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Summer Time Updates~

June 11, 2009


Whoo!~ It’s finally summer time for me! I’m relieved yet sad at the same time. School going out means intense practicing in. I’ll get more into that later. But anyways, in celebration to the end of the year, I’ve got summer updates! It’s a pretty short post though, since there isn’t much to say for me.

Summer anime post will probably be coming soon, since I’ve gotta get it in before shows actually start premiering. Dx So much to do…

Blog Theme


As you’ve hopefully, probably already noticed, the theme has changed~ I changed it to Vigilance, thanks to that little poll I put up before. I’m really excited using this theme, since the more I saw it, the more I liked it. Before, I kept just going “meh” on it, but as I began to play around with it, I really actually I liked it. I like how much I can customize the colors and stuff, and how it’s width will force me to write more. xD But for now, I’ve changed the colors to match with the banner, so it’s all yellow and brown. Changing the background color makes it easier for the theme to go with the banner. ^_^

But, like everything else, there are some things I will still have to get used to. I’ve mentioned this on twitter before when I was playing around with the theme, but I’m upset about the font. I’m personally sick of Times New Roman. I really am upset that I can’t change the font unless I get the CSS customizer which is kinda pointless to buy. So yeah, I’ll have to start getting used to it. I’m also upset with the size of the banner, making it pretty short yet long. So the banner didn’t turn out so great because it was enlarged and cut off a bit to fit. I’m also a bit sad that I couldn’t change the background from being just a solid color. I was hoping for some small stripes or something, but ah well. It’s barely anything.

Overall, I’m excited about the new theme. I’d like to know your feedback on it~ I’m hoping to keep it for awhile since it just goes so well with any banners. I guess we’ll see!



I changed the banner for summer! It goes with the classic yellow that goes with summer, and has clips of Hikage from Koko ni Iru Yo! She’s so cute! I thought a sunflower would fit. ^^ I also had a picture of her in a kimono with sunflowers, but it got cut off thanks to the new theme. :( The sunflower costume is cute anyways, and it just so happened that the banner is out also in a small celebration that new chapters of Koko ni Iru Yo! actually came out. ^^;;

I made this banner a long time ago, but I saved it for summer since that’s when it fits. It was the first time I tried the gradient text for a banner, and I’m pretty satisfied with how the title turned out. Before, it was all pixelated and lots of noticeable pixels. I’m glad that I was able to fix that though. For the tagline, “Enjoying every waking moment of summer” I guess it just fits what I had planned for summer. I wanted to enjoy every moment of summer I had. And since I stay up, saying waking moment means almost all the time! xD I’m kinda iffy on how I feel on the banner. I feel like I didn’t make the Koko ni Iru Yo banner as much awesomeness as it deserves, so I feel sad. And since I got the size wrong, it’s all blurry because it got enlarged yet cut off at the same time. O_o So yeah, it’s not really one of my favorite banners, even though it has one of my favorite manga.


For this summer I’m going to be changing the banner frequently. I guess it’s because I have more spare time to work on the banner. I already have the next banner coming up finished. I’m more satisfied with how that one turned out rather than this one, since I got the size and everything right.

YouTube List Feature


Well, I’m not sure how this will turn out. I’m thinking of adding the YouTube List section in Blossom Blabber. It’s a new section where I just get YouTube videos I favorited recently and make quick comments on them. It would’ve been put in other, but I feel like I might have too many that it would just need its own section. It’s mainly an effortless section since there is barely any writing, but the only thing I’m afraid of is how many videos I could put up before I slow someone down too much. So right now I’m currently working on how to fix that. ^^ Or I might just totally forget about this, but it was an idea I had. >.>

