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Shugo Chara Doki! Episode 74

March 15, 2009


Nuu…you’ve got to believe him…

Kyaa!!~ It’s finally here! The scene we’ve all been waiting for! I’ve been in serious fangirl mode for the last two days, but I was busy the whole day yesterday and just enjoyed watching it on Friday that I couldn’t post!! TT_TT So yes, here is Shugo Chara Doki! Episode 74: An Exciting White Day. I’m sure that both Amuto and Tadamu fans were both satisfied with this episode, so because of that, I wanted to do a little comparison. I’m trying it the pagination, and I’m ggoing to do a little competition on the next page because I feel like it (wow, lame excuse). >.> But anyways, I loved the episode, and I can safely say it is one of my favorite episodes of SC!. Also, in other news, a banner will soon be coming up in honor of this episode! Amuto love~ So yeah, I’m saying it here since I don’t really feel like putting a banner post. ^^; Ah I already love the catchphrase…xD


It is White Day, and Amu wakes up and simply says good morning to Ikuto right next to her. She goes back to sleep, but as a couple moments pass, she realizes that she’s been getting to used to Ikuto already sleeping in her bed. She demands that he sleeps on the floor but he mentions that she dragged him to her house, and thus the charas show a flashback of what happened right after episode 73.

The scene switches to Amu’s family having dinner, and Ami complaining about eating green peppers. Her mom warns her about growing big and strong and because her dad mumbles that he wouldn’t mind if Ami stayed as she was, her mom and dad get a little tense atmosphere. Amu on the otherhand, goes to the sink, and notices food, so she tries to sneak around and get a couple snacks for Ikuto. Her mom catches her, but she’s able to try to speak her way out of it, and dashes to her room. Yoru grabs his dried sardines and Amu tries to give Ikuto a banana. Even though bananas aren’t really his thing as a cat, he eats it anyways, as Amu watches him eat in wonder. He stops midway, and doesn’t want to eat anymore, telling Amu that he doesn’t want to be fat like her. That causes Amu to be offended and she yells out that she isn’t fat.

The scene changes to Kiseki and Tadase, where Kiseki is complaining about eating all of the chocolates (there are box loads). Tadase tells Kiseki they must eat the gracious gifts anyways, and it shows Tadase’s White Day chocolates for a special someone (Amu). It goes back to Amu, who keeps getting distracted by Ikuto and Yoru. Ikuto’s reading mangas, and even when he asks for the next one, she outrageously yells at him. When she gets a phone call from Yaya, she yells by accident at Yaya. Yaya informs her of a sale going on, but Amu declines it because of…circumstances, glaring at Ikuto. It goes back to Tadase and Kiseki heading towards Amu’s house, where Nagihiko pops up out of nowhere spotting them. He notices that Tadase is carrying chocolates and heading towards Amu’s house, but even though Tadase shakes it off, he can still tell. Tadase then happily runs to her house.

It goes back to Amu’s house, where Ami barges into Amu’s room, when Ikuto is still in her bed. Amu swiftly covers him, but Ami goes into a little suspicious stare. She immediately shakes it off when she finds who she is looking for, Yoru. She snuggles him to death, but before Ami can tell Amu what she wants, her Dad asks if she invited a boy over. Amu assumes he meant Ikuto, but it is really Tadase. She comes down, and as her father is distressed, Amu’s mother suggests that they talk in Amu’s room. Amu agrees, but dashes to her room first to hide Ikuto by throwing him into the closet and telling not to talk, AT ALL. Tadase comes in, and both of them are shy and embarrassed. Amu enters a couple fangirl modes as well, but Tadase starts to talk. He also gives Amu chocolates for White Day, but she is reluctant to accept them because the chocolates she gave were gone. Ikuto also finds out that the chocolates he ate were meant for Tadase. Tadase begins apologizing for hurting Amu twice. He begins to talk even more and asks Amu, “Will you let me fall in love with you?” Amu and the charas are in total shock, and Ikuto hears the whole situation, which begins bringing out his jealous side. She tells Tadase that she is happy, and so is he.

