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Shugo Chara Doki! Episode 65

January 10, 2009


Kyaa! Amuto! I’ve been waiting in what seemed liked soooo long for this episode! That week’s skip almost put me in tears…I loved this episode, I guess you can say, for Ikuto–Amuto? And also, because there wasn’t Lulu, or any other filler character. >_> Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the CR Anime Membership in time. -_-  Luckily, by accident, I found different fan subs elsewhere. The summary is really long,  just because it’s an important episode in my opinion. Most summaries won’t be that long…Oh and also, there’s a new OP, although it’s…er…pretty awkward in terms with the animation.

I understand that my summary took up a lot of space, so I created some links to jump around with here today.






The OP song was not bad, and I actually liked how fun it was, and how upbeat it was. The song was called Shugo Shugo, by Shugo Chara Egg. However, the animation for the OP doesn’t quite cut out for the song. There were some fun scenes that I did like, but others, were…not so great.

Amu is still OOC, but I liked some of the shots of her. Unfortunatly, something I didn’t like, and I’m sure others didn’t like it as well, was the way Amu was walking. I mean, why would she walk like that? It’s, so OOC for her! On the bright side, I liked the way they showed each chara-nari, with the fan like thing (agh, I can’t think of that word >.<). The outfits were also nice to see, although I’m wondering why the heck is there a cow? It’s funny though, :D.

The charas were pretty good there as well. I mean, you can’t really ruin them. They just went along like how they usually did. Following Amu walking…nothing wrong, nothing different.

All of the other characters, were…kind of OOC to me. Like when they all kick their knees up. I was just like, wut? Thankfully, they show shots of Amuto, then Tadamu and then all three of them. Oh, but yawning Dia is cute. :3


The episode starts off where we left off on episode 64. She jumps in her bed to find…Ikuto! Amu, panicking, get’s all spastic  and starts going crazy. Yoru who is sleeping under the sheets, wakes up from the noise and comes out. Amu, who is in panic, begins taking it out on Yoru, asking him why Ikuto is in her bedroom. Yoru begins to explain about how they got the violin back, but then Ikuto started becoming weak and tired (no!!! Dx), wanting to sleep in the cold. From desperation to find a warm place to sleep, Yoru chara-naris with Ikuto and starts encouraging him to move…all the way to Amu’s house. Amu’s dad begins knocking wondering why there was shouting. Amu tries to hide Ikuto, so then she jumps in the bed even closer to him, to not get caught. She tries to wake him up, but he won’t. Then, she starts having all of those thoughts of how he looks sleeping (young, defenseless, etc.). She wakes up the next morning, tired from being unable to sleep.

Ami comes into the room, which makes Amu make an Ikuto couch. x3 Ami begins talking about the snow. So then when Amu looks outside, Ami begins playing with Yoru (“He doesn’t have whiskers,” lol). That evil director dude gets a report back from the people that were looking for Ikuto, no luck so far (yay!). Ami talks about making a snowman bigger than her parents, but unfortunately, there isn’t enough snow in their backyard. So her mom suggests going to school to make one. Amu’s mom asks her to take Ami, and although Amu doesn’t really want to…she gives in under Ami’s sparkly eyes. Amu begins thinking about how Ikuto won’t be found, and then she finds the rest of the guardians here. Nagihiko and Rima caught and dragged along, Tadase being called by the chairman (?). And Kukai and Yaya just anxious to come. The begin playing together in the snow, with Yaya and Ami making a snowman, Rima being pushed by Kukai into the snow, then Amu comes to try. She begins thinking of Ikuto again.

Ikuto wakes up momentarily, and Yoru tries to get Ikuto some water, but almost gets caught. So instead he gets some snow off of the snow bunny on the plate. Yoru starts feeding him the snow when Ikuto is asleep. O_o

Amu tries to get home as soon as possible, since she starts thinking more about Ikuto. The charas have a snowball fight, so Amu tries out another way to get home. After that, everyone else begin a snowball fight. Nagihiko begins thinking about his shugo chara egg, and talks it out with Tadase. He begins talking about how there are different types of ways guardian charas are born. Nagihiko thinks about his own eggs. Tsukasa starts talking about everyone, like he usually does. He talks about how Ikuto may have found his treasure, but lost his way.

Yoru takes suspicion on the violin, but when Amu’s mom comes, he tries to find a place to hide Ikuto. Thankfully, the phone rings and they are able to make some time. Ikuto wakes up realizing he’s in Amu’s room. He opens the violin and she it glow purple. Ikuto hear’s Amu’s mom coming, so he hides.

