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Random Anime: First Impressions

April 11, 2009

The spring season barely has anything good, but it’s okay, I have a couple unexpected shows that I’m following, and are good-looking. And unexpected shows I’m not going to follow (or at least not get excited over). Sorry it’s a late post, but I just finished watching everything I wanted to watch. So it’s just a blurb on all of the anime I watched for Spring. But Spring is making me turn to more mangas. >_>

On a bonus note…April. Oivei. Anyways, this month I have huge tests to study for and all the posts I had planned are probably b e postponed. :( These two months are sooo busy. -_- May will, I hope, be better.

In whatever order…

I was too lazy to upload the images, so yes, images taken off the internet. I provided the link to where I found it. I don’t like doing that, but the computer I’m currently using is jam-packed. It’s already taking 15 minutes to start up. O.o Um, and I tried recycling images…oh how lazy can I get??

Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~


Yes, I was lazy enough to use the same picture...

Super long name. And the word Phantom got so repetitive! Anyways, this show wasn’t actually that bad, it kept my attention the whole way through. Of course, there were some scenes that were brought up randomly. I got lost a lot trying to figure out what was the past, present, or whatever. The animation wasn’t great, but wasn’t terrible (we all know it could be worse). The music fits well with the show, and so it isn’t that bad. But the animation for the opening and ending I found was pretty…I don’t know what word would fit. But he was walking on the ceilings. O.o It’s supposed to be cool, but to wrap it up, I didn’t really like the animation for the OP and ED. Let’s see, for the characters, apparantly the guy is supposed to have lost his memory. Ein is pretty cool, as an emotionless, assassin. She’s probably my favorite character. Um…that’s about it for now. So I think I’ll watch it a little more, to see how it is. It hasn’t turned me away yet.


Everyone seems to love this show, and it seems to be the favorite for the season for a lot of people. I enjoyed this show a lot, and it is an extremely cute show. I liked Lucky Star, so I guess that’s why I liked this show more. It’s just a slice-of-life, so it’s good to watch for relaxing. Sometimes I went -_- and others I smiled. ^_^ KyoAni never gives me trouble on the animation, need I say more? This show is about music, and so far the music is pretty good. The opening isn’t bad, but the ending is probably the best thing about this series. It’s awesome! It’s one of my favorite endings now. :D The outfits are sort of out there, but the rest is so catchy that I gotta love it! Mio is freakin’ awesome, Yui is moe-full, Tsumugi is your extremely polite and nice ojou-sama, and Ritsu’s the dramatic one. Overall, it’s not a bad cast of characters. I’m going to keep watching this too, even though I originally didn’t plan to, it’s a cute show.

Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Inchou

From MAL...

Omg. Worst. Anime. Of. The. Season. I’m depressed. Seriously, if the animation wasn’t 3-D, the show would have been fine. Then again, I went -_-||| too on how the main girl acted towards the main guy, since she seemed like an obsessed fangirl. But the animation. My god. I wish I never would have had to see those sticks. It reminds me of those Barbie movies, but even those were more fluid (don’t ask how I know). I wanna cry! So moving on. The characters would have been pretty good looking. The main guy was pretty cool, and the main girl seemed pretty nice, but I guess I can’t really acknowledge that anymore. So yes, I am officially dropping this (And I really wanted to see that hamster…has it popped up yet? I dropped the episode within 5 minutes).

Valkyria Chronicles

I didn’t plan on watching this show, but I heard it was a good show, so I did watch it and it was good. :D I enjoyed watching it, and it has a hint of everything that I love. Awesome action, romance, etc. The music’s mediocre, but I liked it still. I’m able to pay attention more on the show. The animation is decent I guess, I like it. It fits well, and the sketch effect is unique, in a good way. The characters are great. Alice is awesome! And her hair is awesome as well, I love her pigtails! She seems like a cute tsundere, especially around Welkin. And then there’s Welkin, he’s the easy-going guy. Haha, I feel sorry for him with all of the confusion, but he’s likable. ^_^ And his sister is awesome too, my second favorite character just because she’s so cool handling her weapons. Tank, shooting the soldier, etc. This show totally caught my attention, so I’m definitely following.



Oh look, more laziness...

One of my favorite expected-to-be shows of the season! Kyaa~Ah I love the story for it, I love the character relationships, and I love the voice acting. The animation is loyal to the manga, and a great adaptation in terms of character design, etc. Sometimes I get confused by the story a little, but I’ll try to manage. They didn’t kill it or anything. Mikage reminds me so much of Tamaki, and that’s one reason why I like him. I love how he is so great to Teito, and so genki it makes me smile. Teito is cool, but there are other characters that outshine him more. Looking forward to the introduction of all the characters…But I am definitely watching and continuing as well.

Pandora Hearts


When things looked awesome for the anime

It’s…very sad. A very sad, sad adaptation. I barely wanted to finish the first episode. It’s boring. I know that people are complaining about how the animation quality isn’t good, but I can live with it. I’m going to watch a couple more episodes to see if it’s just a bad first impression, because I don’t want to lost hope. This was one of the shows I was looking forward to the most. For my opinion on the animation, not bad. It isn’t as good as I thought it’d be, but I can live with it. As for the characters…eh. I’m hoping to make Alice my favorite character, since she looked awesome in the promo pics, but in the episode, I guess the evil-like laugh kinda turned me off. Oh well, I’ll leave it to the next couple episodes to get a proper impression. But my first impression, not good.

Eden of the East

lolwut? Random…I liked this show despite it’s…awkwardness. xD It was quite…interesting. It was interesting but I liked it. An actual show where they got English voice actors for once. It can get bothersome when they try to get someone to speak English but they have a terribly thick accent, so I acknowledge them for their effort. The animation reminded me of a North American show though…but it’s still decent. I’m not a big fan of it though. And I don’t get their noses. Oh well, I can manage. I like the opening, it’s really cool, especially the animation for it. The second anime I’ve seen where they’ve used an English song. ^_^ The characters are pretty funny. Especially Akira. The nakedness was…random. O.o He flashes too much though. O.o Um…he bribes people off of doing that or what? And Saki is a likable character as well, especially her reactions. She seems pretty calm for seeing a naked man. -_-I’ll be following this to see where this is heading…

I still need to watch Tears to Tiara and Asura Cryin’. Oh well, it’s low on my priority list. So now I’ll be going back to reading/watching Lovely Complex (never got back to it since last year). And my friends are pressuring me to read Kitchen Princess. Also note that these are my impressions for the FIRST episodes, so…even though it may be different for the second episode, it’s only considering the first.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. warriorhope permalink
    April 12, 2009 5:55 pm

    worst anime of the year more like it. Sigh.

    Alica=love (must watch eppie two).

    East of Eden is fairly win. I mainly like the random humor.

    Mikage. ^___^ He actually reminds me more of Hughes from FMA. (In more ways then one).

  2. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    April 15, 2009 2:11 pm

    Oh yeah, and its too much like Kirarin Revolution making it worse.

    Yup, I agree. Alicia ftw!

    He’s like a couple characters. I guess its because I didn’t watch much of FMA. *feels shameful*

  3. July 7, 2009 12:51 pm

    this is an awesome anime but not as awesom as death note! ryuzaki sama!!! well this is good anyway thats y. the guys cute sort of. and the gurl is pretty.

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