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Random Anime: Issue #1

January 22, 2009

ra1tObviously I’m taking advantage at my new discovery…I just found out how to animate images, and I’m sure taking advantages of it. But I still have to work on timing it right…-_-||| So from the image, today’s issue will include ToraDora!, KuroKami, and Skip Beat!. Unfortunately, I’ve been delaying this so long I forgot what I was going to say. >.> So I’ll just be adding little blurbs and probably not real elaborate good thoughts, but random messy, sloppy stuff.

Let this post also be an announcement that I might not do things as fast I usually do because I’m working on several projects at once and it really is filling in my time. Before I know it, the day is over. So yeah, once I get some stuff done, I’ll probably be back on track. But I really want to work on a story I’ve been thinking about fresh in my head, my two large writing assignments at school, etc.

ToraDora! Episode 15


Haha, this episode really did amuse me, seeing Kitamura act…different. I really don’t get why he is acting so strange, but it’s pretty funny. I feel bad for being amused by his pain. But I wonder what Minori said about being dishonest, and arrogant.

Let’s see…it was amusing in the beginning where he goes, “Stand. Bow. Let’s eat,” in such a monotoned voice. Then when he starts screaming like a broken record, was making me giggle too. When I saw his hair turn blonde, I guess like most people, I was just in awe. I guess you can say I thought it awkward? Weird? And his awkward behavior…I wonder what’s really behind this.

It was kind of interesting to see Ryuuji’s mom act differently, kicking everyone out of the house, lol. Then when she tried to dye Kitamura’s hair back to normal. The only thing I was confused about though, was did it say “Jet Black” when his hair looks kind of greenish? Oh well…

Then there was Minori…During her conversation with Ryuuji, I wonder what she said when she said she was “arrogant” and “dishonest” as I mentioned before. She just changes so much back and forth, I kind of wonder how Minori really is…she might not even be an airhead anymore. >.<

Then Taiga’s plan, lol. Scary president…I really hope Kitamura actually wants to become president and runs against Taiga. Otherwise, they’re done for. And Ryuuji’s face at the end=scary. >.>


KuroKami Episode 1 &2


I love this anime, is the first thing I’d like to say. I agree with most of the audiences response to it, and although it is like Shakugan no Shana (which I do like), it has a uniqueness to it still, and I really like it. I owe a lot of my enjoyment to Kuro, because she is so…unexpected, then so cute! x3 The main character is I guess average. But I do wonder why he sees so many people meeting their doppelliners. Hm, it’ll probably come out later, but I do wonder.

Let’s see…there isn’t much to say. So I guess I should emphasize my Kuro love! Ah~it’s so cute seeing her eat ramen, lol. She then becomes all cool, kakoii! I think the reason I like her so much is because everyone said that the anime was like Shakugan no Shana. Then the promo picture made her look even more serious, so to see such a cheerful character was a little of a surprise. Her voice actors did good both in the English (because her voice actor is the actress for English dub Tohru) and Japanese dub.

I like the plot of doppelgangers, or what they like to call “doppelliners” (I hope I spelled that right). It looks like something that I could be intrigued by, and my attention can keep. But it brings up a question I know someone else was wondering, “What about twins?” I think because twins are still somewhat different it also applies to them the same to everyone else, but still…I’m uncertain.

Then on a random note: the end of episode 1, beginning of episode 2, when Mayu gets ran over. O_o Wow, that was erm…graphic. She got smeared across the street…Unfortunately, I watched with my friend, who kept on rewinding it over and over and over again. I don’t remember how many times I had to watch that gruesome scene of her getting ran over.

Lastly, the English dub isn’t terrible. ^_^ I wonder why it’s already in English dub though…


Skip Beat! Episode 14 & 15 (Really Messy)


I forgot most of the episode. O_o So I’ll just say some random stuff (just like usual). Erika got pwned by the tag pink team duo! >:D Then, aww for the bonding, and uh…yay for the 100% stamp, they’re actuallly becoming friends! :D

Huhu, one of my favorite arcs is coming up, Kyoko being Ren’s manager! :D Lol, the president was so funny, crazy, and really over dramatic. It was entertaining to watch it though, from his hilarious depression to his instant excitement (why didn’t you know she has a cellphone?). Haha, I don’t remember that elf in the manga, I probably just forgot or something. It was kinda funny to see her fail as a manger, which had to make Ren even more awesome. X3 At the restaurant…we got to see another flashback! XD But she thought rocks looked like hamburgers. O_o Okayy…And um, yay for Kyoko for teaching those annoying high school girls a lesson! Gosh they were getting on my nerves. >_> Hehe, pouty Ren chibi >.< listen to Kyoko! She knows best after all. ^^ And then, at the end…he’s on her, for awhile (but in pain, nooo :( )! xD

Woah, I just filled the paragraph with emotes there. *now inserts sad emote*

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  1. Vita permalink
    September 2, 2010 12:34 pm

    HEYYY!!! I really do like you Skip Beat! episode 14-15 review. There are most important things! And a lot of emotion, you express it really great:D Thanks!!:)

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