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Maria†Holic: Episode 2

January 12, 2009


Well, I have to admit, some parts were okay. Other parts I liked, but it seemed quite different in terms of the way they animated it, compared to episode 1. I’m not really sure about my feelings about this episode, it was mixed. I somewhat was bored, since I didn’t know everything they said, but I guess I didn’t laugh as much as episode 1. Despite that, my love for it hasn’t died out. I think I’ll like it more when I can understand everything (there was a lot of talking, so I couldn’t grasp a lot). For the summary, on the parts that were vague, I used the manga as a base. There’s also the opening, so I’ll write my thoughts about that as well.




O_o The opening was…interesting. In my personal opinion, it didn’t really appeal to me, mainly because of a few things. Although, there were a lot of scenes in the opening I did enjoy. I guess it did kinda fit in the anime, so I won’t bash it too much. It is called Hanaji by Yuu Kobayashi (Maria~), and it really doesn’t sound a lot like her (not in a bad way), it just comes to show you how different her voice can be. The song wasn’t terrible, to me it seemed mediocre I guess. (Please don’t kill me! Dx)

I’ll start off with the things I didn’t like, so we can end on a nice note. I think the thing that kind of threw me off were the statues of Kanako. They were just odd, to me. I also didn’t like the part when Maria rips off the top part of Matsurika’s outfit. I guess, it is suppose to depict the first episode, but it seemed worse in the opening.

So now onto the things I did like. I liked the beginning part of the opening, with the guitar and the colors. I also liked the parts when they flashed the phrases, I guess because I just made a graphic like that. XD I also liked how the opening was able to show Maria’s sadistic side, when she’s throwing around Matsurika and the Kanako statues. I also liked how the characters were drawn. The whole opening also looked so 3-D (but I shouldn’t expect any less from SHAFT).


The episode starts off with Maria showing Kanako her new high school uniform that just came in. So she asks Kanako how it is, leading to another one of her bloody noses. They begin a small argument, and Maria does his girly act and instantly switches back to being sadistic (if it is like in the manga, they’re arguing about Kanako changing and Maria leaving). Maria reminds Kanako about the time, and breakfast coming up. Kanako decides to change under the sheets, since Maria won’t leave. She begins crying because of how things are ruined, and she also talks about wrinkling her blouse already. Maria asks if she is crying, but Kanako tells him she’s not, even though she is. He apologizes to her and leaves. Kanako becomes shocked that he actually left, but since he touched her on her head, she starts getting HIVES. Maria denies doing anything, when Matsurikaa asks why he did that.

Everyone begins talking about the new transfer student, Kanako. Kanako gets to meet her homeroom teacher, and starts admiring her as well. Kanako and Maria seem to be talking to each other with their thoughts (??). Kanako goes under her bloody nose again from the cute Maria, but then Maria scares Kanako like he usually does. It turns out that her teacher and her mother were childhood friends. Kanako is introduced in the class, but messes up her introduction. She is told to sit, and meets some of the students, who all want to meet her. Kanako begins getting a bunch of her yuri thoughts about how cute all the girls are. She then gets a her intense bloody noses, as usual. There’s a short little cut scene about how one of the students isn’t wearing her uniform, even though she is (her archery club uniform).

The students go to the entrance ceremony, where Maria is doing a speech as the student representative. Girls around Kanako begin talking about Maria, admiring her, but Kanako says her mind that Maria is really a guy. Maria notices Kanako, and waves, giving Kanako another bloody nose. All of the sudden, Kanako’s stomach grumbles extremely loud, so everyone hears. Kanako becomes so embarrassed, but Maria saves her by saying it was actually him,. Even though most people already see through it, Kanako is relieved. The current student president and Maria switch places in the speech, and there is a tension between the two. Kanako notices, then her friend gives her candy in secret.

While back in class, Ryuuken calls out for Kanako. She begins asking and wondering why she couldn’t enter  the dorm room. Maria pops up, and begins explaining things that happened with roommates of Ryuuken. He begins making accusations, and talks about incidents all related to seafood…Ryuuken becomes upset, and leaves. Maria becomes upset about Ryuuken, and why she is so popular. Kanako begins saying things that angers Maria a lot. He brings up the subject about breasts, and why the president thinks she is so great just because she has bigger breasts. He announces that he’ll wear two layers, but Matsurika tells him gaining a cupsize over one night is unreasonable, and he gets stuck staying the same slim-type bishoujo. (O.o)


First, I’ve got to get some complaints out of my way, then we can move onto real thoughts. Oh and if you haven’t noticed, I don’t use a lot of images…gah my computer is almost fulled, and is totally lagged. >_< Sorry about that, hopefully it won’t stay that way…Oh and also, *goes to run and hide as a failure as a Maria fan*


Why did they have to make this scenes just shots of the manga?! It’s like one of those videos with the manga just being read. I was looking forward to him actually being colored and animated during this scene, but no, it’s a shot of the manga. They did this a couple times, I don’t exactly get why, maybe for effect?

22Lol, the extra people look like they were water color painted, without faces. *Ahem, now I can go to regular thoughts*

This scene where she is introduced to the class was funny. Infinite thoughts and thanks for being with bishoujos!

23Poor Kanako faints under too much bloody noses. Too many bishoujos for her to handle. Bye bye. ^_^

24Scary picture. That was an awfully loud stomach growl. I mean, for the everyone in the audience to hear it, that must’ve been loud. Her expression here is priceless though.

25Yes! Maria saved you! Be thankful for the Maria’s awesomeness! >:D

On a side note, there were also a lot of word bubbles too…I guess that’s SHAFT. (Person who only watched a couple episodes of SZS)

26._. Seafood. Lol, it’s just funny to me, but why are all of the incidents seafood related?

27I just realized I didn’t have many decent pictures of Maria. \’o’/ Here’s one! Hehe, jealous/angry/real/something else Maria! >:D

28Do not say bad things about Maria. Seriously. He will come, and he will haunt you, and he will…make you want to run away. Scary Maria! XD



Yeah, it’s a pretty bad shot, anyways…The next episode is about Ryuuken’s Fan Club, Ryuuken, the pink haired girl who barely ever talks, and you know, Kanako. I hope to see more Maria…!

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