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BMC Has Moved!

August 3, 2009


After around 8 months, Blossom Media Center has moved!~ ^_^ If my blog is on your blogroll, please change the link to the following. You’ll be able to find me there from now on. :]

Please do come to the new blog, and see you there! ^^


Going on a…(short) Hiatus?!!

July 22, 2009
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Recycling images ftw~ Well, his reaction just fit the moment. ^^;;

Well, the title is self explainatory. I’m…going on a hiatus. Yep. Well, it isn’t a very long hiatus. It’s near the end of summer, my recital is almost here, and well, I’m just sort of busy with other things too. >>;; It’s about a 2 week hiatus. This will be a short post just to say this.

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Shugo Chara!! Doki Episode 92

July 21, 2009


Kyaaa~ I have to say that Rhythm is awesome, *fangirls over him*. Gah, I knew I’d like him from the start. One good thing that the anime does: emphasize on characters that aren’t so emphasized on in the manga. I have to admit Satelight did this well. Anyways, an enjoyable filler/main plot episode. ^_^

On blog note…TT^TT. I’m currently really busy working on both my piano and other stuff, so gah, Umi Monogatari won’t be posted again. It makes me so sad because I have stuff to say!! D:< And then watch, when I finally can, there won’t be anything left to say. At least all of the stuff I’m working on will be worth it in the end. :D

Anyways, let’s get onto Shugo Chara, why don’t we?

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Sora no Manimani: Episode 2

July 16, 2009
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This week, the episode was another good episode. I don’t get to fangirl as much though because Mihoshi didn’t get as much screentime, but that’s because we’re introducing the last addition to the club…Hime. Well, all thoughts later. ^_^

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Blossom Blabber: Boredom Rules~

July 16, 2009
Ah it's coming...A seemingly unrelated picture that is secretly related. ^_^

Ah it's coming...A seemingly unrelated picture that is secretly related. ^_^

Well, the title will make sense later. ^_^ Anyways, yes~ Week 8 & 9. Okay, now it seems like the schedule is more like a two-week thing since I’ve done that every time except for the first week. -_- Well anyways, I guess it’s a somewhat decent normal issue of Blossom Blabber. Not a whole lot to write about again. Anyways, this week’s issue will include anime, manga, music, blog info, and other. :] Again, sort of pathetic since I’m kind of rushing. >_<

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Shugo Chara!! Doki Episode 91

July 13, 2009


Ah, I don’t care if it’s part filler and whatnot, I enjoyed it. :P I mean, of course it’s not great since  I wanted the manga version, but I’m still satisfied with it. But maybe it’s just because it’s on Nagihiko that I’m open minded on it so much. xD But we also get to see Rhythm and Nagi’s chara-nari, “Beat Jumper”. Lol but even though it’s a Nagi focused episode, I seem to fangirl over other characters more. xD

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Monthly Mania: July 2009

July 11, 2009
More Sakura and fireworks pictures~ xD

More Sakura and fireworks pictures~ xD

Finally I got this post done! It felt like it would take forever. xD Sorry for the late post! >.< Lots to fit in at this time right now. And then I got writers block and had no drive to blog. -_- Anyways, here is July’s Monthly Mania~ It contains the usual four: a movie, drama series, video game, and an anime.

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