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Shugo Chara!! Doki Episode 79

April 20, 2009


Cause chibi-fied Kukai is awesome. And cute!! X3 *pinches cheeks to no end*

Yay!! We’re back on plot!! I’m so glad that there weren’t any more fillers in between! I felt so bad skipping last week (and delaying this week). But we’re back on plot, and the episode isn’t that bad. I enjoyed it, although I felt the title was mis-leading. Oh well. I was TT^TT yet relieved, and….yeah mixed emotioned. But overall a good episode. No Lulu!!

Sorry it’s late this week. I’ve been busy busy busy with school so when I had freetime, I couldn’t enjoy it because I had this irking feeling I still had schoolwork (because it felt weird having freetime, but I didn’t have any work). I also had my brother’s birthday past this week, and I got distracted today. Darn, even now I get distracted by boy bands. Asian boy bands, not American (ugh my mind goes directly to the Jonas Brothers). Which reminds me, I think I have fulfilled my mission. So anyways, moving onto Shugo Chara!


No summary. Sorry. I don’t like doing summaries on Mondays when I have other things I gotta do. Tadase goes emo, Kukkai makes him feel better. Amu becomes emo when Yoru comes, Shugo Charas make her feel better. Simple! :D


Greatttt…..the higher quality videos got removed before I was able to take screenshots. Prepare for ultra super terrible screenshots!! Btw, not much to say about this episode as well…


Oiii….it’s bugging me that Amu can only think that Ikuto hurt Tadase. Ikuto’s in danger as well, I mean, I understand why she would be upset that Tadase is hurt because he’s her friend, but she needs to also care about Ikuto. It doesn’t sound like it at the moment. He’s being caught by bad people! It’s a much more serious and dangerous situation.


Kukaiii!!!!! Yay our awesome onii-chan is here to put everyone back into shape! Now come put Tadase back into shape!


Lol, even he notices this. So Satelight should notice this. So the audience isn’t the only one who notices this. Tadase has a girly look! xD


The Souma family harem!! xD They are so amusing. They’ve got everything. From the almost-shouta, to the megane dude, to the tsundere.


I’m glad that Amu is back to her senses and remembers the kind of guy Ikuto is. He wouldn’t do those things without a reason. So a point for Amu for realizing the truth!


And a point for Tadase realizing after so long that Ikuto was not himself that night. Sheesh, how long did it take for him to realize that? -_-;;


Haha, it’s so cute how the charas cheered Amu up. It made me smile, and reminds me of when I try to cheer my friends up. I sound like I’m insulting them, but I’m actually complimenting them. xD


Utau!!! You and Kukai both appeared on the same episode, but you need to be togethaaa!!!! xD


Aww, how cute. I love this picture. So I’ll leave it as the last picture because I want a nice picture in my head. Not a bad picture.

But seriously, seeing Ikuto in the carnival scene makes me TT^TT. Especially for all the memories it holds. I’m glad they had an episode 26 flashback. One of my favorite episodes. I think that was the episode when I was truly convince I was an Amuto fan. I mean, in order to be able to be with someone, you have to understand them. So if you ever fight, you can see it in their point of view and understand eachother (but no hoping for a fight). But understanding eachother is really important, and episode 26 proves how they do understand eachother.



Plot related again! And a picture of the embryo ’cause it’s shiny. Ooh~ (wut?) I’m happy that it’s still on plot. Keep going Satelight~

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  1. April 20, 2009 7:24 pm

    Hmph, the only reason why Amu would say those things is because Satelight made her say it. They drugged her and everything. And even that wasn’t enough! They had to bring in a complete clone to do the first half of this episode since our Amu was too intoxicated to be on screen! AHA! Now I know all! *gets ready to punish Sateilght with whip* (Yes, I’m crazy xD)

    Tadase’s feminine looks are what makes him cute. I mean, yea, sometimes they can be a little too much. Like the way he giggles to himself…pretty girly if you ask me but I don’t have much of a problem with it. I just hope he grows out of it by the time he’s in high school. At least get some GAR in you, boy! o.O;

    Agreed. It was great that our lovely Utako and awesome Kuukai appeared in the same episode but…they weren’t even on the same island~! KUUKAI~! Go to Okinawa now! lol xDDD;;

    Yesh, yesh. Understanding each other is very important. Knowing that you need to learn to understand another person is even more important. And I’m glad that Amu and especially Tadase are starting to grow up by realizing this. I just hope the following fillers after this ep (from what I’ve been told) don’t drag it out too long. Ikuto’s been in pain way too long! ;____;

    • April 20, 2009 7:33 pm

      Ah, I’m sorry for double posting but just wanted to say that I really, really like your new banner. I was planning to comment on your past posts but got too busy. But ohh~, Mio is so cool~! <3 hehe Awesome. :D

  2. Lea permalink
    April 25, 2009 7:52 am

    Hm~ I agree. Amu has stated to make herself believe she cares for Tadase more. (While, genuinely, it’s the other way around~!) So that’s why Tadase has been on her mind this whole time.

    But Ikuto is suffering more. And it’s really sad she’s not noticing that. =<

    And it was sad to see Amu and Ikuto… at the amusement park again… together… but different this time around. I swear, we need some OVA’s at the end where they go back there together. XD

  3. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    April 25, 2009 12:17 pm

    Xiao_Jie: Haha. Amuuu….let’s save her from the evil clutches of…Satelight! xD It’s okay, we’re all crazy when it comes to these things. So I’ll join you! :D

    Tadase is cute, but sometimes I feel it becomes too girly for me. Yeah, it’d be funny if he had Momiji-like transformation during high school.

    I hope so too. Usually when they do fillers it’s too frilly and happy when the whole atmosphere gets ruined. We need to pay attention to our catboy in pain.

    It’s alright. ^_^ Thank you so much! *feels really happy*

    Lea: Yeah, it’s Amu’s denial and force-ons. How much longer will this go on?

    And Amu’s oblivious-ness is sad.

    I’m with you on the OVAs. If only~ An OVA about that would be awesome, but hopefully they won’t tear it down before then.

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