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Shugo Chara! Doki! Episode 68

February 1, 2009
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Well, I feel like I’m going slower and slower with Shugo Chara because…there’s nothing interesting! Especially this episode. I was too reluctant to watch it because I’d rather watch something else. *coughnextpostcough* Oii…Saaya! She’s just so bothersome and takes up screentime we can use for something else. Boo. Go. So this episode is about Saaya and her so-called “farewell” which I was excited about, but they just had to give it a twist and make me (and probably everyone else) suffer.

So this is probably going to be extremely short, and vague because I don’t care about Saaya. She’s just a jealous stuck up girl. But that aside, did anyone else notice that the animation quality noticeably went down in this episode? Probably because they knew this episode sucked, but oh well.


The episode starts off with the girl popularity poster, with Amu getting first place, and the rest of the Guardians placing in the top. Saaya pops up watching in jealousy over Amu. She confronts Amu and mentions that she will be transferring to Los Angeles. So she throws herself a farewell party, which just turns out to be an event for Saaya to show off so more people could like her. It backfires though, and when everyone asks Amu to do something, Saaya challenges Amu to a duel. Amu’s fanboy pops up and does all his fanning stuff and Amu ends up having to do the duel. Amu wins the first one when Saaya sees Tadase and gets distracted, thus, losing. And then the next round is flower arrangement and Saaya admits defeat with Amu’s “revolutionary” arrangement. When it seems like she wins, Saaya calls the last round of dodgeball 3 points. They begin, and Yaya does some cool tricks, and Saaya’s team does some stuff, and so then it ends up being just Amu vs. Saaya. Saaya does this super throw, but Amu dodges it and also saves a little girl, so everyone cheers for her. Saaya says she is the winner, but everyone else thinks Amu is, except for Saaya’s followers.

Saaya gets all depressed, at why Amu always defeats her in everything, so then Nana senses Lulu’s possible next target. When Lulu tries to talk to her, Saaya starts provoking Lulu and making Lulu angry. But Lulu does the ? egg thing to Saaya anyways, in which Amu rushes to see Saaya with a ? egg. When Saaya chara-naris, she becomes Hinamori Dream and Amu has a o.o reaction. Hinamori Dream ends up being able to do all of Amu’s chara-naris, only a bit stronger which makes things difficult for Amu. Amu does her speech and Saaya turns back to her usual self. The next day, it turns out that Saaya doesn’t move. (NOO!!!)


WHY?! Oh well, moving on.


Yes, so very true. Haha, their expressions are priceless. Those boys should really stop doing that, don’t they every learn?

682Thank you Rima for saying the exact thing I wanted to say. What the heck? Saaya does not deserve this, Kairi deserved a title like that! D:< Yay for Rima interrupting it. ^_^

683Hahaha…I love their expressions! oAo Priceless. Just had to take a screenie of this.

684Why hello Seichiro. You were much better than Saaya. Much better filler than Saaya. But sadly…I’ve totally forgotten or cared that were you gone. Sorry little fanboy. u_u

685Aww poor Amu is being dragged into doing something she doesn’t want to. It’s ok Amu! Ganbatte ne! Look at the background, their expressions are funny. ^_^

686Hinamori…Dream. Wth. Amu’s reaction was the exact same as mine. OAO She seemed to have that expression a lot today. Stupid Saaya is an Amu poser. Amu is awesome, but you can’t be no matter how hard you try.

688Ah I love this part. I agree with Amu on everything she said, but I don’t mean it as a compliment. Amu, it’s true, but not a compliment. Thankfully she came up with something more…nice afterwards.

689NUUUU!!!!!! Go! You must not reman here. You are not Amu’s rival, you aren’t worthy. You and your one-sided rivalry…tsk tsk tsk.

I just so happened to have a similar event happen at school. A pretty erm…loud kid in my class was about to move (everyone was all, “Yay!”) but then he decided to stay (we were all, “Aww”). I feel sorry for him a little bit though, but that was our reaction to those troublemakers.


68pYay for Rima’s episode! But I really hope Ikuto doesn’t get ignored again. Really, it’s so irritating how they can completely forget the plot sometimes. That aside, I can’t wait for next week’s episode! The boy looks pretty good, I like his hair, so that’s bound to cause something to happen…I hope between Rimahiko. Oh please! Well, until next week, it’s a decent filler! :D

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  1. November 15, 2009 1:00 pm

    Awesome head start!! Can’t wait for more.

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