It is now night time, and Amu is still thinking about the confession that Tadase made. Ikuto on the other hand, seems bothered and ruins Amu’s flashback fantasy by interrupting the mood. She orders him to go back to the floor again, but instead he brings her down and cuddles her even more. She throws Ikuto the ground again, and orders Ran to turn the lights off. Time passes, and Amu finds Ikuto back into her bed. She tries to fight him off of her bed, and finally he is back onto the floor. She brings up the subject of Ikuto’s violin, and begins asking him questions. He answers her questions, but as she asks about the Dumpty Key, he tries to get off of the subject. She tells Ikuto that even though he treats her like a kid, he’s one big kid himself. He brings up the subject about Tadase’s confession. She asks him if there is anyone that he loves, and he tells Amu there is, her. In shock, she tells him that she hates liars. He comments that he must be like the boy who cried wolf, and his expression saddens, because she doesn’t believe him. He brings something off, but shakes it off saying that he won’t do it, and simply tells her to grow up faster.


741Believe it Amu (uh, I sounded like Naruto there, didn’t I? -_-)! Ah, she’s already getting used to Ikuto sleeping in her bed…xD

742Hehe, sneaky suspicious Amu…Okay, I took this screenie because Ami is just so darn cute in this picture! And hey, she’s actually eating those green peppers. And her parents are just so funny (Amu/Ami’s dad not wanting Ami to grow up, and her mom silently getting mad). :D

743Ah, clever Ikuto can change Amu from being worried to getting mad in the blink of an eye. I love the captions for this scene, in the translation it says jiggly!

And looking at Amu, I just had to mention that I love her pigtails! I kept getting reminded of Maria whenever her pigtails moved. :3

7435Poor Kiseki…He has to eat them as well. But he really was hilarious and cute in this scene. But Tadase’s seriously too nice. I mean, there were BOXES full of chocolates. >.>Not healthy! He’s going to end up with a sick and full stomach, unable to move at the end of eating all of the chocolates.

744Naka~yoshi! I loved how this scene was animated. I was so happy seeing it in the anime, even though it’s just a random shot, I just love that pose anyways. ^_^

Now all of the sudden looking at Ikuto’s clothes, I wonder how things are doing at his school…-_-|||

745Nagihiko popping out of nowhere! I seriously got tons of clips when he was popping up, and they looked pretty funny. But it looked like a gopher or something. Random, though. The anime is really making Nagi do some pretty weird things lately.

746Ami love again! Moe~ I love her stare. Jiii…. I can imagine taking this clip and adding, “I iz watching u,” or something along that line.

746174627463O.O POOR IKUTO! They’re faces are hilarious though, this scene is sadly humourous. Scary Amu!! Amu’s handling Ikuto like a doll that can be thrown around. I feel so sorry for him! Dx Amu’s just so strong. And look, he didn’t even get to have his manga handed back to him, did he? TT________TT This looks evil.

747Ah, the charas expressions are priceless. Looking at Suu right now. I love their reactions to these situation. Charas are cute, that’s it.

7475I mentioned this in FuyuMaiden’s post, but when Amu’s says this, it sounds like she admitted how she is a fangirl. See, she uses the word admired.

748I have to say that this isn’t a bad moment, but the only problem was how fake it seemed. All of the sudden Tadase glided right in front of Amu’s face. The animation in that wasn’t really good in my eyes…\

I also have to say that I feel sorry for Ikuto during the whole thing. He has to listen to the confession and discovers the chocolates were for Tadase. He really does look sad though, and so I feel really sorry for him.


