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Shugo Chara Doki! Episode 69

February 8, 2009
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Aw…this episode was cute, even though it was a total filler. I actually enjoyed this episode quite a bit, and also the ending. It’s Rima’s birthday!! Technically, it’s still Rima’s birthday here (Pacific Time) >.<. Aww…didn’t make it.  Anyways, I’m sorry I’ve been slow, I really want to write my story, so…

I actually liked the filler boy somewhat. There were parts (that I’ll mention later) that I didn’t like about him, but overall, not bad. At least he liked Rima for who she is. :D

And the ED…cute! Ah Ami…so I’ll get to that first of all.




Apparently it’s called Co No Michi by Buono!. It features Ami in it, and honestly, they didn’t kill anything like they did with the OP. It features Ami with the charas in the ending and has like…one shot only of Amu. I’m quite curious why it features Ami though, is this supposed to mean something? Ami is really kawaii in this ending though, so I’m happy with it. Lol but it’s really random (pirate? xD) Also, why are the charas and Ami together without conflicts. They aren’t running away from her, or anything. Agh, what am I saying? It’s an ED. Ok, now I’m going off topic. Ah…Ami is following the footsteps of her Onee-chan! :D

The butterfly was a nice effect as well, but quite random. I’m also wondering, did anyone notice how it is simliar in terms of animation with the first Doki ending? In the first one Amu is sleeping, and then is dreaming of things, this time it’s Ami. So yeah, resemblance.

Oh and I almost forgot the song. -‘_’- Anyways, I love the song, and it’s from Buono!, so yes, I like it. It’s very cute, and fits well with the animation. ^_^


Rima is walking on the street (lol and KusuKusu is humming the OP song), and then notices a boy, who looks back. Rima then notices Amu and Yaya, and runs to them, leaving the boy hanging there. When they arrived to the classroom, Amu and Tadase start lying to Rima that they can’t go to the Royal Garden because of a roof leak. They give Rima a couple assignments to do in the classroom, and leave, although Rima can see straight through their lie. Even so, she continues to do her work, as KusuKusu sneaks out as well. At the Royal Garden, all of the Guardians are setting up for Rima’s surprise party. They then introduce Amu’s cake for Rima, that she made on her own without Suu, but with the help of her mom. It flashes back to Rima, who takes out a letter from her desk. It then shows a flashback of the boy from the street that gives Rima a letter. KusuKusu comes back, and Rima calls out to her. KusuKusu begins asking Rima questions, like if she likes cakes and streamers. Rima says she does, and asks why, although Kusu says no reason.

It shows that boy from the street comes into the Royal Garden, and his names turns out to be Kirishima-kun. It turns out he came to the Royal Garden to ask Nagihiko for advice on his confession to Rima. He admits that he gave Rima a love letter, hyping up Yaya and Amu most of all. He tells of how he wants to confess again to Rima, though this time face-to-face with a present he has for her birthday. Yaya asks Kirishima-kun if he really likes Rima, because of her fans she had in the beginning. He explains how he didn’t actually like her at first, because of the cold vibe she gave out. But then he began to realized that she brightened up, and began to like her. That verifies to Yaya and everyone else that he actually likes Rima, and they decide to help out. Amu explains that they’ll give him a chance to confess.

It turns out he had plans on confessing, but didn’t know how he should do it. Apparently, he has over 94 different plans (O.O wow…) and is really indecisive. Eru appears, telling everyone she came because of her love radar. She then decides to help out with the plan. It goes to Rima, who is still in the classroom, thanks to KusuKusu’s stalling. Nikaidou enters the classroom, and mentions how much Rima has changed, making her happy as KusuKusu kicks Nikaidou out.

