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Shugo Chara!! Doki Episode 81

May 3, 2009


Aw…this filler is really cute! I liked it this week! So um, why did I enjoy it better than last week?! Anywho, I enjoyed this episode, it was incredibly cute, and I couldn’t help but smile watching the chara’s antics.

Quick personal explanation rambling: I’m re-applying for student council, just took a couple tests, have my school magazine articles to do, just had a concert, so I have been pretty busy these last two weeks. I still have a little more things to do, but I have to wait ’til Monday to start on them (complicated reasons). So yes…stuff. ._.  I’m just explaining why I’ve been pretty late with my posts. I seriously can’t wait for summer to come~

But enough about me, onto the Shugo Chara! post.


The episode starts with Yoru tired and exhausted from looking for Ikuto, and arrives at the charas house, laying on Kiseki’s chair. The next day, the Guardians and their charas are at the Royal Garden, where you get to hear Kiseki’s yelling. The rest of the charas are curious, and go to his room, where it shows him yelling at Yoru staying in his chair. But, Yoru is so tired he hardly pays attention. However, the rest of the charas are worried about Yoru’s condition. Suu reveals that something did happen and Amu and Tadase explain it to the rest of the Guardians. Yaya gets hyped up and suggests that they march right up to Easter’s headquarters and ask away. Before anyone else can rebel, Yaya takes them away, leaving the charas with each other. The charas try getting Yoru to respond (Suu with sardines, KusuKusu with a funny face, etc.) but he simply goes back to sleep. Kiseki, however, pulls the sheets underneath Yoru, causing him to fall off the bed. He tells him to stop lazing around and look for Ikuto. However, Yoru tells him he looked all night without a clue of Ikuto. They fall into an argument, and Kiseki calls Yoru a coward, and Yoru ends with a sad face. The rest of the girl charas gang up against Kiseki for making Yoru feel bad, and Kiseki leaves. The rest of the charas excluding Yoru leave to look for clues at where Ikuto could be.

They try using a form of a radar to go in a direction, with no avail. Instead, they decide to go to the amusement park, since that is the last time when they saw Ikuto, in hopes for find a clue. Meanwhile, Kiseki is hiding behind a tree next to the Royal Garden, practicing his apology to Yoru. Before he is able to do so, he notices that Yoru is on his way somewhere. It goes to the girl charas when they discuss more, however, Nana pops out of nowhere and they explain the current situation. Nana reports this to Lulu, but Lulu mentions that it is none of her business. She goes back to do her homework.

It goes to Yaya who barges into Easter, only to be kicked out by the security guards outside. Yaya thinks up another plan, and takes the Guardians away again. To…him. The scene changes to Yoru, who is on his way to Easter, still reminded about what Kiseki said. Kiseki however, stops him, but Yoru won’t give it up. So Kiseki decides to go with him, and they sneak in together. Yoru explains to Kiseki that the Easter goons can’t see them, and Kiseki points out the Easter director. It goes to Yaya, who reveals that the guy she was referring to was Nikaidou. She begins blabbing out about Easter and Nikaidou’s past, in which Nikaidou shushes her and takes them outside. They talk about sneaking in, and Nikaidou assures them that Ikuto isn’t in as much danger as they assume. Nikaidou does his evil face stuff and Yaya fangirls about it. Amu, Nagihiko, and Tadase talk about it more. Nikaidou then points out that none of the charas are there.

It goes to Yoru and Kiseki, who are hiding behind a door. Yoru becomes angry at the director, since he has been ruining Ikuto’s life. So Yoru pretends to kick him, only to have the director turn around and charge his way. This causes Yoru and Kiseki to panic, but then they realize that the director is just fixing a plant, and that they were not seen at all. They follow the director, who goes into the scientist’s lab. However, the scientists are able to see charas, and so Yoru and Kiseki hide. After the director leaves and a scientist goes somewhere else, Yoru goes after the tuning fork in the room. They are caught though, and Kiseki points out the air vent for them to escape in. The scientists tell the Easter goons that the tuning fork has been stolen, and so they stake out almost every part of the building. They go to the only part that isn’t covered, only to have the scientists find them. They blab on about their plan, and Yoru and Kiseki try to run away from then. This starts a little back-and-forth showing the girl charas having a good time and the guys running for their lives. Then, a scientist grabs Kiseki and threatens to squish Kiseki if Yoru doesn’t give up the tuning fork. Kiseki tells Yoru to just go, but Yoru, after a couple inner struggles, decides to hit them with the tuning fork. He grabs Kiseki and they leave the building together. They then have a stubborn friendly argument.

The Guardians are outside the garden, wondering where everyone went. The girl charas arrive, and tell the Guardians that they were at the amusement park. However, the rest of the Guardians and charas are then curious where Kiseki and Yoru went. The Guardians and charas go into the garden, to see that Kiseki and Yoru are napping next to each other in the chara house (trying not to make it sound wrong…-_-|||)


Whoa…more screencaps in a filler than in a plot related episode. Well, it was a good filler, so let’s go along with it, k?

