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Shugo Chara Doki! Episode 66

January 17, 2009

66tAw…don’t say that.

The episode was somewhat good. There’s really nothing special, except for the Ikuto and Amuto scenes. I thought those were the only entertaining parts. The filler girl was just normal (but incredibly dumb) and I guess that’s that. She brought some sort of miniscule entertainment, but I guess I was pretty satisfied about the episode (for Ikuto stuff)…except for the ending. So I guess I don’t have much to say. -_-|||

The summary’s going to be extra short today because I’m pretty busy today. Sorry about that, if you want, you can go to blogs on my blogroll for summaries, or go watch the episode subbed on a lot of different websites (like veoh). Or not…


Ikuto is still sleeping in Amu’s bed, and Amu strictly warns Yoru to not leave the room (that goes for Ikuto too). The guardians have their meeting, but Amu’s spacing out thinking about Ikuto. They start talking about a cat girl running about making a scene where ever she goes. Kiseki remembers that Ikuto has cat ears as well, so then Tadase thinks that maybe the cat girl is connected with Easter.

Kiseki becomes suspicious of Amu’s charas, as they are walking. Soon after notice someone talking from the playground and come over. They watch the girl doing a typical mahou shoujo speech, and saying that one of the kids shouldn’t bully the other. As it turns out, she misinterpreted it and the little kid 1 fell down and little kid 2 asked if he was alright. And they run away calling the cat eared girl scary. As the guardians watch, Yaya calls her fake, Rima mentions how she sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong, and Tadase realizes she doesn’t have any connections to Easter.

The rest of the guardians leave, while Amu decides to go back and talk to the cat eared girl, whose name is actually Nakayama Chiyoko (who prefers Choco-tan O.o). She mentions how both her parents are anime fans and met at a convention (so she had otaku parents, who named her after an anime character -_-). Amu asks why she dresses like that, and Chiyoko talks about wanting to be like a typical mahou shoujo (clumsy but lovable girl who turns into a heroine). Chiyoko says that when she transforms into “Cat’s Ear” she feels like she can do anything, and when she’s herself, she feels shy and useless, so that’s why she transforms. All while Amu has a teardrop. Lulu comes along thinking of Chiyoko as her next target.

Ikuto finally wakes up ^_^ and is hungry. Yoru goes down to get food, but gets distracted and tempted by the balls of yarn. Ikuto decides to go down, and finds Yoru tangled in the yarn which is all over the place. He tries to untangle Yoru, but Amu comes home and gets mad. Amu is all tsuntsun and just asks the charas to pass the taiyaki she bought, but the charas ate them all because they wanted Amu and Ikuto to have a heart to heart talk. ^.^ Ikuto teases Amu a little about what she says, but then Amu says some harsh things to him back. Amu thinks a little about what she said, and leaves some onigiri for Ikuto and Yoru in case they get hungry.

It flashes to Chiyoko who falsely assumes that someone is doing grafitti and so she er…transforms into Cat’s Ear. Amu decides to come over and so does one of the Easter scientists. It turns out that it was an artist who was making a masterpiece, while Chiyoko tries to scrub it off. People begin to talk about how she just causes problems, and so Chiyoko runs away. Lulu goes over to her, and turns her egg into a ?-egg. She transforms into “Pretty Transforming Heroine Magical Choco-tan Dream”. She runs about trying to help some people. Amu and the rest of the guardians catch up to her, and they all chara-nari. They fight her, and Amu and the rest of the guardians do their speech. Lulu and Nana find the embryo, but Nana fails to catch it with a net. O.o

Amu begins to walk home, thinking about what she said, what happened, and Ikuto. She arrives home, only to find Ikuto not in her room. (No!!)


Full of Ikuto and Amu pictures, even if the episode was suppose to be about the cat girl.

661Aw, spacey Amu thinking about Ikuto is cute. :3

662Lol, she scared the children away! The little kids are so tiny too! xD

663Kya! Yawning Ikuto is so adorable! I love this picture, he looks so cute! XD

664Ikuto got noticed! Be prepared for Amu’s wrath! >:D

665Haha, caught. Pwned. Teardrop. Ah, I like this picture, for some reason.

666667Haha, pouty couple (or more pouty Amu, Ikuto’s just calmly there). Ah, I love the chibis in these past two episodes, it’s just so fun to watch for me. (I’m a sucker for chibis! xD)

668Aw, poor Ikuto! Amu was too harsh on him. Yes Amu, you were.

But I’m glad that she was able to think about what she said and do something about it.

669O.o That’s the longest name I’ve seen yet. Now she looks even more like Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew, with maybe a hint of Sailor Moon’s costume. She doesn’t look terrible though, unlike most dream chara-naris. :]

6610No!! Ikuto is gone! I hope Ikuto comes back, or else I will get very mad. We haven’t seen that seen yet…T^T I think the majority of Amuto fans are also with me. Oh well, *sigh*.


66pI know the screenshot was really bad. I had to get it from…YouTube. -_- So the quality stinks, especially since I typed in high quality. Plus, the user who put this up had some annotations on the top (Please subscriber O.o) so I had to cut that off.

Anyways, the next episode is about a UFO girl…sigh, another filler. Some parts actually seemed interesting and funny though. Lulu also doesn’t look that boring in the preview. And at least we see Yoru in there so there’s got to be some sort of Ikuto around…and more chibis! XD

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  1. jenny permalink
    February 23, 2009 11:54 pm

    so far this one the best episode i think they should make more episode about ikuto and amu i really dont like tadasse his playboy.

  2. jessica permalink
    June 29, 2009 1:28 pm

    gute forstelung der folge sie war witzig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. xexe permalink
    January 7, 2010 6:09 pm

    to see all the episodes better u can go to its awesome they have all the episodes! this is one of my fave ikuto/amu moments!

  4. tan permalink
    April 8, 2010 5:29 am

    hey is so sweet of amu carrying about ikuto but do tadase will he be mad o well is just that is so sweet and romantic ^^

  5. Tabitha Ruff permalink
    June 25, 2010 11:18 am

    Is it bad that I only come here for the Amuto pics? Lol. Thanky you for the summary. My favorite hobby is spoiling the whole anime that I’m watching for myself so I can sound smart about the whole thing. I’m still on episode 45 but I pretty much know the whole story of Shugo Chara Doki!

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