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Blossom Blabber: Week 2 & 3

June 2, 2009

Anime girl reading Pictures, Images and Photos
Well I really don’t have much to add because I spent these two weeks either doing school activities or reading manga. So there is a bit of music, manga, blog information, and a few other small notes. But anyways, here is the Blossom Blabber! I’m counting it as 2 and 3 because I began it last week, but decided to post it after my SC! post. I’ll still have Monthly Mania this week. ^_^ It just might be a tad later.

Edit: Pictures are finally posted up!~



Right now, it’s manga that has kept my attention right now. I can’t help it that so many mangas are coming to me, while so little anime right now are… I don’t have much to say on each manga or else I’ll be repeating myself, but here it is anyways!


ArisaWell, everywhere I go, it’s all about Arisa right now. Just a little before chapter 5 came out though, I decided to read it. I’m so glad that I did, on a whim. Arisa gives me that shoujo art and characters that a love, but also has that darker side giving me the suspense from shounen that I love! It’s so creepy, but that’s what’s so great about it. So far, I love it! It has kept me kicking around asking for more. I’m really interested to know about Arisa…

For the characters…Tsubasa is freakin’ awesome. I love watching the sisterly love from both of them. Tsubasa is a great sister, despite what she says. Arisa’s best friend…is, as most people would agree, obsessed. And Midori is way to suspiciously perfect…thus…I too believe he is the King (along with Arisa, maybe?)!! Did you look at the chapter 5 splash page? I think Manabe might just be the messenger sending those cards. I was going to say that maybe he liked Arisa and that’s why he sent the cards to anyone who doubted the king. But I take it back now because Arisa got a card too, so that wouldn’t make sense. But here was the theory I had when I commented on Hanyan (which btw, explains everything I’m thinking in a more logical way):

I was wondering, maybe Manabe just sends those cards to people, and is associated with the King. Maybe that’s why he knows who the king is…because he sends those notes.

So finally a good mystery like shoujo manga I can love~

Charming Junkie:

Charming Junkie 2 Pictures, Images and PhotosWell, my friend forced me to start reading this manga. And I’m so glad she did too (I will be saying that a lot…), like, she starting having this evil laugh. O_o *Ahem* Anyways, Charming Junkie has so many fun things about it so far. Even though I only read the first chapter so far. But it’s a promising series I’ll be following. It has hilarious shoujo fun that I love. The romance and crossdressing traps is definitely WIN and aww-inducing (though it may be somewhat rushed). I am seriously already in love with all of the characters. Umi is definitely my favorite character, Umi is cute and hawtt !! Even though the art isn’t spectacular, it’s a great series I am recommending even though I just read the first chapter five minutes ago! =DDD

Watashi ni xx Shinasai!

wnxxs_yukinaI mentioned earlier that I read the first chapter. So this’ll be short. I. Love. Yukina. She’s an awesome heroine, being your not-so-typical shoujo girl. I like how she has that cool glare, but I feel sorry for her as well. She is totally awesome forcing Shigure to fall in love with her. Overall, I am liking where this is heading… It’s somewhat predictable, but oh well, I still love it.

On another note, I finished reading Kitchen Princess last week, and I still need to get to a full post for it. I just have to say, I am so glad that everyone pushed me to read it, I loved it! =D



So I didn’t really know what to add for music until just yesterday….I listened to some APH character singles, and Japan’s just came out, so omg I’m loving it already. He sounds way to awesome…in both of the singles. I started melting just listening to them. I like how they made it sound like the traditional Japanese sound…but why do they have to make Japan so…awesome?? Just because it’s Japanese people? That’s not fair….(okay, it is…)! But anyways, I loved both singles.

[ Country from Where the Sun Rises, Zipangu | Excuse Me, I’m Sorry ]

I also listened to Britain’s preview song, and gosh it sounds so British-esque. Arthur is so awesome in this single. Fish and chips? Unicorns? Pixies? All I need is the scones to complete the lyrics. Can’t wait for the full to come out! <3 Here’s the preview video: click here. The titles are so funny! Pub and Go made me lol.

Anyways, I would have embedded all of the videos, but there are quite a few, so I don’t want to cause any complications.

Now onto other music….I was listening to more Kokia songs, and they really are relaxing to listen to. Karma was a nice song, but there were others as well. I forgot the titles though x.x. Also, I heard about Morning Musume coming to the Anime Expo (gee, I hear about it 3 months after it was announced…-_-|||), and I remember being a fan, so I listened to some of their songs. It turns out that they are performing their new single 3, 2, 1 Breakin’ Out at the Anime Expo, which makes me wanna go more. The song is really catchy, and I like it! I’ve also been introduced to Barlow Girls, and I like their songs. It has that rockish, yet sort of….something else (can’t find the right word for it now) feel to it. It’s a Christian band, or so I’ve heard, but I get reminded of Evanenscence when I listen to their songs. They have a similar style I guess. ^_^

Also, I just ran across this, since I’m planning to watch Nobuta wa Produce soon, I decided to check out the OP song Seishun Amigo. It obviously has that Spanish theme to it, but it’s a nice song, and I also watched the PV…

Just one video embedded isn’t gonna hurt, is it?

