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Shugo Chara!! Doki Episode 77

April 5, 2009


I liked this episode, but I seriously want to TT_____TT. Firstly, Ikuto~ Secondly, filler hell! But ahem…oh no, what? All of my thoughts have left the window. So anyways, I’ll be covering the OP and ED, which I can, with everyone else, say that I like much more.

I seriously don’t know why they have to add fillers after Ikuto left, and couldn’t add fillers when he was with Amu, so right now I’m angry! (Along with personal blah)

OP: Guardian 4 – Omakase Guardian


Yay! Shugo! Shugo! is gone! The new opening is from a new group Guardian 4, who apparently instead of cosplaying into Amu’s chara-naris, cosplays in Guardian clothes. O.o But anyways, onto the opening. The opening was a cute opening, but the beginning and for some reason seeing the title presented made me feel a bit like there was some of the season one charm in there. And the part when she’s looking at the window is like a copy of the original OP. The rest is the usual Doki but I still like it. Haha, and maybe I’m biased because I love cherry blossoms…I got a little disappointed though too, because I didn’t get enough Ikuto, but oh well. The Kukai and Nikaidou scene was super random, but you could see an angry Rima, haha. You could see she was thinking, “Get the gag right you idiots!” Utau and Amu were cute, but Lulu looked kinda….how do I say it, retarded, putting her hand on her ears like that. I got upset that they showed the ?-eggs when we were getting a new opening for what I thought was the introduction of Ikuto’s arc. But obviously, Satelight still won’t let go of their ?-eggs…or their fillers yet. :( Oh I forgot to mention, I’m glad that there is no OOC marching. :D

As for music wise, it’s really a nice song to me. ^_^ I found it catchy, and like I said, barely some of that season one charm. It seems less cheesy without Shugo Chara! Egg. No offense intended. It’s really cute and still Doki like, but an improvement. Also cute for other reasons, but unfortunately that’s the only word I can think of for describing it. The usual Doki-like cute, happy, upbeat, when it’s like they forgot that there was supposed to be an Ikuto arc which is…not cute, happy, and upbeat. u_u

ED: Buono! – My Boy


Buono! Oh how great you girls are! Sigh…they should stop making new bands and leave it to the pros if they want a good response. Anyways, I really like the ending, and it has Yoru! Even though it just has charas, the ending has Amuto written all over it to me. It’s using each chara as a symbol for their owners. Like how Yoru is running away from the darkness, but the charas are there for him to be his star, his light, and he can go to them. Similar to how Ikuto can always go to Amu. It’s pretty dark in terms of animation for the ending, and it really does fit the Ikuto arc well.

But the song isn’t that dark, but still good. Buono! is really awesome, and the song is different, but good. I liked the pop-rock feel of the song, and it’s just as catchy. ^_^ The lyrics also depict the whole Ikuto arc perfectly! Love the song~


The episode is started form where episode 76 left off, with Tadase telling Amu that Ikuto is a black cat that only brings misfortune, but Amu finds it hard to believe when she enters her room and sees him. He’s simply laying on her bed being an adorable cat boy. She remembers that he’s hurt and asks where it is, and she looks at it relieved that it isn’t serious. Ikuto breaks the mood by teasing her, telling her there’s another injury back near his shoulder and when she asks where, he hugs her (and tells her she’s gullible). Ami barges in, and we see Yoru in a dress. (O.o) Ikuto briefly smiles underneath the covers, and it flashes to Amu’s family at dinner. They are having a good time while Ikuto is up in Amu’s room hearing them, thinking about his own family as well. We see chibi Ikuto and Utau listening to Aruto play.

The next day, the Guardians are having an interview with a couple of kouhais for their class newspaper. They are able to do a couple questions, until some of their true natures start to show (Yaya’s babyish personality, Rima’s strictness in comedy). And a little moment happens between Tadase and Amu and the kouhais start to get interested in their relationship and such. The rest of the Guardians help Tadase out and free Amu so Tadase can ask her out on a date. She gets excited and agrees to go.

As she enters her room, she realizes that Ikuto is still there. She puts on her “Cool & Spicy” in front of Ikuto, but he tells her that he already knows about the date. She gets angry and carries him all the way to the bathroom so he can take a shower and change into her dad’s clothes. He teases her telling her it’s too small for two people to go in, angering Amu more. He takes a shower, and Amu waits outside, but realizes she still needs to change for her date. She tells Ikuto not to peek and he tells her he won’t do anything she’ll seriously hate him for. This causes Amu to realize that even though Ikuto teases her, he’s always there for her to protect her and understand her, so he isn’t too bad. While Amu is about to go out, to sneak Ikuto out, her mom is outside the door and catches Amu. They go to the dinner table and discuss things. Ikuto tells Midori he’ll leave, but Amu defends him. Midori reveals that she was simply upset because Amu didn’t trust her own parents, but afterwards, Midori tells Ikuto that she’ll try to find a business hotel for him to stay for the night.