That sounds….suspicious! And when the blankets moved, it makes you imagine just what’s happening underneath…>.> What are they doing underneath those blankets?! It sounds like…xD How does she know that his legs are cold?! xD

749LOVE LOVE! Oh I love this shot, cuddling!~ Um…that’s all I have to say for this. *goes back to giggling and staring* So this is the actions of a jealous Ikuto. :D



Omg! The ramen scene. Boy I really can’t wait to see this next week! I giggled just watching this. Kutau~ Oh yeah, and I’m assembling a team to go kill the filler boy for ruining the all-manga feel. ^_^

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  1. March 17, 2009 4:52 am

    Lol I didin’t notice that Ami was already eating the peppers. xD;

    Haha, you thought so, too?! *on the pigtails* It’s so cute! ‘Cept Maria’s move when she’s slightly intrigued by something and Amu’s twitch and flatten out when she gets mad at Ikuto. xDDD

    Seriously, all those chocolates will send you to hell even if you are such a nice guy like Tadase. -_-;

    Lol Nobody cares enough about Ikuto’s school to want to get into knowing it. ^^;

    Amu is mean! Dx

    Second to that on the “admiration” part. That’s just liking someone on a superficial level. Nothing wrong with it, of course, but there’s still little to no depth.

    I was TT__________TT during Tadase’s confession to Amu for Ikuto.

    Well, when you put a freezing Ikuto who was forced to sleep on the floor next to Amu who’s been warm in her bed, it’s hard not to feel how cold he is. ^^;

    Kutau~! <33

    Aww, you referred me! Thank you! ^^
    I really don’t think anyone has won anything yet because the situations are not fair ground so I don’t really want to judge until then. But I do wholeheartedly agree that there was more of an impact on Amu with Ikuto’s confession than Tadase’s. It struck her much deeper and therefore, shows us just how much he really means to her and how much she doesn’t want to be hurt by him. Aww, Amu~ If you just believed in Ikuto when he told you he loved you~ ;___;

    *sigh* Well, hopefully, we can get that soon. I don’t want this to be dragged out too long or I’ll continue to suffer! Dx

    Thanks for such a nice review! ^^

  2. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    March 23, 2009 7:07 pm

    Haha, yeah, your right. I love it when their pigtails move! So cute and fun (yet unexplained…).

    Very true, it’s just his school. >.>

    Me too! I just wanted to cuddle him! It’s so sad for him, :'(.

    I thought the freezing thing was just an excuse too, maybe it was cold. But I want my fantasies~

    Your welcome, your post deserved it! :D If only she believed him, but the anime has to be faithful to the manga, where even there she didn’t believe him. TT_TT

    I hope! Neither do I *really wants Chapter 38 animated*

    Haha, your welcome, thank you too! :]

  3. amutorulz permalink
    March 24, 2009 7:27 pm

    amu looks kinda funny O__o neva knew she was sooo strong..

  4. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    March 28, 2009 12:25 pm

    Haha, she does look funny when she’s grabbing Ikuto. I was shocked at how strong she was too. O_O

  5. April 1, 2009 9:03 pm

    Dude, that reaction is WAY more um…what’s the word…”dramatic”? That’s it. XD There’s so much more impact… Comparing both scenes is a JOKE…it’s like this!!

    Tadase: I will confess!
    Ikuto: *snort, thinks to himself* That’s no way to confess! THIS is how you confess!
    Tadase: ……….
    Ikuto: HA. ME ,PWN. U ,N00B.


    And wasn’t there a part where they were reflected in each other’s eyes!? Or did I dream that? XD; Maybe I did…I’ve had Amuto dreams before…

    Anyway, yeah, you’re completely right. It seems like P-P AND Satelite weren’t taking Tadase’s confession seriously THEMSELVES!! But Amuto moments are so full of drama (very convincing and well-done drama to boot!)

  6. SamsaraAiUtau permalink
    June 17, 2009 8:36 pm

    I agree, it sounded so wrong when they were in the bed together. What IS happening underneath those blankets!? *whispers* We don’t need to know….

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