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Random Anime Issue #2

February 20, 2009


Nuuu….I made it later than I intended. Gomen gomen, I got sucked into the dramas again…>.< At least I still got it into this week, as scheduled. Oh and it also got delayed because my uncle’s adorable cat distracted me. She’s so cute! >.< And also, that FailBlog. It’s hilarious, it gives me my needed dose of laughter. :D I didn’t feel like doing the animated image today, because there were only two, so it was unnecessary.

So anyways, for Random Anime today, I’m just going to be covering ToraDora 19 and 20, and for Skip Beat!, the whole music video arc. :D I’m reallly enjoying these two series. On Maria+Holic, I think I’ll just do a post when the series is finished, because I honestly have nothing to say about it at the moment…

ToraDora – 19

Insert Song/ED:

I personally really love the song. Ah, it reminds me of Christmas, the greatest time of year. It just so…great. Haha, I don’t have much to say. I seriously listened to this song over and over and over again when it first came out. I really enjoyed when Taiga and Ami were singing it, since you can tell they really made the animation so much better in that scene. When it was in the ED, it was pretty too. They sing well together too, and I can’t wait to hear the song when the full version comes out. (I hope it does, I’m not aware of these kinds of things…-_-|||) Ah, Taiga’s singing is so cute in this. >.< (I have to give credit to Rie Kugimiya too :] ) Ami’s singing I thought was really how should I say it, pleasant? I liked her voice too, I guess Ami’s voice is pretty when she’s singing. Yes, very basic thoughts, but I like the song. Simple as that.


The episode was really great, although sad as well. It was one of my favorites, since the music and animation was much better in this episode. Hm…to start from the beginning, the characters this time. Taiga looked really cute and elegant when she was in the dress, and I really liked it, even her hair. Ryuuji…should keep his hair the way it usually is. I was…not used to his hair. O.o For Ami, I don’t know, I just felt like her dress was cut pretty low. And Kitamura…uh…wow. Erm…God of Rejection. Um…Santa….erm…O.O Nice outfit ya got there…(nooo….) Lol, I found Ryuuji being in a bear suit kinda funny, lol, being a teddy bear Santa. If Santa was really a teddy bear, then I’d go up to those fairytale people and point saying, “Liesss!!!!~” Haha, sorry, I’m drifting off.

Like I said, the episode was my favorite. I feel sorry for everyone though, everyone was all sad on Christmas. I loved that teddy bear scene, but I felt sorry for Taiga after she was running and realized that she was in love with Ryuuji. I’m surprise she wasn’t the one who ended up sick in episode 20. I mean, she was screaming his name loud. I do like the girls equally, but feel so much pity for Ami (who know one gets or cares about her feelings), and I’d be okay with him being with any. I feel sorry for Minori for rejecting a guy she likes, and arriving at the most wrong place at the most wrong time. Kitamura, was just weird and funny in this episode. It’s a sad episode, but I really do count it as my favorite.



This episode was pretty good, but I really don’t have much to say either. Haha, I found this picture amusing, and the scene cute. Kinda confused on one side though. I’m really glad that Minori is back to her old genki self because I was kinda bothered by her getting all dramatic and dark. I like her airhead cheerful self. Also, poor Minori for having a buzz cut when she was in elementary school. Maybe that’s why she liked that bald cap?? I wonder why when Takasu said “I wish it would all burn down,” and then it did burn down…hmm… Ami’s hair was also really awesome, and I just had to say that because it is. Not much to say at all, but yes, I liked the episode, as usual. :D


Skip Beat! Music Video Arc

sb191First of all, I like the song that Sho sings in this arc *shame*. Anyways, it was entertaining to watch this arc because now Sho is actually falling for Kyoko and now someone can go, “In your face!” for rejecting our awesome Kyoko. Haha, trying to deny it is impossible for him. I really didn’t imagine that they would be colored like this, but I actually like it now that I think about it. She looks so different in this! That other girl who clings onto Sho isn’t at her school…oh well. But I feel annoyed by her and sorry for her for being ignored most of the time. She’s pretty naive, I guess. I enjoyed this arc a lot because of the acting, and because even though Ren showed up so little, it shows how much the previous arc developed for the two characters. Sho is his bothersome usual self, but we’ll just ignore him for now and think about how well Kyoko did at acting. But I don’t have anymore things to say because I’m making someone wait, so I’ve just to say, I love her method of acting! I’d like to give that kind of acting advice to my uncle who is trying to get into the business. It seems like a concept that I would choose if I did act. So…Kyoko is a great actress, gah, if she was real, I’d definitely watch. Lol..>.>

Well, that’s it for now…got lots to do, as usual at this time. ^_^

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  1. amutoluver permalink
    March 7, 2009 10:44 pm

    For some strange reason that dress doesn’t really suit Taiga ^^ just a thought you know.

  2. Jiggly131 permalink
    July 14, 2009 5:52 am

    YAY! you covered skip beat! that’s one of my favorite animes i laughed my but off the first time i saw the president. In his little entrance uniform!

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