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Shugo Chara Doki! Episode 75

March 22, 2009


Utau!!!! She’s here, she’s…back! Thankfully she was able to make this episode interesting. I mean without her, the episode would have sucked (especially with our filler character x_x). But this episode was good, and I enjoyed it quite well. The only problem I have is that I don’t have much to say today, and the summary will be quite short (school stuff).


The episode starts off with Amu reading a magazine, and sees that Utau is coming to town. She starts asking Ikuto if he’s seen Utau lately, and he says he hasn’t. Right after their little conversation, Utau pops up! Amu comes to the door, and asks why Utau is here, and she tells her she’s looking for Ikuto. After Amu is scared that Utau finds out, Utau brushes off the idea that he could be with Amu. She asks Amu if she’s going anywhere, and asks Amu to come with her.

They go to a ramen shop, and apparently Utau knows how to order well. She orders mroe and more food, when a boy interrupts Utau when Utau is ordering rice, saying that it is rude to order something else while eating ramen. He’s actually a ramen blogger (whoa, blogs for everything now), who is like a critic. He starts explaining some of his “rules” for eating ramen and all. Utau asks if you can enjoy it though, and he flinches. They leave, and Lulu realizes that the boy is lost.

Amu and Utau go to a field place, and begin chatting, and Amu also asks about the Tsukiyomi past. Then Tadase and Kukai stroll by. Tadase and Amu get blushy and Kukai begins talking to Utau. He’s surprised to find out that Utau eats ramen, and tells her that he loves ramen too. He begins telling her about the ramen shop near the train station, and Utau says that she is up for the challenge, and they leave to the ramen shop. Tadase and Amu meanwhile, go out for a little walk together. Tadase now calls Amu Amu-chan instead of Hinamori-san and they begin talking a little bit as well. Utau and Kukai are eating ramen, but the match is paused because of a ?-egg. Amu, Tadase, Utau, and Kukai meet up at the place where it is at, and see that the ?-egg belongs to that ramen boy that they met earlier. Everyone except for Kukai (because he’s too full) chara-nari, and Utau comes to the rescue! Amu finishes it off, and the boy is back to normal.

It is now after the fight, and Amu and Utau have a little talk. Utau gives Amu permission now to save Ikuto, and Amu is in surprise for the responsibility. It’s now night, and it flashes to a man playing the violin, summoning x-eggs coming out.


751Haha, so cute. They treated eachother so casually though, she’s actually getting used to it! But uh…isn’t it just a bit too casual considering what happened before? >.>

752Utau’s evil aura!! zOMG! So scary!! (Btw, I apologize for the sucky screenies this week) Her Ikuto senses were tingling, but she actually brushed off the idea, which I was suprised about. I’m glad she’s finally realizing how paranoid she is over Ikuto though. ^_^

753Oh no, you did NOT say that. You could only dream to end up like Utau! She’s awesome! And I can’t believe Lulu called Utau a loser, she’s the loser. D:<

754Haha, so serious about her ramen. And it was funny when Amu thought it was a password. xD

755It’s okay for Amu to fangirl over Utau. I give my permission! xD I agree so much though! Even the charas are all fangirly too.

756Why is Amu going :o for his process of eating? And…charismatic?! He’s like the opposite of charismatic. Can I say that I don’t like this filler character? Ramen boy is seriously dumb. I mean, what’s the point, and how can he just…butt into their conversation? You have to admire how the ramen looks? The thing I don’t like is that he tries to tell everyone that his way of doing things is the right one, when there really isn’t a “right” way of eating ramen. And I agree with Utau, does it really taste best like that?

757Ah, they seem so great. After watching this, I am a SoukoxAruto fan!! It’s really sad, but I really want to see how Aruto looks. He seems like he looks like Ikuto. I hope at the end they get back together, because that would be just…awesome.

758Chibi Ikuto is so cute!! I want to pinch his cheeks!! >.< x3 D’aww!!

*Ahem* It’s sad to know that Ikuto could never really live as a child though, he always had to be the strong one for everyone, even though he was so young. *Sigh…*

759*Giggly fits* Kya~ Kutau!! Haha, I love this part in the manga…and he says…fiesty!! Erm, ok. Anyways, nice to see them hit it off so well, like Tadase said. ^_^

7510Tadase does not sound right when he says Amu-chan. It sounds even more girlier…and seeing Amu fangirl everytime is just…-__-

7511She gave permission!! Aha! And we get to see more of Utau’s awesome tsudere-ness (since I didn’t get the previous moments screenied). She’s moving on, because Kukai’s here now! XP Haha…


75pSorry for the cut-off screenshot…

TT________TT zOMG! Death Rebel! It looks awesome, but it makes me so sad…The collar still makes me laugh though. But why is Nagi there? Hm, oh well, Nagihiko is always fine with me. Just…:'( @ Ikuto’s cuts. Anyways, looking forward to more action. Just make sure there are no filler characters! So far, there’s no sign *phew* let’s just hope though.

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  1. amutorulz permalink
    March 24, 2009 7:24 pm

    =__= the ramen nerd looks soooo weird.. i like it when he was eating… yea kutau!! :D

  2. March 24, 2009 8:04 pm

    It’s just Satelight’s fault on that plot hole…again. -_-;

    Lol Paranoid Utau = demonic queen Utau. Wonderful~ xD

    You don’t need permission to fangirl over Utau! You MUST fangirl over her because she is a GODDESS!! 8DDD

    Ugh, filler boy. He only exists to show how awesome Utau is. Yes, that’s his only purpose. =P

    Souko…Aruto…Ikuto…Utau… ;____________; *me loves them and feels for them so much* ;_________;

    Kutau likes his feisty women, eh? ;D *giggle*

    Tadase needs some GAR lessons and Amu needs to get out of elementary fangirl stage since she’s going to be in middle school soon not that a lot of real middle school kids stop being fangirls anyway but…yea.

    God, I’m hoping there won’t be any fillers next week. I kinda doubt it, though. The fight can only last for so long and for all we know, Amu might just purify some egg in a few minutes at the beginning or end of an episode. Either way, the fight outshines all. And it will make me scream and bawl like crazy. ;_________;

  3. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    March 28, 2009 12:24 pm

    amutorulz: I know, right? Kutau rules!!

    Xiao_Jie: Satelight does that too much. -_-

    Haha, oh how great Utau is~ *Bowing down to Utau*

    He’s just like an accessory to show her cool-ness and awesome-ness.

    *Joins the giggling*

    Thankfully there was no ?-egg, but the fight was really short…-_-

  4. October 16, 2009 2:15 pm

    wauuuuuuuu but is a crazzy tadase but ikuto is waiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love

  5. ikuto's only love permalink
    April 10, 2010 11:04 am

    does anymore know if there will be another season?


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