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Hana Kimi Obsession

February 2, 2009

Only picture I could find with all of them. T^T

Ah, I had planned on making a post on Hana Kimi, but I never got to it. This week has been hectic, I’m so happy it’s over. So back onto topic…As you can tell, I’m about to go to instant fangirl mode for Hana Kimi because, I love the show. I’m not really updated on the newest dramas as much as anime, but I like them just as much (or possibly more, like this drama). My friend introduced me to this drama, and I really can say that it is a fun, loving, entertaining drama that makes you just relax and enjoy after you watch. If you’re new to dramas, I strongly suggest this drama.

So I guess this is sort of a review post?? I’ll format it under a review type of format, but be sure to know that there are spoilers and this should be read after you finish watching if you don’t like it getting spoiled (but I talk about it like you haven’t watched it). And please note, it is not formal, and there are some pretty dumb points, rambling, and bad reviewing (because it’s barely reviewing, just showing my love in a review format) to go along with it.


The drama is based on the popular manga of the same name by Nakajo Hisaya. Horikita plays the protagonist Ashiya Mizuki, a Japanese girl in the U.S. who one day sees the young athlete Sano Izumi compete in high jumping on television. She begins to idolize him. Sano gets injured one day in America while trying to help Mizuki escape from some gangsters. He stops high jumping ever since. Mizuki blames herself for the incident and decides to go to Japan and help Sano find his love for high jumping. However, Izumi goes to an all-boys school, so Mizuki disguises herself as a boy in order to meet with him again. (Source: Wikipedia)

I remember hearing about this story before, but I never really picked it up because I thought it was one of those kind of cheesy, sort of romance stories (stupid me). But thanks to my friend (who will be mentioned a lot in my post today), I decided to give it a shot because of her obssessive ramblings on how great it was. I’ve only had the chance to watch the Japanese drama, which doesn’t follow the manga as much (just found a drama summary), but the story is still there, and great. It was well told, and even though things were changed, everything flowed well. And, there were so many funny situations to make it even better! (“Ore wa homo janai!”)

Ah, but the story is familiar, and it’s similar to quite a few others. I loved the situations they were put in though, and the comedy (which in my opinion had 90% from one character) was priceless, if that’s the right word to use. I also liked how the story and entertainment stayed constant throughout the whole drama, unlike others that fall apart at the end (so then when it’s over you’re happy it’s done).


The music was mediocre, there wasn’t anything outstanding, but everything fit the story. The opening and ending weren’t that bad either. They didn’t kill the drama, but I had that ol’ habit of skipping the OP and ED.

Wow, that was long. (hopefully you can see the sarcasm)

Characters: (Pictures from CR and Photobucket, and yes, they’re pretty bad)

Finally!! I’m here! The characters were the strength of this drama, where everything lied. The comedy, enjoyment, everything. I loved how each character was unique in their own way, although there was an unusual amount of gay people. O.o I came to love each character (except the Dorm 3 head, he’s creepy, and also Hibari…). So here’s my thoughts on some.

Ashiya Mizuki: Ah, the great heroine. I came to really like her character. She was able to have fun, and even though she was nosy, she was able to get through to Sano. I’m glad that the actress that played her (I think she was Maki Horikita) actually didn’t look manly, because I was trying to watch the Taiwanese version, and I figured out that it was better she looked like a girl. But she also looked like a pretty good guy as well, and I did find her easy to like. She was pretty funny at how oblivious she was to some things, and how she was scared at the doctor. Her love of hamburgers are funny too. ^_^ And I need to give Maki some credit as well, she did a great job as Mizuki! ^^

Sano Izumi: No offense intended, especially to Shun Oguri fans, but erm…Sano/Shun looks old. =_= His face looks kinda…not his age, like he’s too old to play Sano. But despite that, I could definitely see from the start what would happen at the ending, Mizuki with Sano. Anyways, onto him and his actor. I thought that Sano was pretty cool, but he seemed a little…too calm throughout the whole story. When he is drunk, it’s funny, and during the special, he was…kinda funny/scary. Ah, but he was cool throughout the whole thing, and yay for him for high jumping! :D

Nakatsu Shuichi: Kya! Okay, yes, Nakatsu is my favorite character. So this will be VERY biased. ^_^ Toma Ikuta was an actor I never really knew about, until Hana Kimi, and I absolutely loved him by the end of the drama. In the beginning, he was ok, but  then when Nakatsu starts thinking he’s a homo, it gets funny. And I mentioned before that to me, one character held 90% of the comedy, and to me, that’s Nakatsu. It’s just so funny when he’s trying to figure out if he’s a homo or not, the lie detector, the panties theif, all of it was so funny to me. Also, I replayed the spitting scene over and over again.

So now I’ll probably be leading off-topic, but here goes a little story. It was a couple days ago, and right now Hana Kimi, even though it’s been out for over a year, Hana Kimi has been the topic we’ve been talking about. (Yes, it’s the otaku-ish group) So my friends were arguing about who was better, and one friend made a good point. Toma Ikuta is real. Ikuto…is not. But I call it a tie. Actually, I think Ikuto wins. >.>

Now that I like Nakatsu so much, I’m trying to find some other good roles Toma Ikuta does, so I might check out Box…Also, I have no idea he was a singer, he’s good. Now I’m an  inner-obsessive-fangirl. (Listening to a Toma song…>_<) Oh and here are some videos just to show how funny he is…to me at least:

[Video 1|Video 2| Video 3| Video 4]

EDIT: This person says the things I exactly thought of Nakatsu. I agree with what this person says on Nakatsu, so to clarify, check this out. (But opinions differ on everything else)


Ah the romance. There was this small love triangle of Mizuki, Sano, and Nakatsu. I myself was satisfied with either pairing, honestly. I knew it was going to be Mizuki and Sano, but watching Nakatsu still made this interesting (refer to my love of Nakatsu section ^^^). I kya-ed at even the little things, and it was just so enjoyable! But I felt so bad for Nakatsu who got rejected…But I was happy to watch Sano and Mizuki’s interatction too. Gah, I hate that I can’t say much about this. It was also fun to watch the other romance going around, such as Tennouji and his girl, poor Komari, Hibari’s annoying “air dates”, and the Dorm 2 Leader. Ah…fun.


lolwut? Animation? Yeah…I guess you can call it those special effects and graphics. O_o They’re weird, sadly, to enjoy this show, you’ll have to put up with them. Sorry. The flower borders, the colored cheeks, stars…yeah. Sorry.


So all in all, to wrap things up, I am obviously in love with this series, and enjoy it for all of its light-heartedness and comedy. I love that this show was just…so fun. The romance was great too, and I was satisfied with the ending. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do, and I would love to hear your thoughts on it too! :D

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  1. February 4, 2009 7:48 pm

    love this drama, Ashiya is really cute, and Masao is so funny ^^

  2. February 5, 2009 7:05 pm

    shinji: So do I (reason for this post xD), haha, nice to see another fan! Even though Masao usually creeps me out and I don’t find him often funny, I do think that he has quite a few funny moments as well. ^^

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