You relating to Teru makes me wanna give you a tight warm hug~ And yeah, it's sad when parents always put up the "you're just a kid"/whatever thing on you :(

    Oh my god I have to catch up on Cherry Juice ASAP! I didn't know it was finished already lol xD. I last read it I think last year? Lol and I totally forgot about it (silly me~). And I LOVE it when everyone ends up happily being paired~ ^^.

    And Kimi wa Girlfriend is a really sweet and funny short-read ^^. It kinda has a little bit of Otomen which is another awesome manga as well.

    Nodame Cantabile is one of the first J-doramas that I had watched and I love it so much~ Lol yesh ^^. Nodame's room is reaaaallly scary XD!!!

    Oh my gosh Mangafox has a virus??? O___O *Leultimategasp* Maybe that's also where I got the previous virus I had that caused my reformatting way back ago too! T ^ T… Having a reformat sucks so much especially if some files aren't backed up like what happened to me T_T. I hope your issue with your computer will be settled soon.

    And those are really cute brushes ^^. Keep up the good work on the graphics~

  2. Rin permalink
    June 20, 2009 1:42 pm

    I love The Wallflower. I read the manga though and watched the second third of the first episode in the anime. It’s so funny. I kinda quit reading it after a while. The art was annoying me. I really didn’t care about the chibi girl(I forgot her name), it’s the guys. My sister’s friend said that they were starting to look more alienfied where in the beginngi she understood why people thought they were hot. It’s been a while since I read Charming Junkie, but I love it so much. Fly High was good. The person who makes Fliy High was the same mangaka who makes Aozora Pop. When I first read Cherry Juice, I was creeped out by the fact that they were siblings(even step siblings), but now I’m cool with it.

    By the way, those brushes are amazing. I wish I could do that with my computer.

  3. June 21, 2009 10:55 am

    I keep on hearing about the WallFlower a lot. I should really look into it.

    Wow, so many manga here. @.@;
    Lol XD
    Gah, now I’m really interested in Charming Junkie. *puts that on my reading list*

    And your personal rambling was so not boring. :P I can relate to Teru on relationships with (shallow) friends and parents, too, even though I’m not so attached to him. My view of him didn’t really change all that much but I find him a little more interesting now.
    As for shipping, I have no boat. Swimming solo on this one. xD;

    Uwaah! So many manga you list! I can’t read them all in one day even I wanted to! Lol

    OMG, that VOCALOID PV…was so great. I went “HUH?!” when you said CLAMP made a PV for a Miku song. “CLAMP does PVs with VOCALOID now?! And since when did CLAMP do PVs?! o.O;”
    Haha But yea…wow. I’m seriously impressed. I don’t follow the VOCALOID or any of its music but I really liked the feel of the PV. Miku’s computer-generated voice actually fit the slow, solemn melody and the artwork was just…brilliant. I really loved CLAMP’s outfit for Miku with all the flower accessories and everything and…yea, what’s there not to like when it’s CLAMP art? xD

    Oh crap, possible virus on mangafox? o.O
    …well, I wouldn’t be surprised. They have so many ads and sometimes, when I want to go to the next page of a chapter, it takes me to a completely different site. They really don’t have a good control of the web traffic there so I try not to go there as much unless it’s to check up on updates. Gah, now I’ll have to be even extra careful. I can’t stand getting viruses anymore. *sigh*
    But I hope you can fix your computer soon. It really sucks you can’t go on more than 3 sites. And what? You can’t go on blogs anymore? That’s just silly! D:<
    …well, yea, I hope it gets resolved for you soon. It’s summer. You should blog as much you can. T3T

    Ooo, and I absolutely love your backgrounds and the brushes! xD Thanks for providing the links! I’ll download them on another computer when I have the time.

    Yep, hang in there! ^^

  4. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    June 22, 2009 11:43 pm

    kanzeon: Ah I know! Exactly what I was thinking! Their eyelashes and such make it a little less enjoyable.

    Somehow, I’ve found Hetalia actually surprisingly helpful in history. xD It does make history fun~

    Yeah, the lead girl for Fly High is what I like the most about the manga. She’s just….awesome?

    Yes! Go catch up!! It’s such a sweet series, I love it. ^^ Haha, my friend laughed at me for reading it now when she read it last year too. xD

    Otomen…Otomen…Thanks for pointing out the series to me! I checked it out yesterday and I loved it so far (like I said, I get easily pleased). It sounded familiar though…lol.

    Reading that makes me want to watch more of it, lol. :]

    Ah, I think it does…but that’s just my lead suspicions. It might be a different site, but I’m pretty sure it’s mangafox, after reading this. Thanks~ Right now we’re working at reformatting it. I’m actually glad it’s getting reformatted though, since it needed some clean up. So far everything is turning out okay. ^_^

    Rin: It’s such a great series~ The humor is what I love most about it. But I heard the manga dragged to much anyways, so I don’t really blame you for dropping it (even though I never read the manga). Yeah, the art is what bugs me the most about it too. u_u

    Hm, never read Aozora Pop, I’ll get into it someday. Thanks for pointing it out to me~

    Haha, that’s exactly how I started out with Cherry Juice. At first I was a little uncomfortable with it, but then convincing myself that they’re step siblings made me okay with it.

    Xiao Jie: You should~ Even though I heard the manga is a little dragged out, and you have to watch out for the art. Otherwise, a good series. I was a little reluctant to get into it too, but I had to and now I really like it.

    Haha, the list ended up being longer than I thought. ^^;; But then again, it took me 2 weeks to gather up that many mangas…I guess friends forcing you to read also helps a bit…^^;;

    Aw, I’m sorry to hear about that. Yeah, I find Teru more interesting too. At least now he has some history.

    It’s nice to know you liked it. ^_^ Lol, I had the same reaction when I first found out too. I was like, “Wait, CLAMP…the mangakas?! Doing PVs?! :O” I don’t either, but seeing how it’s CLAMP, it sort of came to my attention. I love the art too, but so true, what’s not to love?

    I try not to go there too, but they have so many mangas that other sites don’t have. But I spend more time on a different laptop, not my own’s, so I’ll still be around in the blogosphere. ;] Thanks~ ^^

    Oh, thank you~ -^^- No problem, they deserve some spotlight ;]

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