Amu tries to go home, but Miki’s snowman scares Ami. Yaya suggests going to Amu’s house. Naghiko and Rima talk about when they went to Amu’s house, and then Tadase seems left out. Amu doesn’t want them to come over, for obvious reasons, and so she tells them to go home, with the time. Ami asks for taiyaki like a broken record.

The sisters arrive home, and Ami finds out that the snow bunny is missing his bum. Amu doesn’t find Ikuto in her room, but then opens the closet to have Ikuto glomp on her. Ikuto asks if Amu was worried about her, but Amu denies it (come on, Amu, we know you were). She gives Ikuto and Yoru chocolate flavored taiyaki. Ikuto stares at Amu, saying how she remembers he likes chocolate even if she’s angry. Amu watches Ikuto eat (saying he’s part of eating the tail first faction, just like a cat). Ikuto tells Amu to close her window, but Amu asks if a pervert should really be telling her that. Ikuto asks her if she really knows what a pervert is like. She says he does, but then he tells her that it is someone like her, who “Stays up all night with a huge grin on their face as they watch someone sleep.” Amu starts getting flustered, saying how she wasn’t grinning, and Ikuto says she admits that she was staring. Ikuto is about to leave, but then Amu asks if he’s feeling well or not. Ikuto teases her and inquires if she wants him to stay. Ikuto starts playing around again. Amu gets called, and tells him to do whatever he wants, so he decides to stay. The 3 charas talk, and Yoru interrupts to tell them “We’re going to be roomies!”


651Omg! Kira-kira shoujo sparklies! I love this picture, and Amu’s immense blushing makes it all the better! >.<

654Oooh…*wonder innocent watching eyes* Staring at the innocent Ikuto makes you a pervert Amu!

652Let’s make an Ikuto couch! xD Poor Ikuto is being sat upon…


No! Don’t sleep in the cold, there’s a nice, comfy bed waiting for you. >>;; I don’t want to see Ikuto in so much pain. >.<

655Rima! I just like this picture of Rima, she lookks so cute in this picture. :D

657Sleepy Ikuto looks so cute. And he’s definitely not in his own room. I dunno, I just like this picture for some reason.

658No wonder Ami was so scared of Miki’s snowman. O.o It’s very weird. But it’s just like Amu’s expression after seeing the skirt scene! XD Priceless.

659Jiiii…..*stares* Ikuto can see right through you, Amu!

6510This scene is so hilarious! xD The chibis are so kawaii. Chibi fights are cute as well! X3 I love the way Ikuto grins in this as well.


65pThe filler girl really doesn’t deserve to have a picture. -_- So I’ll just keep this picture, and give her a linked one. At least there is some moments of Ikuto in the next episode. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. At least we can look forward to some interesting scenes. ^_^

It seems like the episode is about some girl who seems like a wannabe magical girl. She has cat ears and all, and seems like she’s obsessed to me or something. It looks like a filler episode, kinda weird, but at least we’ll have Ikuto to pay attention to. And is it me or does she look like some Tokyo Mew Mew character? I forgot her name, but then she looks like a Tokyo Mew Mew/Sailor Moon wannabe/impersonator? Oh well, we’re back to fillers.

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  1. warriorhope permalink
    January 10, 2009 4:29 pm

    I just didn’t like Shugo Shugo, because they made Ikuto thrust his hips. Ikuto isn’t Elvis. -__-

    Aww`! The spakles make everything wonderful. (It was wonderful to begin with though)

    Sleepy Ikuto and smirking chibi Ikuto=win.

  2. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    January 10, 2009 8:42 pm

    warriorhope:I know, Ikuto looks er…weird when he thrusts his hips. They killed his character for a moment there.

    Yes! Sparkles add pretty effects. I love how they make things all the better. ^.^

    Haha, Ikuto is just awesome like that. xD

  3. January 11, 2009 3:23 am

    i know what u mean the filler girl looks like ichigo from TMM … this episode rocks but the opening sucks … honestly couldn’t get any worse , the song itself is cool but its not that dark for ikuto’s arc … Amuto <3

  4. blossomgirl101 permalink*
    January 11, 2009 12:38 pm

    Mo0on12: Lol, yup she does. xD Yeah, I loved the episode, but the opening did kill the mood. I just hope it doesn’t get any worse. Because in the manga, it’s really dark. The opening just doesn’t fit it.

  5. March 27, 2009 8:31 am

    I watch this episode

    so funy ikuto

  6. April 11, 2009 9:40 am

    hey this is so cool. I love shugo chara it is the best. But i am mad because they do not have all episodes in sub soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bogalitious. hey do you know what episode it is when everybody goes to yaya house?

  7. ArtemiXV permalink
    May 13, 2010 6:29 am

    wow sooo cute!!!

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