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Welcome to BMC!

November 30, 2008

Welcome to Blossom Media Center, a new blog for all things entertaining and media. There will be many different posts that all relate to media, ranging from video games, to music and anime. Some may be personal, others might be professional. But like most blogs, there might be a hint of biased in there. I mean, a blog is for a person to express themselves right? Anyways, I have quite a few things planned for this blog, so stay tuned. Don’t forget to check my other blog, Discoveries Online for website and HKO posts, also for the past technology and music posts that I will soon transfer manually to this blog, since Sanriotown doesn’t allow you to export posts and such.

I’m working on the homepage for now, and adding widgets and such. I hope you all enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy making it, thank you! :)

Starting the Blog:

This blog started as a project for me. I really wanted to make a blog, hey, it’s something new and neat to me. I really didn’t know what to make the blog of. I had numerous ideas. And thanks to those, I took up too many blog URLs. Dx But I think this time, I’ll actually use it! >:D Honestly, I really didn’t know what to blog about. But then I thought of what most bloggers do: think of something they enjoy. So I remembered the things I love fall into the media category. Some of these things include music, drama, and most of all, anime & manga. So that’s what this blog is mostly about: media. Also, the very first blog I began following and actually reading daily was FuyuMaiden’s anime blog. I think what you’ll see most is my posts about anime, since that’s something that I always enjoy, and I never seem to get bored of…hopefully. It’s something that hasn’t given out in my short attention span of mine. Music is something that I always enjoy, but there really isn’t much to post about…-_- And dramas, I’ve just been introduced to them so they won’t be very long, and there will probably very few posts and context about them. One more thing I have to say: I go at my own pace. >.< Sometimes I’m too busy to post about something that just came out, so it may be late.

Some Other Notes:

  • I don’t understand Japanese well, so I will probably post a little summary full of obvious stuff that you probably got already. They will be small, but hopefully will grow along with my understanding for Japanese.
  • I love emoticons, so I might use them excessively…>.>
  • I apologize if some of the posts aren’t organized very well, and a lot of my writing may be sloppy with the order and such.
  • Er, ignore the date of this post. It was when I first made the blog, but when I actually started using it was…January 4, 2009. Just so you all know. (irrelevant info >.>)

…I just got writer’s block…more like, I forgot something really important I was going to say. So that’s it for now, and hopefully I can remember what I was going to say…Thank you! ;]

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