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Shugo Chara Doki! Episode 73

March 8, 2009
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Like the usual fillers, this episode was okay. It was sweet when they made up, and the episode had some plot relevant information at the end, but the best part of the episode for me was the preview. I really don’t have much to say about this episode, maybe a couple observations but…oh well.


The episode starts off with the Guardians at a restaurant eating some cake, and each chara has a piece as well. Miki is observing the artistic appeal of the cake, when Ran comes in, asking if she will it the cake. Before Miki can reply that she will, Ran swoops and eats the cake. Suu is simply trying to tel them to calm down, when both of them call her cheeky and a goody-two-shoes. Now all of the charas get into a fight. Dia peeks out of her box, watching Nagihiko, who seems a little sad. Yaya and Pepe begin talking about the cake, when a girl begins explaining what was inside the cake to make it so interesting.

The charas hold an emergency meeting while the Guardians are at school. Pepe, Kiseki, and KusuKusu devise up a few plans, even though most don’t work. They think up a plan with Ran using her speed and KusuKusu catching the embryo, and when Ran is unsure if she could do it, Miki mentions the event that occurred the day before. Miki then thinks up a different plan, and when Pepe agrees that Miki is good at thinking up clever tricks, Ran brings up how it wouldn’t work considering how Miki is “observing.” Miki replies back, and both Miki and Ran are once again in a fight, about being helpful to Amu. Suu again tries to calm them down, but then gets brought into the argument, again. Miki and Ran go to their doll room, and Suu runs away, while Kiseki, Pepe, and KusuKusu simply watch helplessly. The Guardians are out of school, and despite Amu’s attempts, Ran and Miki are still stubborn to make up. Amu and the Guardians then decide to go look for Suu, while the rest of the charas stay in their little doll house.

While Suu is wandering about, she notices the same girl from the cake shop, looking at recipes. Suu is talking, but the girl is actually able to hear her, though not see her. This leads to the girl believing that there is a Cooking Fairy. The girl is named Morino Mimori, and begins to wish she could become a chef, although she takes it back and wishes to become a food critic. She tells Suu that she want to introduce mouth-watering food to everyone.

Meanwhile, the scene switches to Ikuto, who is getting even weaker. The Easter scientist try to turn the fork thing up higher, making Ikuto’s condition worse. In the next scene, the Guardians are still looking for Suu, when Amu thinks that it is her fault since Dia said that she wavers. The rest of the Guardians try to cheer Amu up, though Nagihiko shows another sad face. The scene flashes back to Ikuto again, and Yoru also takes care of Ikuto, but Ikuto and Yoru notice the Easter goons looking for him.

Miki and Ran are still stubborn, and Kiseki, Pepe, and KusuKusu try to think of a plan to make them get back together, but they fail. The two notice Dia, who tells them to reconcile because everyone is worrying about them. Dia then leaves, causing them both to go after her without the other three charas noticing. They are still looking for Dia, when it appears that Dia is with Nagihiko. Dia helps Nagihiko cheer up a bit as well.

Mimori is at the kitchen with her friends, although it appears she isn’t the best at cooking. They tell her it’s ok, and that they’ll do the cooking as long as she tells them the recipe. They talk about how her recipes are the best, and she would be a great food critiic. But Suu sees that Mimori honestly wants to be a chef, not a food critic. She begins to lose confidence, because she knows that she isn’t good at cooking. Suu tries to encourage her, while Lulu is peaking from a bush sensing a lost child. Nana distracts Suu, when Lulu sweeps in and turns Mimori’s egg into a ?-egg. Ran and Miki sense a ?-egg, and call for Nagihiko. Amu runs to Mimori, who turns into Delicious Dream. Amu tries to chara-nari several times, but her attempts fail because her hearts are not aligned. All Amu can do is run, when she notices that the rest of the Guardians are trapped in large bags and tuppaware. Suu comes and tries to save Mimori, but Mimori grabs her and decides that she would be the perfect ingredient. The charas think up a plan to rescue Suu, and all of the charas make up, so Amu can successfully chara-nari, and purify the egg. Mimori at the end announces her dream to become a chef, and she will still try, because there is time.