And I noticed the background dancers….kya~ It’s Hey! Say! JUMP’s Ryosuke, Yuto, and Ryutaro. There may be more, but those were the only ones I caught in there. Yuto I think is the main dancer, but gosh they are so young there! >.< They are so cute there, I wonder how young they are in there. But I’m not too surprised by it because Johnny & Associates usually has the Juniors do background dancing and singing for their senpais. But still, it was a nice little surprise~ Especially how small they are.

Blog Info


I’ve got most of my summer theme together, which I’ll release on June 11, the day I get out of school. The blog is still on a slow schedule, and random anime is still on hold, but soon…I’ve already decided to change the theme, and I’m hoping to have a couple summer banners, since I’m not very satisfied with my banner.

But now I’ve got a dilemma. So I’ll post up a poll! I’m not sure if I should reply to comments through comment threading, or do the traditional one comment to all comments. If I do decide to do comment threading, then it would be easier to find my replies. But I tried it out once on an SC! post, and I feel like I’m cheating when it says how many comments I have, since half of them are mine. If there was a way that my comments wouldn’t count, then I’d definitely jump right into it. I just feel like I’m cheating though when the number is higher than it should be. So…any opinions?

I’ll be changing the poll since I already decided to do a new theme, but that will come with the new theme. Since I really don’t like the style of the poll, but it was the only one that would fit.


animegirlbbtThat cat is way too cute, too bad I have to shrink the image so it’s cuteness is cut off a bit…


Yeah, recently something I’ve been into. O.o Ever since I read Kitchen Princess I’ve been trying to base my eyes off of that style (I’m one of those observe, try, change it to your own people…) and it turned out that my drawings actually improved. But now I’m trying to get anatomy of characters right…I added like 5 new drawings in my sketchbook, so that’s a lot for me since it was altogether. Here are some of the drawings I’m actually fond of.

[ 1 | 2 | 3 ]

I honestly do not think anyone would want to steal them anyways (seriously guys, it’s not worth it), but I just put the watermarks in. Also, on the Winter Girl one, there was something written on the side that got cut off. I don’t want anyone to see my ugly regular writing! The Angel one I took time to write, so it’s fine…Btw, if anyone notices, there is a summer and winter drawing, since it was supposed to be a season set. I had winter, summer, spring, and fall. But it’s the same girl so it seemed repetitious to put all of them in.

And here is the new eye I drew from my Bamboo Fun: (I’m into drawing eyes, my favorite thing O_o)


I’m actually pretty satisfied with it. It was based off of the Kitchen Princess eyes. ^_^ It looks funny alone though. O.o And it looks better smaller, so it’s small. If you want to see the full size, click on the image.


I finally tried making graphics. I…failed. x.x Terribly. But I will keep on trying and learning! >:D I tried a Mio icon and siggy, but it turned out so plain. :( Uh, it’s right here:

MioSet1 MioSet2

I still need to fix the size and everything…And a Sakura one:

SakuraSet1 SakuraSet2

Constructive criticism would definitely help. I mean, I just started trying out graphics yesterday, ever since I saw my friend make some. Oh! And tips would definitely be appreciated.

But that’s all for Blossom Blabber for now! O.o That took longer to type up than I thought. Especially since it was so little…But anyways, Monthly Mania is on its way! :D

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  1. Rin permalink
    June 4, 2009 2:42 pm

    I love all of those mangas that you mentioned up there. Kitchen Princess eyes are pretty easy ot draw and also very cute(I draw too). The eye you drew on the computer is pretty good, especially since it’s drawing on the computer(I can’t do that). Anyway, very good job.

  2. June 4, 2009 4:57 pm

    Haha, it’s nice to know that more people love these mangas. They really are great mangas. Yeah, the eyes weren’t as hard as they seem, but they look so well after, that it looks like it took much more effort than the actual effort put in. xD Thanks, but it’s probably because of the Wacom board I have (my Bamboo Fun), so it’s easier to draw with that.

  3. June 4, 2009 6:14 pm

    I’m currently reading those mangas as well and I absolutely love them to bits ^^.

