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Blossom Blabber: Week 1

May 15, 2009

anime girl listening to music Pictures, Images and Photos

So here is the first issue of Blossom Blabber! I’m pretty happy that I have some stuff to talk about. This BB will include music, manga, blog info, and other things. It’s not much, but I’ve been so busy and my math teacher today just told me that our class has more big tests in her class for the next two week. So blogging is reallyyyy slow…



Recently I’ve found a couple new things related to music. I guess I’ll start with Japanese music. I’ve mentioned before that I’m into Asian boy groups, and so recently I decided to finally listen to some KAT-TUN music. I actually like the group, and I’m hoping to watch some of the dramas they’re in. But so far, I haven’t heard a Johnny group that I haven’t liked. I don’t really have a favorite member though….Here’s one of their songs, called “Don’t You Ever Stop”. I got the 4 minute video, since I haven’t watched the full one yet. I find it catchy, but it is a typical boy band song. So…-_-|||. It has some rock, pop, rap parts…

I’ve also been listening to Thai music…which is different. Usually I’m not a fan of Thai music (which is sad since–random fact–I’m part Thai), so it’s a nice change. I was listening to K-Otic, which is another guy group, but it has 2 pure Thai members, two half Thai half Japanese members, and one pure Korean. So usually there is some random Japanese and Korean thrown in. ^-^ I like the band, and my favorite member is Tomo. xD The Jap/Thai guy…>_> But yeah, listening to some Thai music, and music from people in the Kamikaze Project. The Kamikaze Project is a project with many teenage mostly Thai singers and artists, all in their own specific groups. Sometimes they sing altogether, and they feature in one another’s songs.

Also, I was just checking my e-mail, and I noticed an article about Britain’s Got Talent. I was curious about it, and decided to look at the YouTube video.

It was pretty surprising to see how he sang, and um, apparently according to Wikipedia and from what I’ve heard, that guy can sing six octaves. I was surprised since I expected it to be, like his talking voice and deep. It makes me wonder how he sounds with his regular voice. He styles sort of like Adam Lambert, so it was a surprise to hear his voice. >_<



I finally read Koko Ni Iru Yo! and I have to say, it’s awesome. I loved it. I only got to chapter 13, since I could only find scanlations up to that chapter. It’s such a warm-hearted manga, and I love all of the characters. Hikage is so cute >.<. I really don’t have much to say about this manga, but I love it. Does anyone know where I can get at least summaries for the rest of the chapters?

So about the love triangle…I really don’t know who I’m rooting for. I like both of them too much. I began to respect Teru so much more in Chapter 12 and 13. Ah…I don’t know which couple I’m rooting for. But now I have an idea for a poll!

And more to say, but it has to be tagged as spoiler: [spoiler] If you’re wondering, Aoi is apparently the name of megaPIG…but I’m not positive, since I’ve only read to chapter 13. Correct me if I’m wrong. I was really excited and surprised to find out about Teru being Black Rabbit. At first I encouraged Hinata and Hikage, but now I’m unsure. I keep on leaning towards Teru since he’s just so cool, and looks a lot cooler, but that’s not the only reason. ^^;; It just seems that he was one of the two people who was there for her when no one else was…even though it was online. And he wanted her to be happy with Hinata.  Plus, I just saw some raws with Hikage and Teru…moments, which were really cute. Hinata though was pretty sweet at some moments. But…I don’t really have a solid opinion yet.[/spoiler]

I’m also being pressured by my friends to read Kitchen Princess…So hopefully, soon, I’ll be able to talk about it. But other than that, I haven’t been reading a lot of manga. Or doing anything, really. Awhile back, I read some Lovely Complex which I mentioned in Monthly Mania, and I read Beauty Pop. Beauty Pop was really fun to read, seeing how the heroine is nothing like an average shoujo heroine. I’m hoping to read more of Beauty Pop too. I read Watashi ni xx Shinasai! and so far I’m liking it. It’s an interesting concept, with cell phone novels and everything.

