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Shugo Chara!! Doki Episode 86

June 8, 2009


I can now officially say that these two episodes are considered the best fillers yet by me now. I officially love Yua, and can now saw she is the best filler girl yet. I loved this episode, even with Lulu in there, because she got pwned. Best. Filler. Ever. =DD

On on a blogging note, since I’ve got a couple posts lined up, Blossom Blabber will not be posted this week. :]

Quick Summary:

It starts off where we left off with Yua frozen onstage. Thankfully, Utau saves the day and does her performance. After the tragic incident, Yua tries to force herself to dislike singing. Cecil starts to worry and goes to the Guardians for help. Amu and Yaya hear Yua singing and realize how great her voice is, but Yua runs away with Lulu noticing her. Lulu chooses Yua as her next target and after a couple attempts, Cecil turns into a ?-egg. Yua chara-naris into Bad Singer Dream and Yaya and Amu tag team. After a couple failed attacks, Utau is able to make the musical notes fall asleep so Amu could talk to Yua. She realizes she’s said the same words before and a flashback of Yua and Amu’s past is revealed. It turns out that Yua once performed in Kindergarten but everyone left when she was performing except for Amu, who told her she’d listen. Once Amu is able to purify the egg, Yua sings Secret Princess.


861Utau!!!!!111oneoneone Kya~ I’m so glad that Utau came to save Yua, that’s our awesome Utau! >.< That’s all I can say, and fangirling!!

862I think I found another quality I like about Yua. Yua is someone who tried to hide her sad face in front of everyone. That’s something I admire about characters; instead of trying to spread the sadness that they feel to everyone else, some characters try to stay strong for the sake of others. I think it’s a selfless thing that I personally like. I don’t know if I explained it the best, but I tried. ^^;;

863Nagi!! I love how great Nagihiko is for comfort, advice, etc. He’s such a smart, wise character. xD It’s great that he’s so considerate to go to Yua. ^^

864Rima!!!! You are officially back as fiery as ever!!!! I know I am not the only one so happy to see this small scene. Seeing Rima’s fiery determination against Nagi makes me laugh and smile so much. And zOMG, look at her adorable little fingers! She’s so kawaii~ Rima is win today!!

865Cecil is officially my favorite filler chara in Shugo Chara! I mean, I think I already explained myself with this, but still~ Cecil is so cute, has awesome clothes, and I just how much she cares about Yua. Even enough to hide and watch her in secret so she can see Yua at her best. And she goes to the Guardians for help, that shows that she cares!

866Ah, and this closes my happiness deal! I love watching Rima be so defensive about Amu, and Nagi so calm with Tadase fretting! >.< Gosh I love it~

867I love Suu in this, and I loled at everyone else. Cecil is just having a sweatdrop, while Suu is going, “Cecil-chan no utau desuuuu~!” But it was so kind of her to give Cecil the microphone in this. :D

868I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I LOVE RIE KUGIMIYA’S VOICE for Yua. She sings so well, that my reaction to it was like Amu and Yaya’s. I love how pure it sounds and it’s so cute and angelic. I could listen to it over and over and over again.

869Lulu. Got. PWNED. xD Well, sort of. It was funny watching Lulu fail so many times. Ah, it’s fun to watch her fail, even though it’s happened a lot already, it’s fun seeing it happen differently.


Cecil as a ?-egg didn’t look bad, I thought she looked pretty cool actually, everything just fit so well: the hair, the scarf, etc. I’m kinda iffy on the hat, but I think it looks good with the outfit.

But besides that, wow…she’s strong as just a chara.

8611Unfortunately for me, Yua’s chara-nari with the ?-egg didn’t turn out as good as Cecil. I wasn’t a fan of the hair and her clothes looked sorta funny. So I really didn’t like the chara-nari in terms of looks…

8612Lol! xD Yaya, I love you. She is so awesome with all the fails in the world. I laughed watching that so many times.