Looking Ahead…Personal Stuff…


Well, as everyone probably already knows, I’m excited for the summer season to relax. But I also forgot some stuff too, so I won’t be able to totally relax, like my spring break. Over the summer I’ll be doing preparations for my piano recital. I have it every year, and I go under intense practicing for it when school ends. If anyone is wondering, the “intense” practice is when I practice one song I’m struggling to make good enough for the recital, every hour. I practice parts, pieces, pages, something like that, which takes about half an hour, and I spend the second half hour on break, then go back. I usually end up practicing like usually around 6, maybe more maybe less, times a day. It might not be that “intense” for some, but it is to me. xD The recital is at the end of July, and I get a break in August. The only downfall is that my school is starting much earlier this year, which means I have about a week of a real kinda slack off break (and even that gets a little interrupted when I have to go to school before everyone else). Maybe even less. But then when I go back to school…oii. Because of my grades I’ll be getting the one teacher notorious for giving the most homework out of any other teacher. x.x But that’s looking a bit far ahead. I’ll still be more active on my blog though, since I stay up pretty late during the summer. It’s not like I do the practicing my whole day. It’s like…3 quarters of my day. x] It’s my fault though, and that makes me upset since if I got the song good enough before, I wouldn’t be in a pinch like this all the time. TT^TT Oh well…

But over the summer, I’ll still be able to do other things too. You’ll be surprised how much I can still fit in my summer! The good thing is that I’m never bored. But I will be working on my stories, since I want to get back into my writing. I’d like to show some excerpts if I’m ever satisfied enough with my stories. But I’m usually never, so it’s probably not going to happen. I’ll also be working on improving on my drawings and working on my comics (yes, I draw comics x.x it’s utter-fail though).


Oh and for the blog, as I’ve already mentioned before, I’ll be changing the banner frequently. They are all going to be summer themed, whether it’s obvious or not. I’m hoping to just update this post each time I make a new banner, but I’m still trying to figure out how to bump a post. :/ I think I know, but I haven’t tested it out yet. Anyways, hope you like the updates~

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  1. June 11, 2009 2:49 pm

    ZOMG it’s so bright!!! But it’s better that way especially when teamed up with that Amu picture with her hand above her head…everything becomes appropriate.

    But yeah…changing themes 100% to your liking is a bit a pain in the ass, even after you purchase the custom CSS plugin, you’ll realize you can only edit so much. Anything about the theme that’s isn’t governed by CSS is something beyond reach like rotating banners and such (yea, I bought the plugin before I got my own host T_T).

    Anyhow, I wanted to say that, like your theme, I like how your banners blend in. Not sure if I’m seeing things but those subliminal sunflowers seem to be doing the trick.

    Looks like you have a busy Summer ahead of you…though I’d rather play instruments than be stuck in school until later in the Summer. Then again, doing the same thing over and over again would probably get me bored so never mind. Hang in there!

  2. June 11, 2009 4:35 pm

    God I love this theme. Every time someone switches to it I get so jealous. I wish it had been an option back when I was on because I’d never have any trouble making banners, worrying about what colors they’d go with. Bah. But yes, the font is a downside. I’m not fond of Times New Roman either. It just looks too formal or something…I don’t know.

    I’m also quite fond of the banner. It’s cute. ^_^ Koko ni iru yo! is a good fit for summer.

    As for all of the personal stuff, all I can say is that I hope you allow yourself a little time to get bored! Boredom can be good for you in small doses! It’s when I come up with any good ideas I get (except I always get too lazy to act on them lol).

  3. Rin permalink
    June 11, 2009 6:53 pm

    OMFG! The Koko ni Iru Yo! banner is so freaking cute! I love your new theme too. Very summery as well as your banner. Hey, my theme doesn’t have Times New Roman(though I really want it though). I heard that Times New Roman is the easiest text to read because of the slight…I guess curve/slant/not sure thing at the end of every letter which then makes reading print in Times New Roman flow better than other text fonts(I’m very bad at explaining things, okay?). And good luck with your piano recital. You’re luck you can play an instrument. I can’t play one to save my life. Anyway, even though you say you have only a week of procrastination time, have a good summer and be amazed at how much one week can screw up your sleeping schedule. ;)

  4. June 11, 2009 11:25 pm

    Uwaaaahhh! Uwaaaaahh~!!! OMG, I love this new theme! It’s yellow and sunshine all over! *squeals her head off* xDDD