    On Arisa, I really love the dark theme they added in to it and they’re giving shoujo a whole new different meaning. Tsubasa’s so awesome too~ I think Manabe only sent a card to Arisa because he thinks that she’s the king. The king is still a huge mystery though, but I’m placing my bet on Midori (or maybe even Arisa herself *gasp* for being dragged along by him).

    Charming Junkie is hawttt~ I’m totally enjoying every chapter of it, and Umi and Naka just has a freakin’ hawtt chemistry. Kyaa<3

    OMG I love your drawing, especially the angel one ^^. Keep up the good work! Lol I wish I could draw those eyes on a G-Pen, because I totally suck at drawing eyes T__T. On the siggies, I love the font on the Sakura one ^^. Tips? Hmm… I can only say that have fun in making them (I'm sure you are ^^) and I can't wait for your next graphics ^__^.

  4. June 5, 2009 10:57 am

    Yay! I’m glad you got into Arisa cuz I just got hooked recently, too. :)
    It really is great so far, especially for the mystery and suspense and you’re always wondering “Huh?! He’s not the King?! Whuuuuuttt? Then who is it?!” XD But yea, it really is a good read that just keeps you coming back for more. Kudos to Natsumi Andou for that. ;D

    Did I hear you say cross-dressing traps? 8DDD

    Ooo, WnXXS! is awesome so far. And Yukina is awesome, yup. Girls on top! Hahahaha! >xD

    Ah, I really like Seishun Amigo despite not knowing anything about the series. It caught my attention cuz I’m currently learning Spanish, lol. But as always (to me), Japanese choreography looks so weird. ^^;

    Looking forward to your summer themes! I can’t wait~! X3
    And the comment threading is really up to you. I enabled it for SoMT but I rarely use it unless I feel like I have to address someone specifically. Otherwise, I just stay with my one big reply-to-all.

    OMG, you art is so cute! *fangirls over it* 8DDDD
    I especially like how you drew the clothes for the winter one, the summer one looks oh-so-cute (wai~, summer!) and the angel one is purdy~ ^^
    God I’m so envious of how you draw eyes, too! *jealously glares at you in a funny way* >83

    As for the graphics, yea, just keep on trying! More power to ya! >:D
    And I agree with kanzie on the CCS font. It looks really nice and matches with the rest of the banner’s colors really well (and Sakura~ <3).
    For the Mio one, I think you should get rid of some of that white space and add more effects to it. Of course, on what you think will make it look nice. I’m sure whatever you come up with will look good. ^^
    And yep, like the graphic goddess above me said, just have fun making them. :D

  5. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    June 6, 2009 10:50 am

    kanzeon: Right now, a lot of mangas are really great, and I have massive love for a lot of them too. It seems like everyone in this side of the blogosphere are currently reading some of these mangas.

    I think Arisa’s dark theme adds to its charm, and is probably why many shoujo fans love it so much for being so unique as a shoujo. I’m placing my bet on Midori too, as I’ve mentioned before, he’s way to perfect…>.>

    I’m enjoying it so much, and I’m always excited for the next chapter. xD I agree, their chemistry to me is something to fangirl over.

    Thank you! ^.^ Hehe thanks, the angel one was the one I worked on the longest because of the background and such. G-Pen…*looks it up* Oh! Anyways, there is always room for improvement, and just keep practicing! You’ll be surprised how much you’ll be able to improve. Just check out some eye tutorials and look at some eyes you like, and try to draw them. That’s how I practice…and looking at my old drawings, I improved, but I always keep trying to improve more. (<-Repetitious?)

    Thanks~ I didn't know which font to use with Sakura, but I ended up using Gigi. I'll keep working at them though, so hopefully it's something worth waiting for. ^^;;

    Xiao Jie: Haha, I couldn’t resist after seeing everyone else getting into it. But it was your post that was first when you had those scans that made me check it out. I know! I keep thinking he’s the king, but then I have to toss that idea out the window, she’s the ki–no wait, etc. It always makes me want more chapters! =DD

    Yup…haha, I was hoping someone was able to catch that.

    That’s one thing I love so much about WnXXS!, it shows how awesomely awesome girls can be. Power to the girls! xD

    I like how the song is catchy too, but I’ve thought that their choreography has been out there too. But it’s good for laughing at. XD Ooh Spanish, that’s cool. ^^

    Thanks, I hope it’ll be an improvement and be something everyone will like, since I’m still a little shaky yet excited for the change. Ah, thank you for telling me that, I think I’ll just leave it there but to the reply-to-all thing. :]

    Thank you so much! I’m glad I’m getting positive feedback, since I was hesitant to show it. ^^; Thanks~ I was trying to draw the winter coat differently, but I couldn’t do it, so I’m glad it still turned out okay.

    Thank you again for the tips! I was thinking about that, but I didn’t know what to fill the white with, so I’ll be looking around.

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