8613Utau!! Omg, I was going all crazy seeing Utau, I’m so glad she popped up and helped out. ^_^

8614Even though I didn’t like how the chara-nari looked, I loved how she was done. She actually had emotions, and was actually a hard opponent. It wasn’t the simple, fight, work, talk, negative heart! Amu actually tried several attempts, and had help from others. She tried speaking to Yua, but Yua was still a little reluctant and had the feelings she had before. As I said before, Yua is the best filler yet, even as a ?-egg chara-nari.

8615Jerks. Those kids were mean. But I can’t really blame them since they’re kids who are more free and really don’t know any better. But they should’ve given her a chance. I mean, anyone would get nervous the first time they sing in front of an audience. And saying they can’t hear her so they’ll play isn’t right. They should’ve given her time to get louder, since that’s how most performances are. The performer gets nervous, but by the middle of the performance, they relax and you realize it’s actually worthwhile. But oh well, everyone gets shy, they should be more understanding. What can you do?

8616Awww!!! I got teary-eyed at this part, seriously. That is so cute, and Amu was so kind! The chibis are adorable, and I want to huggle them completely! So cute~

8617Secret Princess. I love this song. I kept on rewinding and listening to it over and over again. xD I really can’t wait for the full version, I just love Rie Kugimiya’s voice for this song and gee, it’s just so cute! I absoultely adore this song.



Boo. Next week we’ll have to go back to Lulu. At least she’s developing a little. But it’ll be sad because I wish Yua would pop up again. It’ll be disappointing to go downhill because Yua’s filler will be hard to beat. But oh well, not that excited over the next episode, oh well. Lulu and Nana get sick, they try to treat them…Miki is wearing guy’s clothes as usual. xD

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  1. June 8, 2009 10:24 pm

    I like how you pointed out that Yua didn’t want to burden others with her problem by simply smiling it off so that they wouldn’t worry. But in a way that you can consider it “selfless”, it’s also pretty selfish as well. You’re putting your own self down when there are others who really want to give you their support and you won’t let them. At least that should be taken into consideration before you really decide that “I can’t do this”, y’know? Which is probably why I love Yua even more. This is a serious flaw in her character and flawed characters are what I like best, especially in good fillers. :)

    Lulu should get PWNED! more often. Put her failure to good use by making us laugh at it instead of go “Ugh, you’re annoying.” :P

    Secret Princess~ <333

    Oh, I’m going to miss Yua so much. I wish she could’ve stayed a little longer. Best filler indeed. Let’s petition to bring her back, ne? ;3;

  2. Rin permalink
    June 9, 2009 9:56 am

    Haha, Lulu pwnage from Yua. Nice. I wonder if anyone has noticed how much Yua’s Nazo Chara Nari hair looks like Ino from Naruto. The hair color is right, and it is somewhat styled like her’s if there is a close up view of her. And Xioa Jie you’re right, Lulu should get pwned more often.

  3. June 14, 2009 2:51 am

    Really, I really love this episode! Go Yua!

  4. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    June 14, 2009 10:20 pm

    Xiao Jie: Yes, that’s a good point. ^^; That’s even more to love about Yua. I loved flawed characters so much too, since that just makes them more developed, convincing, and realistic.

    Haha, yeah. Too bad she only has so few episodes to be pwned. xD

    I need to make an mp3 of that song! But yes I love it. I can’t wait until the full comes out.

    She’s a better filler than our Lulu. But I’m going to miss her too. She even beat Shion in my eyes now.


    Rin: It does, doesn’t it? I guess it’s just the blonde part. But I don’t think Ino’s hair sticks up like that. xD

    Arnettha: I love this episode too! Yua love ftw~ ^_^

  5. Anusha permalink
    December 25, 2009 6:58 am

    Man! I consier this ep as one of the best eps of Shugo Chara!!! It was so awsumm!!!!

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