    Ah, but going in order first. Lol, darn it. I haven’t been paying attention to WP’s themes lately cuz I thought even the new ones they added would still suck. If only I knew about this one sooner, I would’ve changed immediately. The only one I was able to find that allowed customization on colors wouldn’t give me a header and that pissed me off so I didn’t think more into it. :P
    Hmm, maybe I should consider changing it later on. Just one more before retiring anyway. ^^;

    Anyways, the extended column width is definitely a plus. Too bad about the font, though. :/
    Overall, I love this theme~ <333

    And it matches the banner (along with the Eru’s hair in the SoMT badge!!! XDDD). Awesome and lovely. All sunny yellow bright. I liked the brushes you used and…wah~, everything about is just so cute. Hikage in a sunflower costume. X3 The only problem I have is that “waking” is a little had to read against the white background. Other than that, great job! Can’t wait to see more from you! ^^

    YouTube feature, eh? That’s great. I want to avoid using the search engine on the main site as much as I can. *wary look*

    And wow, I didn’t know you played the piano. And what do you mean that’s not intense?! I had to cancel mine because I was too lazy to even bring myself to practice for my recital. So take that back, you silly person. Even if I were still practicing, you still outdo me in commitment. I won’t stand for it if you say all those hours are “not intense”. *pokes you repeatedly to annoy you* =P


    But I’m glad you have a lot to do this summer. Don’t worry about school, just enjoy your break and everything else you plan to do. I’ll be looking forward to your posts and updates, much luck to you on your recital (record your piece and upload it~, lol) and yea, just do your best! ^^

  5. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    June 14, 2009 11:00 pm

    7: Ah, sorry about that! That was one thing I was worried about. I guess I got used to it, so it seems less noticeable. ^^;; But it does match though, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, the next theme hopefully won’t hurt your eyes.

    No matter what you do, it really never seems like you’d be totally satisfied. To me, there always seems to be something that needs improvement. But that’s another irritating thing about you’d have to buy almost all of the plugins to get most of the stuff you want. And maybe that wouldn’t be enough.

    Thank you! Haha…I realized afterwards that I had sunflowers in almost every picture. I guess it’s because for some reason, I always think of sunflowers relating with summer…

    It is pretty busy, but even though I play it over and over again, it’s all worth it in the end. =D

    FuyuMaiden: I’m glad you like the theme. But at least now you can customize your themes. ^_^ I see Times New Roman way too much, and yeah, it seems more formal than fun.

    Thank you~ all of the sunflowers and fluffiness make me think of summer. Plus all of those summer pictures with Koko ni Iru Yo!

    Don’t worry, I get bored sometimes! Very small doses, but I get some small bored moments. xD Like waiting for racquetball, driving in the car, stuff like that. I’m the same way too though! I’m not the only one…I get so many ideas, but then I never act on them. Or, I act on them, get another idea, abandon the old, then get another idea, etc.

    Rin: Thanks!~ I went with the classic summery style. xD Ooh, I didn’t know that, thanks for the information. ^_^ That’s interesting, don’t worry, I get what you’re saying. But it didn’t seem like it. To me, Arial seemed easier to read though. ^^;;

    Thanks again, aw, don’t say that. If you try and practice, I think anyone could play an instrument. ;]

    Xiao Jie: Lol, thank you!!~ X3

    Actually, the new ones I think are getting better. Oh, I saw that theme. I was getting excited about it before, until I noticed that there was no room for banners too. Boo. But yes~you should definitely try to change to this theme!

    Yes, that’s something that made me so happy. Now when I add a poll I can use the simple white theme instead of that gray that sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Ooh, you noticed (about Eru). That’s why I chose that button in the first place. ^^ But thank you!! That was the problem I noticed too, but I was hoping the shadow would help out a bit to make it stand out.

    Oh, heh…^^;; I’m lazy the rest of the year, which is why I have to do that extra practicing in the first place. Haha. I don’t know, I always imagined some group of people going, “Gar, that’s nothing!” Like those extremely dedicated people, that’s why I thought to some people it might not be intense. To me it is still though. Lol xD

    Thanks again! ^_^ If I remember and get a good recording, I will. ^_^ But my recorder’s quality sucks. -_-

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