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Shugo Chara Doki! Episode 67

January 25, 2009


Yes…this post is extremely late, and I apologize. I have to admit I was pretty lazy to blog this whole week. Most of it was mentioned on my blog post before. Gah, I didn’t want to start it, so it’s pretty vague.

Anyways, I liked this episode in all of its filler-ness. The UFO girl wasn’t bad, and she helped with Lulu’s development, which made me glad. Also, how could I not love the beginning? Anyways, I surprisingly liked how weird the filler girl was, and how Lulu was pretty reluctant to actually do what she usually does.


The episode starts off with Amu having a dream about Ikuto. When she wakes up though, she realizes that it is just a dream and wakes up the charas. They ask her what’s wrong, and she tells them nothing. But then she is still in thought and falls down the stairs.

It flashes to the guardian meeting, but Amu seems to be spacing out and tired. The guardians ask what’s wrong, and Amu tries to make up a story about a stray cat at her house that took off. The guardians are able to believe her fib, and it flashes to Yoru and Ikuto.

The Easter men are looking for Ikuto, while he is hiding. It goes to Amu who is watching some news on TV abot a crash site and a UFO. However, Amu doesn’t seem be paying attention, instead is eating chips.

Lulu is also shown watching the same thing, and leaves. She looks for lost children for her next target. She has a slight argument with Nana about finding her own dreams. Nana tells Lulu to let her gather a group of people.

The next day, there is a lot of chatter, and Yaya announces a crop circle near a riverbed like one UFOs make on the ground when they land. They decide to go check it out after school, but it turns out to be pretty tiny. Tadase begins explaining some things about aliens, because it turns out he was pretty interested in aliens and UFOs. They begin talking more about the crop circle, and Nana gets upset at how they are insulting her work. The guardians talk more about the aliens and UFOs, and it makes Amu think a little more.

Lulu begins talking to Nana on the bench at how they couldn’t find anyone, and how they need to get the Embryo. Lulu talks about her wish for the Embryo, then Nana asks what would her second wish be, if she could. However, Lulu is unable to answer that which leads to Nana telling Lulu to think carefully about her dreams. She notices a girl chanting, “Bentora! Bentora! Space people!” The girl notices Lulu there, and they begin to talk a bit about UFOs and such. The girl, Nayuta, begins talking about hoping to contact UFOs, and Lulu becomes friends with her. Nana wants to use that girl as a target, but Lulu doesn’t want to because she begins to like Nayuta, but denies it.

Ikuto is seen once again in more pain, and asks to just rest against a wall. Amu is in her bed, and is shown thinking. However, she wakes up and announces that she won’t worry about Ikuto anymore. The Guardians begin talking about how the crop circle was a prank, and Amu is trying to be all happy and cheering everyone up. The Guardians are glad Amu is feeling better. They then begin relating Shugo Chara to aliens, with they try to say they are not.

It goes to Nayuta who over hears people talking about how the crop circle wasn’t real, and she becomes lost. Nana senses a lose child and leads Lulu to Nayuta. They begin talking again, and Lulu takes the chance and uses Nayuta as her next target, although she is hesitant to do so. The charas sense a ? egg, and Amu comes to see a group of people doing the same chant. She talks to Nayuta, who chara-naris into UFO Dream. Amu changes to Amulet Heart and chases after UFO Dream. UFO Dream begins doing some sprinkling stuff and more people chant. Amu changes to Amulet Spade, and she uses Prism Music to change the people back. Amu does her speech, and Nayuta goes back to normal, and Amu’s speech also affects Lulu.



Kya! I just love this scene! Ikuto looks wayyy better in this dream! But it makes me sad at how he’s not in Amu’s room anymore, he wasn’t in her room for a long time! D:<

672Nana can actually make Lulu think sometimes, so maybe she isn’t terrible. But when she sang this song, her voice…O.O And I’m just wondering, why is there shrimp in the background again?

673You aren’t so bad, Nayuta. I actually thought her voice was kawaii, and I just liked her in general for some reason. But…in this shot, is it just me or does the edge of the bench, from far away, look like it’s part of her hair, like some ponytail?

674But I was happy how she was able to make Lulu smile a bit. Hey Lulu, you actually have a friend of some sort! ^_^

678Lol at the cow. But is it just me or does this cow abduction and flipping over remind any Gaia members of the comics? If anyone is a GaiaOnline member, does this seem familiar?

675Haha, chibi Lulu! “Greys!” This was pretty funny. :D (teardrop, teardrop)

676She doesn’t look horrible either! I think the animators are making the chara-nari dreams look better now. But, she barely looks like her original. They eyes, hair, everything, they seem different.


677O_o Wtf. Okay, I just don’t like Saaya, she’s…annoying. And, she looks weird as an Amu poser. It looks…creepy to me. I mean, for once she actually “idolizes” Amu, but seriously, that is creepy. I hope she knows she can never compare to the original, not even close. So yes, look forward to Saaya leaving (hopefully) and erm…scary-wannabe-cosplay-Saaya.

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  1. January 25, 2009 6:09 pm

    …Saaya…as…Amulet…Heart…Spade…and Clover? WTF? At least there’s no Amulet Daiya or Satelight would be dead.

    UFO Dream reminds me of Mars from Pokemon D&P , while Lulu reminds me of Barbie…Woah…Scary…

    Ahhh well, The beginning was good, VERY good. See ya next week ^^

  2. Quarkboy permalink
    January 25, 2009 10:32 pm

    The reason for the shrimp in the background and the golden fish looking things on the bottom is this:

    The most famous tourist attraction in Nagoya is Nagoya Castle, and that castle has 2 famous “golden dolphins” on the roof. That’s what’s pictured on the bottom.
    The fried shrimp are a local dish that is designed to look like the famous dolpins, and actually come with a tiny bit of edible gold flakes.

  3. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    January 30, 2009 6:55 pm

    Christine Daae: I know…I am kinda scared to watch the episode. And if there’s Amulet Diamond, I would be heartbroken.

    Lol, Barbie, haha, I can kinda see that now.

    See you! And yes, the beginning was so good I didn’t care how the rest of the episode was.

    Quarkboy: Oh…I see. Thanks for the information! I just learned something new today. ^_^

  4. amutoluver permalink
    March 7, 2009 10:45 pm

    that girl with the white streak looks kool! HAHAH chibi lulu looks awesome!

  5. RandomCat permalink
    December 10, 2009 9:38 am

    Eww, Saaya. No such thing as UFO Dream existed in the manga…

    The cow picture, ahaha. (Used to be in Gaia, but I left. Boo, school.)

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