Lulu and Nana are on their usual search for a lost child, but can’t find anyone. It goes to Kirishima-kun and Yaya and Amu helping him out as Tadase and Nagihiko watch from the side. They start talking about ideal confessions, gifts, etc.Like they try to get an autograph of Rima’s favorite comedian, calling Utau who quickly tells Amu no and mentions that she is mad at Eru, making them both TT_TT.  Amu comes over to the bench with Tadase and Nagi, talking about Rima and how much she isn’t open to people outside of the Guardians, loving Rima, and changing. Kirishima-kun announces that he will just tell Rima straight out, because he has been encouraged.

However, he begins to become nervous, and Nana detects him. Lulu does the ? chara thing to him, and the Guardians sense the ? egg. As the Guardians come back with Rima, they find that Kirishima-kun has chara-changed and made the surrounding place filled with ribbons and hearts. He chara-naris into First Love Dream, and the rest of the Guardians chara-nari as well. Even after his chara-nari, he still cannot confess to Rima, which surprises Lulu. Instead, he does his attack which puts a heart on people’s backs making them confess things they have been keeping them inside. Rima is about to be hit, when Nagihiko protects her but then is about to confess that he is Nadeshiko. Thankfully, Tadase is able to cover his mouth but then also gets attack almost making him confess his love. Kiseki pinches his cheeks and makes him come back to his senses. Amu does her speech, and then Kirishim-kun returns back to normal. Afterwards, he confesses to Rima, but Rima gently rejects him and invites him to her birthday party. He gives her the gift anyways, which is an action figure, and Iru arrives with the autograph of the comedian. Eru returns home, and everyone else celebrates Rima’s birthday.

Woah…it’s kinda long for the summaries I usually write. O.o


691Lol, asking your rival for love. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Too bad Nagihiko wasn’t jealous like I’d hope. Oh well…

692693Lol, that’s a lot of patterns…indecisive boy. >.< (I shouldn’t be talking though)

I also want to say my thoughts on Kirishima here. He actually isn’t that bad, and I actually like him for a filler character. His hair’s pretty cool, and so is his voice. The only thing I don’t like about him is his chara-nari (later) and his indecisiveness and low self-esteem. But other than that, pretty cool character. :D

694Eruuu!!!!~ You’re back! Even if it’s for a little while, I’ve missed you! Ah, so cute. =_<

6922Aww…poor Amu and Eru..Getting anger from Utau…

695Lol, no offense, but gay. Woowww….scary. Erm…gay. Sorry for anyone who likes it (if there are).


O_o Tadase’s pose is funny. I keep imagining one of those Elvis posers who go like that and point in the air. xD

697Ah…I love this picture. Rima is just so cute in this picture. *saves*


69pYes!! Go and give Ikuto chocolates! Yoruu!!~ Anyways, the chara-nari isn’t that bad in the next episode. And it airs on Valentine’s Day! :D But filler boy looks weird. O.o So anyways, looking forward to the love in the next episode! xD

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  1. February 9, 2009 2:00 am

    Heya, awesome summary as always ^_^;
    Im trying to start =) But I cant do screencaps >_<

    Anyways, lovely post!
    But, can u please tell me how to screen-cap and where you get ep. from =] Thaaaaanks, Jonah =)

  2. February 9, 2009 6:26 pm

    Jonah-Kun: Thank you very much. ^^
    I usually get the episodes from Veoh, and I get screencaps probably more complicated than it should be, but anyways, I’ll explain. :]

    I usually watch an episode on Veoh, at large size, then I pause and press “Print Screen” on the computer. That should make a print screen, in which you can paste it onto paint (or a different program if you prefer) and crop out the picture I needed. Then I just save it and put it on WordPress (but if you use paint, you can’t save it as a .bmp file, I’d suggest using .jpg). I hope that helps, if you have any more questions, you can just ask. ;]

  3. February 9, 2009 6:46 pm

    Go for it Amu-chan! Give our stray cat some Chocolates~~!

    • blossomgirl101 permalink*
      February 12, 2009 6:32 pm

      Cure Peach: Lol yes! Do give our cat some Chocolates, after all, he loves it! xD

  4. suigetsu permalink
    November 12, 2009 5:41 pm

    nagi not love rima

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