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April 14, 2009


Yay! I finally got a new banner. Honestly, I didn’t like the old banner at all, but I like the new one, so it’s all good now. It’s a Mio banner…>.< Soo original. But anyways, so a new banner, pretty much decided schedule, and part of my Shugo Chara episode 78 blurbs in this post. ^_^


I know that a lot of people are making Mio banners, but oh well. :D I’m satisfied with the outcome, but the only complaints I have are that I didn’t edit the picture very well. >_> It has a couple pixels here and there that are totally noticeable. u_u I also didn’t have a good tagline to go with the banner, so I just got the line from the ending song since Mio really shines in that song. I was also a little disappointed that the hearts in the background don’t show as much as I’d hope.

I started out with getting the background, which I really love, especially since it was easy to find as use. xD I got a couple awesome pictures of Mio, and the only problem when I was erasing the background is that the normal eraser tool didn’t work. I also had that problem with my old banner. I added the text, etc. nothing special. I’ve been dying to use the outline style for the text, so yes…it’s finally here!

Not much to say really, I’m happy with the outcome. That’s about it. ^_^


So I got to watch pretty much everything I wanted to for this season. I love 07 Ghost, Valkyria Chronicles, and Eden of the East (and just found out I’ve been an idiot mistitling it this whole time), but I don’t feel that I can do episodic blogging for them. I really don’t have that much to say. I’d like to put them in Random Anime, along with a couple other anime as well. So brand new anime for Random Anime! xD Not much of a schedule, but a plan. O.o Who knows, if there is an anime I find myself enjoying enough, I might do episodic blogging. But I won’t be doing summaries. Just…thoughts. ^_^

Shugo Chara!! Doki Episode 78

Did not watch that episode. Mwahaha!! I’ve heard everywhere how stupid it is and how much I shouldn’t watch it, so I didn’t. It bugs me so much how Satelight just ruins a lot of climaxes by bringing them up too early in a very corny situation. Corny…oh so corny…But thankfully, the next episode will be going back on plot (KUKAII~), and hopefully Amu will care about our poor little kitty in a prison cell. Ikutoo~!! Dx


I’m thinking of instead of making it just random anime, make a whole category for random manga, drama, music, etc. But I don’t know, because it may be overkill. I’d still do full posts in case I had something to say, but sometimes I don’t have much things to say, yet still something to say. *Doesn’t get what I just said* It’s just a thought, and I’d love feedback on how to make it work.

I was rushing today, so it’s a small post. Off to finishing more things up~

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  1. April 15, 2009 9:58 am

    A Mio banner is always good. Love for Mio all around! I think the banner turned out really nicely too. More than one image of Mio means it’s extra awesome. Plus black and white just suits Mio so perfectly I think~

    And about SC 78…you’re definitely making the smart move. I’ve already forcibly removed the memories from that episode from my head.

    As far as random…everything (lol) goes, I think it’s a good idea. Doing more than one thing in my Weekly posts is making them a lot easier to write.

  2. amutorulz permalink
    April 15, 2009 2:50 pm

    who’s mio? Which anime is she from? O.o

  3. Lea permalink
    April 15, 2009 4:46 pm

    Nihaha… found your blog in the categories page~

    But um…

    Wow. A lot of people like Mio. XD Already.
    I’m kind of sad about this, but that kind of thing normally turns me away from characters. She’s still good though. I’m more of a Tsumugi girl~ She’s my favorite. ^_^
    But the banner is pretty. -wishes she had banner making skills like the rest of the world did-

    I watched the SC episode. It did suck. Good move in steering away from that one. =3

    -if it makes you feel any better… I’ve been mis-titling Eden of the East this whole time too… >3> –

    Gah~ But you probably don’t know me {and you probably don’t care. no one does… D= } but I’m Lea~ ^_^; I’ve been reading you blog quite a lot. I finally decided to create my own last Wednesday. So yeah~ I’ll be following you. Just very quietly… since it’s probably weird that some random person is commenting here. DX

  4. April 15, 2009 7:25 pm

    Eh Ingrid im lovin this it is soo kool well anywayz howz life?

  5. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    April 19, 2009 2:38 pm

    FuyuMaiden: Yup, spread the love~ Thank you! Yeah, the first time I saw Mio, black and white seemed like they would fit her perfectly. ^_^

    I don’t know if I’d make it Random Everything and make it like your weekly extra with anime, manga, blog, etc. all in one, or if I’d do Random category with one post Random Manga, another Random Anime, etc.

    amutorulz: Mio is a character from the anime K-On! airing this season. ^_^

    Lea: Categories page?

    I don’t know, she’s just a fun character to watch. :D Sometimes that happens to me too, but I just like her already. Oh well. I like Tsumugi’s personality. The only thing that turns me away (please don’t be offended, no offense) is her eyebrows…

    So I’m not the only one…I realized that what I’ve been mis-titling it as is actually the title of a drama, East of Eden.

    I care! Nice to meet you Lea! :D Thank you for coming, it makes me really happy. ^^ I remember! I ran into your blog recently. I enjoyed reading it, be sure to expect comments from me every now and then. :D Ah it’s fine, like I said before, it makes me happy~

  6. May 1, 2009 7:54 pm

    eah, don’t worry about it. I don’t think anyone gets too much of a character they love. :D The banners looks really good! *thumbsup*

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