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Maria†Holic: Episode 1

January 4, 2009


Ah, Maria†Holic. And my first anime post! *ahem* Moving on. I have to admit that I was really skeptical of this at first, but after hearing how good it is from everyone else, I just had to watch it. So now I can say that I can agree with what everyone has said. It really does look good, and I can see what all the hype is about. Now I am one of those people who try to convince everyone it really is a good anime/manga, and trying to get everyone to watch it. But I guess that’s my first impression of it, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it is as good as it begins. So far, it’s my favorite for the holiday season. ;D

Story & Plot:

When I started reading the summary, I thought, “Oh great, is it a yuri?” I guess you can say I’m not much of a yuri or yaoi fan, it’s kind of awkward to me. But as I read the rest of the summary, my mind had changed to trap and maybe-not-so-yuri. So here is a general summary of the first episode, since it is already subbed, I suppose an in-dept one is unnecessary.

The episode begins with Kanako Miyamae who arrives to an all-girls school, determined to find her destined parter, just like her parents. (Humorously, it begins with a monologue about how girls should have a maiden heart.) Lost at this new school, she accidentally arrives at Maria Shidou’s family grounds, being greeted by her maid, Matsurika who calls her a pig lady. Maria introduces herself, and Kanako is also enthralled in her beauty and looks, calling Maria her type of girl.  Kanako accidentally slips out how she is looking for her destined mate at this school. She also notes how any contact with a boy produces HIVES, and that guys are dirty and scary. Hearing this, Maria smirks and kisses Kanako, much to her surprise. Kanako goes to the girl’s dorm and Maria goes to Archery Club. Kanako begins talking to the dorm leader, a cute little girl with cat ears and her dog. Kanako also meets her roommate, Ryuuken Ishima in which Kanako also begins blushing around. Kanako goes back to the Archery Club to look for Maria who told her she’d show Kanako around the school. Much in awe, Kanako accidentally comes in when Maria is changing with the help of her maid. As they walk around the school, Kanako suddenly pulls out a tree and throws it (scary…O.o) telling Maria, “Do not make a fool of me!” Maria plays dumb and Kanako er…grabs “that” to verify that Maria is a guy. Since Maria doesn’t want his secret out, he blackmails her. Kanako ends up giving in, and when she walks back to her dorm, she finds that Maria is there as well. And Maria tells her he will be watching her 24/7, to make sure his secret does not come out, even if she promised. (Argh, it ended up longer than I expected)

I really think the plot is quite original, for being somewhat a parody to the yuri genre. I mean, “Girl who is trying to find her destined yuri partner finds out her hopeful mate is actually a sadistic guy,” hopefully I worded that correctly. Honestly though, it sounds quite amusing to watch, and it really is. Maria†Holic is really something that is enjoyable, and something unique to me. By the looks of it, it will probably be all of the antics between Kanako, Maria, and Matsurika. I honestly think that somehow Maria and Kanako will somehow form a relationship…


I think that is the strong point of the series: the characters. They are just so entertaining to watch, and the voice actors did their job superbly. It really is impressive, and I already love the characters in this series.

Kanako: She is a pretty good heroine for this series. She prefers the title “yuri”…huh. I guess I’m just not very fond of her being scared of guys so easily. Another thing that makes me wonder is why does she break out in HIVES after touching guys? I know she has some trauma in her childhood, but still, I wonder if she will always have it. I hope not. Kanako is somehow quite entertaining to me, I guess it’s her chibi thoughts, and her weird thoughts that just make me laugh. The voice actress did really well with Kanako as well, and I think it fits her nicely, especially when she has to switch from being polite to crazy. ^_^

Maria: He is the spotlight character! I would have been so fooled by Maria, I mean, he really looks like a girl. XD I enjoy how his personalities as well. He is really good as acting as a polite, sweet girl, but I wonder why he has to dress up as a girl…it makes me curious! >:< The voice actress, Yuu Kobayashi, is just so great being a polite young lady and then becoming a sadistic boy in like, 10 seconds. Her voice really fits both sides well, and I could’ve been fooled that that was a real boy voicing her if I didn’t know any better.

Matsurika: A very entertaining maid indeed. ^^ Matsurika is so fun to watch, because of how emotionless, she can be, yet talks bad but still follows Maria. I think my favorite part of the episode is when she says (according to the subs), “A play? You shitty bastard,” and “One or two broken ribs won’t kill you.” And in the manga, when she talks back as well. Yet she still follows what Maria tells her to do, as a loyal maid. Marina Inoue did well, and I realized she can be pretty versatile, because I would’ve never guessed that she voiced Kyoko from Skip Beat! if someone didn’t point it out.



Ah, Maria†Holic really is something enjoyable, and its intentions are to make me laugh. It did. I guess since it makes fun of yuri, it’s just funny. Kanako’s chibi’s thoughts, Maria’s sadistic personality, Matsurika’s attitude to Maria, it all is just funny. I really don’t have much to say, but yes, it is funny. Also, I read the manga, and the chapters have been funny as well. Sadly, there’s only 4 chapters (and 2 & 3 are really short) so it’s probably going to all be in episode 2. Most of the comedy will probably be Kanako’s torture from Maria. Ah, this should be exciting. ^_^

All in all, I loved the first episode, and I really think that it has good potential. I’m excited to see the next episode! I recommend this anime, and the manga, so go ahead, and watch or read away! :D

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