The charas eat cake once again, and eat together, officially back together. As they walk home, Yoru catches up with Amu, asking her to help out Ikuto. Panicked, Amu begins running in search for Ikuto.



This whole fight was pretty dumb, and what Ran did was pretty mean. I mean, let Miki appreciate the artistic appeal of the cake! And poor Suu got dragged into the argument when she didn’t even do anything.

732Heh, I actually thought that it was sort of nice and different how Suu was able to be heard. ^_^ And the filler girl wasn’t too bad, but she really wasn’t anything special or outstanding either…And for some reason I really liked Suu in this episode and wasn’t fond of Ran or Miki. :D

733Ah, I loved those three charas in this episode, in this order: Pepe, Kiseki, and KusuKusu. They were just so cute and funny together in this episode. And when they tried having that meeting, the topic of the meeting is always the same. =_= Ah, if the doll house was there in earlier episodes, I missed it, it’s really cute! xD

734Boy this was out of place. -_-||| Dia and Nagihiko know eachother? I was just like, “lolwut?” the whole time. It was just so…random.

735Nuu!!! Stop squishing Suu!! Oh and the chara-nari, yeah…whatever. It really wasn’t anything special. I also noticed that a lot of the filler episodes revolve around filler characters and cooking. Did…anyone else notice that? Or something almost related to cooking…

736Come on Amu!!! Go rescue Ikuto!! Save our neko-boy! (Was too sad to put a screenie of Ikuto in full pain)


73pasdlkfhasasdf!!! Ikuto!! That’s the poor face…but…chapter 28!!! The real deal! Our wishes have been granted. As long as Satelite doesn’t screw the episode, this episode will rock! I am seriously going to use that Anime Membership free trial now on this episode! It’s the real chapter 28…oh…so happy! But there was one scene that I didn’t recognize, oh well, I guess we’ll just have to see this for ourselves! Can’t wait til Friday! :D Kya!~

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  1. March 8, 2009 11:10 pm

    A boring episode makes us appreciate the next one such more. Of course the build-up from ch 27 to 28 would have been best, but Satelight through that out the window, didn’t they?

    As for the scene you didn’t recognize, was it the one where Ikuto is seemingly pulling Amu down? Hu~h? Ahahahahaha~ *really wants to see that scene*

  2. March 9, 2009 2:57 pm

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed we’ve been doing a lot of cooking shows lately. 8/

    & you don’t need a reason to like Suu because she’s just so likable as she is! x3

    *sigh* Ah, yea…Friday…it’ll be good. I’m sure Satelight will follow faithfully with the plot (plus some cute, nice extras wouldn’t be so bad either, yesyes? *nudgenudge* ;D)

  3. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    March 11, 2009 2:56 pm

    FuyuMaiden:Yup, I totally agree with all of that. ^_^ Maybe there was some sort of use for the fillers then. To bore us to death so when the real plot episode comes we go, “Hallelujah!” lol

    Yeah, it was that scene. It also looked like there was…confetti? Haha, looking forward to that scene too!

    Xiao Jie: Suu is just so likable, huh?
    Ah, Friday I hope will come soon. It looks like it will according to the preview, which is good. Now it makes episode 65 seem like a filler to satisfy us Amuto fans. Oh yes~ the nice little extras.

  4. September 30, 2012 7:43 am

    Y nay si pa palè english j parle français j sais que mon orthof=graph est faux mais bon j’i peut rien c tout moi d’allr vite ^^’

  5. September 30, 2012 7:44 am

    C’est magbifique moi ej ne sais pas non plus parler englais j’ai recopier ton truc selmi dsl


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