Blog Info


There isn’t much going on with the blog, since I still have school. But I’ve been working on a summer banner. I was thinking of either putting it up before vacation to remind us all that summer is coming soon (even though to some, it already came ^_^) and we get to break free from a lot of work, or to put it up when the summer season of anime comes.

Shugo Chara posts and many other posts are getting delayed much more frequently, so I apologize about that. The blog is really slow right now. Next week will be even worse, because I have a lot of activities we’re doing after school next week.

Other Random Thoughts

So I was looking around at YouTube videos, and with comments and I was pretty surprised by this…


girl. Pretty much they are all the same person. With the bottom left corner how she looks dressed as a girl. Her name is Yang Yang, a tomboy. Yeah, it’s really not related at all, but I was pretty surprised it was a girl. To some it’s pretty obvious (at least to my friend), or the already know about this. I was just O_o at it all. So random…out of topic….but I felt like sharing it.

On a good side (or bragging side >_>), I now have an autograph (or semi, since it’s just the initials) of Chester from Linkin Park. =DD Woot! So excited~ Have to thank my uncle greatly…

And, I just found a bunch of super cute Hikage chibi pictures which has probably already been posted too much. But so cute~ >.<

And that’s all for Blossom Blabber. There weren’t as many things to talk about as I originally thought, maybe I forgot them. I think I’ll make the next BB in two weeks, because there isn’t much to talk about either probably.

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  1. May 15, 2009 10:57 pm

    KOKO NI IRU YO <333333333


    I love it so much. It’s so sad. It’s so freakin sad. but OMG. I LOVE EEEEEEEET.

    TERU PLZ? 8D

    Aoi is megaPIG, apparently. Ugh. Scanlations need to come out faster for this~! TT^TT

    This is so weird~ My weekly feature is all about a whole ton of new mangas I’ve been getting into. Koko ni Iru Yo is one of them. XDDDDD

  2. May 16, 2009 5:49 am

    Yay~ I always love seeing Koko ni iru yo! love~ It really is such an adorable manga.

    As for me, I’m for Hinata because he’s just so nice and he’s the one who actively went out and brought Hikage out into the light. Plus he’s the first guy and since I started reading the manga all I was hoping was, “Please don’t mess up such a sweet series with a love triangle.” And now…meh. I already lost some of my love for the series just with Teru becoming an option. ^_^; So for a series like this it’s just “whoever is first” that I want. Because the other one messes with my fluffy good feeling.

    Also…read Kitchen Princess. Read it~ It’s a good series. Won an award! (oooo~)

  3. May 16, 2009 10:00 pm

    I’m curious about this Aoi…gah, why don’t they release more scanlations! *angry* >:(

    Aish, good luck with all your school work. ^^;

    o_O at the tomboy…wow, she could’ve fooled me…That’s so awesome! I want to someone I know to try it and fool everyone else cuz if I did, I’d fail. xD;

    WAh~, lucky girl. Linkin Park…felt like ages since I last heard of them. But really cool! ^^

  4. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    May 23, 2009 10:58 am

    Lea: Lol, I just fell in love with the manga as well. ^_^

    I know, it’s an awesome manga, isn’t it? I love it soo much too. I agree, it seems like forever since the scanlations came out. They need to pay attention to KKNIY! more…instead of jumping to new mangas before they even finish to the old.

    Haha, what a coincidence.

    FuyuMaiden: It deserves the love, it really is so adorable and awesome.

    Yes! See, that was my argument for Hinata. That’s why I’m really unsure about it. I loved looking at the fluff between both pairs though. It’s one of those mangas that I would be happy with either pairing.

    Haha, I’ll try to get it to it soon, since I really do want to.

    Xiao Jie: Because the keep jumping to new mangas. -____- I want more scanlations! D:<

    Thanks! This week was so busy that today was the first day I got to come back to my blog since last week.

    I got fooled the first time. ^^;; I'd fail too. xD

    They just came out with a new song, but it does seem like their publicity has died down a little…But it really is cool ^^!

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