811 Ah Yaya…you humor me. I enjoyed Yaya a lot in this episode. Honestly, I like how she often tries to uplift everyone’s spirits, and she tries to help out. But…she needs to think out plans first. But yes, I like Yaya in this episode. :D

812Oh and I love those trains you make too! But did anyone notice Rimahiko?? Holding hands? Anyone? *Fangirls a bit* Ah and Rima’s expression is awesome. Too bad it’s blurry here.

813Aww…Kiseki!! Bad chara! Poor Yoru, I just really want to hug him right now! He’s just too cute in this shot. And I want to slap Kiseki for making Yoru feel so bad. TT^TT

814Even the girls agree with me! But now…it’s like Yoru’s gained his own harem that is going against Kiseki. xD

815So cute! Their radars were so cute, even though none of them really work. Especially KusuKusu’s, but she gets the screencap since her’s was so entertaining. But uh, poor KusuKusu, being hit in the head with her radar shoe.


xD Rofl.

Kiseki redeems himself here though! He’s just so funny here! “Obnoxious apology=win!!” XD I like how we see Kiseki’s attempt at being soft though. It’s so cute, his stubbornness.

817Lol, @ their little “race”. And Yoru’s expression. Man-to-man competition.

818NIKAIDOU!!! OMG!! It’s been so long since we’ve seen his evil face!! And Yaya even shares the same opinion as most of us! It’s been so long…Ah I actually am excited over it.

And when Amu, Tadase, and Nagihiko talk, there is background talking. Too bad the subs don’t include it. Thankfully it’s easily understood. Haha, it’s pretty funny.

Yaya: “Kakoii! Kakoii!!”

Nikaidou: “Kakoii daeyuna?!”

Rima: “Kakoii.”

Nikaidou: OAo “Guh!”

(I apologize for my terrible Romanji)

Hearing Rima say it’s kakoii was funny. But hearing Nikaidou respond to Yaya made me wonder why his voice was extra familiar. So I looked it up and I was right! His voice actor is the same as Ryuuji from ToraDora. Mwuahaha…Now I hear it.

*Ahem…* Now I’m getting off-topic. So next…

819I laughed at the part when the director went for the plant. I mean, it’s just a plant. But lol…I thought that Yoru and Kiseki would be caught. But it was the director peeved at a plant. -_-|||

I know this is off-topic, but now I’m wondering, does the director have OCD or something?

8195This was funny and sad at the same time. Poor Kiseki and Yoru running for their lives while the rest of the charas are having the time of their lives. It’s humorous though, comparing what’s going on, and how they’re completely different. xD

Btw, Kiseki’s expression=priceless.

8111My Kiseki screencap wouldn’t work. TT^TT So I’ll do my thoughts on this screencap and my non-existent Kiseki one.

Aww, Kiseki is actually really nice and a loyal friend when the time calls for it. It’s pretty noble that he was able to do that, and he redeems himself even more. He can actually be a really great King-like character when the time calls for it, and has some pretty great attributes that reflect his king personality. Like how he thought of Yoru before himself.

And Yoru, he was so great too. He made a great sacrifice for Kiseki. So it was really a admirable act for both of them. He really didn’t want to give it up, but he gave it up for his friend. So cute!

8112This seems pretty random, but I really wanted to say it. This picture is a bad example for what I want to say though. But anyways…Is it just me, or did the part when they did that full rotation view on the chara house look like it was CGed? It looked extra 3-D…ah well.


81pSkyjack!!! Kukkaaiiii!!!! Omg, I’ve missed Sky Jack so!! That’s the only thing I’m looking forward to. (Look at his arm! =O) Everything else…meh. It’s a filler. I thought we’d be lucky enough to get ?-egg-less fillers, but I guess not. It’s about a filler character and baseball.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. May 3, 2009 9:23 pm

    This episode was just too cute. <3
    I love how it was so predictable… but that made it better. ^_^

    -is glad Kiseki and Yoru are on better terms now-

    LOL… I think Kazuomi does have OCD. XDDD

    I’m pretty sure the house rotation was CG-ed. That made me go “Ehhhhhh?” at first. But I’m pretty sure that was what it was.
    -has been afraid of CG ever since Mecha Mote Iinchou- XD

    • blossomgirl101 permalink*
      May 7, 2009 5:09 pm

      I know, wasn’t it? The charas episodes are always cute.
      Yeah, sometimes being able to predict makes it just pure fun. ^_^

      So am I, they are finally getting along in a stubborn kind of way. xD

      Yeah, I was pretty confused when I saw it, I wonder why they decided to use CG…
      I’ve been afraid of CG ever since I saw an anime (Kirarin Revolution) even do it, and GMMI made it even worse.

  2. Sakura Ukito permalink
    January 24, 2010 12:43 pm

    I luved this episode, Rimas expression IS priceless XP
    is it just me or did anyone notice Rima and Nagi happy?

    *feels the urge to hurt Kiseki but squeezes him like Ami did instead* why did you hurt Yoru’s feelings?!?!

    *lolz at the obnoxious apology and laughs at what the girls are doing while the boys (Yoru and Kiseki…I don’t see Rhythm) are running (or flying?) for their lives* real smooth Kiseki……….LOL

    • Sakura Ukito permalink
      January 24, 2010 12:45 pm

      I meant “did anyone notice Rima mad and Nagi happy?”

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