Yoru says good-bye to Ran, Miki, and Suu. And while packing Ikuto’s things, Amu starts to wonder if she’ll start missing Ikuto. Ikuto brings up how even though her dad’s clothes are never worn, Amu’s mom still cleans it. And he begins talking about how nice it must feel to have her parents constantly watching over her. She realizes that she’s never thought about those sorts of things. Amu’s mom calls out to Amu that Tadase is at her house. She tells Ikuto to stay in her room and don’t come out, and Tadase tells Amu he thought something happened to her. Ikuto realizes what he has to do and leaves Amu’s room while Tadase is there. He brings on his mean side when he reveals that he has been with Amu the whole time, and heard his confession. Tadase is hurt that Amu knew and never told, and runs crying. Amu is upset at Ikuto and tells him she never wants to see him again. Yoru realizes while they leave that that was exactly what Ikuto wanted, so Amu and her family would not get involved. Ikuto mentions how he doesn’t want anyone to get close to the black cat of misfortune. Then the Easter goons come for Ikuto. Amu is looking for Tadase, running around through the crowds when ironically enough, the rest of the Guardiuans see Tadase and Amu as best couple. Amu begins to cry because she has never hurt anyone so badly.



Aww…seriously, who can resist this adorable kitty? Even Amu has that look in her eyes (“He’s adorable, who can deny it?” yet a little perverted look). Hehe, fangirling=encouraged!

772Amu got tricked! You’re so gullible, but tha’ts what makes Amu so great and Amuto so fun! :D Heheh, Ikuto teasing Amu to break the mood, great! I loved that little hug! :D

773Poor Ikuto was thinking about his past, it’s really sad to think about how much his family doesn’t have, and how much Amu’s does. Listening in brings back nostalgic memories. It’s sad that the cute family didn’t last, but about the picture….

OMFG!! ASDFLKJGOI!!!! UBER KAWAII CHIBI IKUTO AND UTAU! They are so kawaii~ *Huggles* >_< X3 They look so innocent and happy!! Screw you Easter for ruining this!! BUT CHIBI CHILD TSUKIYOMI SIBLINGS ARE SO CUTE!! (Please pardon the caps…I just got struck by kawaii-ness)

774Lol, the one question you shouldn’t ask Nagihiko. Our awesome trap lost his cool from this one question and drowned a gardening can.

775Hm, I actually found this better than the ones before. It’s so purty and sparkly~ I love the stain glass look. ^_^

776Did anyone else notice the fish inside the sweatdrop? Lol random…O.o

And Ikuto’s kicking his leg up! It’s…funny looking since I’ve never seen a guy do that before, but he still looks awesome doing it…because he can’t really look bad doing any sort of thing. Ah, I actually like it! :3

777Lol yeah, he hasn’t taken a shower for awhile…hasn’t he? Tsk tsk tsk…

But super scary strong Amu again! Scary~ Poor Ikuto, he’s just dangling there. He looks like he wants a hug back there…>>;; Hehe, I’m not making any sense today…

778The shower scene! :O

Anyways, I always liked this scene, because it shows just how noble Ikuto is. When the time calls for it, Ikuto really can be an honorable person. I’m glad that Amu began to realize this as well. She pretty much understands the great thing about Ikuto. She, now, can defend Amuto with those reasons!!

779Ah, Amu and Ikuto handled this like a mature couple, together. Hehe~ And Ikuto was really polite, ah I love it those sort of occassional scenes when my favorite guy acts so polite. But anyways, Amu’s mom is really a great mom. She reminds me of my own. Parents just want their children to know that they can confide to them for anything, and they’ll still love them unconditionally. And really, Amu’s mother is great with that! She handled it so well and was very understanding. She’s a wonderful mother. That’s all I can say. ^^

7710Aww…this scene is so heartbreaking. TT^TT Ikuto… The dramatic focus movements and such, makes me even sadder.

And it makes me more sad to know that he made himself do that to protect everyone, but no one knows that. He does act mean when he wants to, but it’s so upsetting…because of what Amu says after, since he knows she would. Ah Ikuto, why do you have to do this all in secrecy and hurt yourself in the process?


77pGosh! Stupid fillers, stupid Satelight! Just when I thought that this was going to be in a better diretion! And because the new ending and all came out, you’d hope that Ikuto’s arc would continue. I hope they don’t do those plot holes again though where they forget about Ikuto entirely. Grr!! I guess that’s expected with the opening…>.> As for now, excuse me while I go beat up Satelight, fillers, Lulu, etc. *Grabs a bat, hammer, and ax to go smash and slash things*

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  1. Bellia permalink
    April 7, 2009 7:30 pm

    Hi, I was wandering the internet and found your blog. Pretty interesting. ^_^ Nagihiko, oh when you lose your cool like that. I noticed that fishy too. I saw it without subs the day before it aired and I noticed that goldfish. I paused it and said 0_0 what the heck? Random… Did you notice something? The filler characters are identical twins, that or incrediable close friends. Who else do we know that is supposedly a twin? Hmmm… let me think -_- *glares at Nagihiko*

  2. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    April 15, 2009 2:04 pm

    Thanks for stopping by! ^_^ And thank you very much! Nagihiko love ftw~ Yeah, the goldfish is random…

    They’re twins, but for the Nagihiko case, he’s supposedly a twin…at least to the rest of the Guardians. We all know his little secret~

  3. De'j-luvvs-Amuto! permalink
    June 8, 2010 10:34 am

    I so love Amuto!What episode is this?

  4. De'j-luvvs-Amuto! permalink
    June 8, 2010 10:38 am

    Nvm episode 77 hehe :)

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