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Shugo Chara!! Doki Episode 80

April 26, 2009
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80tThe episode wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be, but it wasn’t great either. Actually, it wasn’t good either. So it goes under the “meh” tag. I had a couple complaints that I’ll address later.

First of all, the animation quality of the episode really sucked for a plot related episode. Amu looked a little warped at some points, but it’s not like it can be fixed now. I think they spent more time on the background music this time? There were a few new tracks that I heard in the background. The embryo theme music went on the longest I’ve heard it go. So animation quality suffered for the music quality (except on some points when the music seemed out of place)? There were also some recycled animation…

On a good note, I finally got my blogging schedule planned out, so I’ll start to work on the post soon. I’m glad I’m starting to begin to stay loyal to the purpose I originally had for this blog (it wasn’t meant to be just an anime blog…).


The episode starts off where we left off last week, with Ikuto attacking Amu and being saved by Tadase. They resume their fight while Amu’s, trying to get the x-eggs, Spiral Heart Special is stopped by Death Rebels attack; that results in Amu staying in the sidelines for the rest of the fight. Tadase begins to fight Ikuto, and starts trying to talk to him. He tries to find out the truth, and calls Ikuto Ikuto-niisan. He begins to recall how he remembered Ikuto as, and when he says Tsukiyomi Ikuto, Ikuto snaps out of his trance briefly. Amu tries to get to Ikuto, but he tells her stay back. He goes back as well, and struggles with the mind control-like situation. The Easter director comes and starts mocking both Amu and Tadase.  Tadase tells Amu who the Easter director is, and Amu begins a flashback of when Utau told Amu about her mother remarrying. The Easter director begins introducing the tuning fork to them (Amu and Tadase note it as despicable) and uses it.

Amu and Tadase begin a speech about believing in eachother, and perform Platinum Royale. This attack begins to purify all of the x-eggs. They notice the embryo among the huge crowd of eggs, and Amu goes after it. Tadase stops Ikuto from going after it when the director told him to go. The embryo glows even more and undos Amu’s chara-nari, resulting her falling from a great distance. Tadase saves her, and the embryo leaves. Unfortunately, the find at the next glance that Ikuto and the rest of the Easter gang is now gone, and Ikuto is being taken by Easter. People begin awakening, and are confused where they are at. Because of this, Miki turns on the power for the amusement park and make Amu announce a special promotion where everyone can ride for free.

Amu and Tadase go to sit at a bench, where Amu begins her apology to Tadase. She explains the whole story about when Ikuto stayed over at her house, and a small recap occurs along with this. After this, Tadase finally forgives Amu, and they shake hands on it. They go back to school the next day, and the Guardians see that Amu and Tadase are back happily. Tsukasa begins a little bit of talking, Yoru is seen sitting sadly on the cup in the amusement park, and the rest of the Guardians are going happily.



Aww, I just had to find this pretty cute. Tadase calling Ikuto that. Also the significance of it, Tadase is finally calling Ikuto that again. So I think without knowing it, Tadase is slowly forgiving (well, I don’t know if that’s the right word) Ikuto.

802I’m glad that Tadase is starting to figure out more things about Ikuto, and he can finally see what Ikuto is truly doing. Honestly, I really like Tadase in this part of the episode, and another. He started pinning everything about Ikuto right on the spot. Even about the part when he says that Ikuto doesn’t explain things. So…yay Tadase, congrats on redeeming yourself…sort of. *still waiting for more manga chapters to be animated*

803TT^TT Ikutooo~ It makes me so sad watching Ikuto struggle with the tuning fork. And poor Amu has to stand and watch (but seriously, do more Amu!).

804You. Go. Die. NOW. His age is getting to him, he’s BLIND. Ikuto, gladly? Yeah right! Gladly my butt! *ahem* Sorry, I’m pissed off at this stupid director. Oh how I hate him~

805Ooh~ Sparkly. Platinum Heart is…not great. It reminds me of a fountain. -_- And there is a purple and pink background, nooo. >:O Go get a pink and gold background, don’t drag our Amuto background into this.

806Ugh…That, was annoying. Another complaint about the episode. This part. I’m wondering why she’s thinking of just Tadase when she’s plummeting down?

But another thing is, I think I get why. This is similar to the first episode, when she was falling, so she might’ve remembered that Tadase always seems to catch her when she’s falling. So he’s probably the first person she was hoping to catch her, since he always seems to do so anyways. The first person who pops up in her mind for catching her. And I think she was calling out for him too. Despite this, I’m still a little upset (then again, Ikuto saves her from everything else most often).

807Another part of the episode that I actually liked Tadase. He was really understanding towards the whole issue. I mean, that’s probably one quality that I’ve liked from the nice guys in the shoujos. They understand so much (even though sometimes it’s so much you don’t understand). So I’m glad that Tadase forgave Amu like that. A really mature thing for him to do.

And another thing. I like the recap, it came so much more casually than the other ones. And it’s just done so much better. So yay for the recap (and more yays for the Amuto xD).

808And that’s just so cute. You can’t help but go “Aww~” at the handshake. It’s really a cute thing that I couldn’t help but smile (even though the crunchyroll watermark killed it).

809=_= Another complaint. *Containing anger* They are being too happy when Ikuto is out their in danger! And the Guardians are side characters for the moment which is bothering me. Stop smiling like no one’s life is in danger!


80pSo it’s a filler. With Yoru and Kiseki, but with hints of plot relevance. I’m actually somewhat looking forward to this, because the charas seem so cute. And Yoru and Kiseki working together is a good thing. And yay for Nikaidou~

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  1. Lea permalink
    April 27, 2009 7:10 am

    I’m so glad Tadase is starting to calm down with the whole “Anti-Ikuto” he’s been going on with for a while now. =3

    And, that’s exactly what I thought with Platinum Heart. Why are they taking our Amuto colors and sticking them in there? >3>

    Everyone needs to be less happy though. Because then when the Chapter 32 scenes come around, it’ll just be… not as exciting? =/

    But I agree with everything here. ^_^

  2. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    May 3, 2009 6:46 pm

    It’s good that Tadase is finally maturing though, it makes me like him more.

    I don’t know why, but they need to get out. >:O

    Yeah, I hope that they don’t kill the mood, but since fillers are coming, I think it’s unavoidable.

  3. Kadie permalink
    December 7, 2009 3:56 pm

    By the captions on your pics here are we to understand that Tadese and Ikuto are actually brothers? That is what niisan stands for,right?

  4. mina permalink
    April 10, 2010 11:01 am

    so does anyone know if there’s is going to be another season?

  5. Tadaselover permalink
    September 2, 2012 5:21 am

    Ohhh I love Tadase! He’s so cute and sweet! Man! How I wish I could be with him in that world and be a Guardian… He understands perfectly when you tell him your troubles that’s so sweet of him

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